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I'm afraid that you are coming closer to me
And soon you will get to see my flaws.
I wonder what you'll think of me
once you know them.

Will you get mad at me?  
Will you ask me why I didn't tell you earlier?
Will you ask me why I hid them from you?
Will you leave me and never come back again?
Nathalie Dec 2018
She moved around gracefully
On a springtime's eve
Enjoying the sweet caress
Of the wind on her skin

The moon stirred the love
Awakening to dreams
She had of him
Swirling in her head

A dance was born
Inside her heart
A blanket of hope
Enveloped her whole

Each step brought her closer
To the memories alive
Within her soul
The fire still flamed bright

Always a moment
Never forgotten
As if it was new from
The day before

Annie Dec 2018
I am drawn to you;
a body to press against my own.
I know it’ll fit
into every curve and crevice.
Sketcher Dec 2018
Frightful ******* aching feeling,
Fleetly filling till' it's full,
Soon to smack the central ceiling,
When she pushes, then I will pull,
Pull her right back into my arms,
That is right where she's meant to be,
Metaphorically, so no harm,
Will ever come to her or me,
Avoidance will heal,
Getting closer helps,
Avoidance will hurt,
Getting closer pains,
Duality exists,
And life persists,
Always a good side and a bad side,
And life goes, so live, I insist.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
we have been together a month already and i already know you're the one. darling, we are one step closer to forever.
Jocelyn Bennett Nov 2018
What if I didn't actually love you
What if I just needed you
as a friend
What if I didn't actually love you
What if I just hated seeing
you hurt and forced
myself to love you
so I can have you closer
and you not get hurt
Brittany Hall Nov 2018
The initial kiss; the burning rush.
The softest lips with the hottest touch.
Waves of ecstasy crashing overhead,
Washing away every thought in my head.
Raptured in your sweet embrace,
Forever yearning for another taste.
Keeping me locked within your stare,
Forgetting how to breathe; gasping for air.
Pull me closer.
A little closer.
Together we resemble a field of four-leaf clovers.
The first time we kissed.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Conclude the dream
Dew melt my eyes as a suken scene
Soft spoken words pour from your lips
With bones of greetings how often our slips
Gaze and grasp
Each night to pass
I follow you to heaven
Lift me to the ceilings of above
Paint me unto the walls of love
Grasp the two sides of the bodice
Reach to me closer, call me the goddess
Place unto the petals, leave me your alter
With breaths intertwined movements cease to falter
Eyes melt into one sight
Share with me our night

Loves together in a single moment
Kelidoscopes of rosed colors tint
Small traces to guide the hint
This is my moment to share, racing thoughts bleed into the air
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
each day, i wake up and it's hard to breathe. but i just remind myself that it's one day closer to you.
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
i've never felt closer to you than i do now. i can feel the smile on your face and your thoughts about me and your heart aching for me as you drift off to sleep.
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