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Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Today I consulted
And referred to you

You gazed me
Head to toe
Probably found nothing
Then referred, me back

I put myself on
Mindset Therapy
And ensured to rest in time

"No need of follow-up"
"Heal by yourself"
Pretty harsh advice, that way
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Get Well Soon
Sanjali Oct 2020
I care for you
Bring you some blankets
And we stay in the cocoon

I want to care for you
Warm towels on your head
And some pepper in your soup

I’m there for you
To snuggle or listen
On my lap there you’ll be too

I care for you
Hoping you sleep well
And feel better soon.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018

You will never be a dying flower.
No swarms of sick thorns will
plague you.

He will lay his hands over
you and all that ails you will
be still waters.

All sickness will wash away and
you will rise afresh, born anew.
To sing, dance, write and ride
to the winds of life with

Kim, take all the time you need because nothing is
more important than your health.
You're a strong person. I believe in you.
I pray for you to have a quick recovery.
Much love, hope and blessings
Lyn ***

— The End —