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Leah Ackeret Aug 2020
It was just me and you
You and I
In this house that smelled of candles
I was tired and wanted to leave,
The second that I walked in
But you took my hand
Led me up the stairs
And told me, "go to the room in blue"
I listened.
You closed the door and hurt me.
I still have nightmares of that morning,
11:30 A.M. in the bright sunlight
Early mornings will never be the same
  Oct 2019 Leah Ackeret
ich jage meinen gedanken hinterher,
und erkenne mich selbst manchmal nicht mehr.

es *******so, als würde sich alles um mich drehen,
irgendwie ist es so als würde ich die welt nicht mehr verstehen.

was ich mache *******falsch zu sein,
innerlich fange ich langsam an zu schreien.

weiß nicht was ich tue und liege im zimmer,
ich fühle mich so als wäre das ein gewitter.

alles *******so als würde es nicht vergehen,
ich bin in meinem kopf angelangt und merke ich bleibe stehen.

alles um mich verändert sich,
und alle anderen lassen mich plötzlich im stich.
Leah Ackeret May 2019
We will never be lucky enough to see a rainbow over the sunset
But we are lucky enough to picture it in our imaginations
And see ourselves pointing at the sky to our loved ones
Saying “You see that? It’s almost as special as you”
Hints of purple and red with a dazzling ring framing it
If I ever did see such a thing, I would not know how to react
Not because I would only be speechless,
But in the back of my mind I would know it's only a dream...
And occasionally I do experience things in life I believe is a dream
I snap back to reality and remember there will be worse things
And I remember that someday, things may even get better
We don't know, nobody knows, not even your local psychic
This is because I am me, and you are you-
Nobody could bear to see every adventure, every terror
But you and I could only imagine...
Leah Ackeret May 2019
I have 5 minutes and 7 seconds to put my feelings onto paper about this song.

It makes me feel the purple, the warmth
The shimmering walls
As if the walls are what tuck me in at night
A gentle humming to remind me of my first love
Then a tear strokes my cheek
A dancer on a stage with nobody else in the room
Like there’s nobody but me
The snow hitting the window
A gentle pitter-patter
All alone
It feels good, no worry
Like everything's in place
The purple light dims
The shimmering is turning blue
With my eyes with tears in them barely open, I hear them sing
“Closer to you”,
“Closer to you”
I can’t make myself comfortable
Because suddenly everything hurts so good
I realize how good everything is
Even though I am TERRIFIED
Of when that knife will cut through
“Closer to you”
A gentle hum
A hug from the skies
Everything's dim
“Closer to you”
Leah Ackeret Jan 2019
Wait, wait for me
When the sun goes down
And you no longer love me
I stand there with my heart on the ground
No emotion on my face
Just hope that you’ll come back
Please come back
Because you always do
But it's been a long time
For me to wait
But I wonder if you will
Will you wait?
Searching for something unreal
To fill the empty hole in my chest
A long time
It’ll be a long time
Before you come back
I know it for sure
But even though you walked away
I know you still love me
Please show me so I don't have to wait
Leah Ackeret Jan 2019
I  think about the souls
And I think about them a lot
I think about how they see me and I can’t see them
No, not the souls conceived by material
The bodies of the human race
But rather the whispers of air
I wonder, though, if they hurt more than me
If I could be with them and not be here
Instead of constantly asking why I am
Instead of staring at the black screen
At my reflection on the monitor and pondering
In the bath as I slowly choke back on my tears
It sounds unreal, something from a fiction book
But this is my life, that I’ve lived for 5,445 days
Sometimes I hope for more
They hope for more. He hopes for more.God hopes for more. We hope for more.
But then again, we all hope for “more”
“To own, then you’ll receive”
I think about the lost souls
That are screaming as we walk past them
Hoping to be heard
Even the dead hope for more
Isn’t that a wild concept?
Those who can’t even feel,see,touch or hear
They have hope
More hope than the girl who wishes she was dead
Not usually the type of poems I write but I needed to write my feelings out. :)

— The End —