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Mallory Michaud Dec 2018
Have you ever felt fear
So strong
It made you

You’re running and hear
The heat
Whispering against your neck
Into your cheeks and the tips of your ears
Cherry stained
Cherries, red and fat and sickly sweet
Force themselves up your throat

You’re running in shoes
That aren’t meant for running
Down the sidewalk past the midnight hour
You make a biker stop and stare
He asks you something
But you’re too busy unzipping the air and
Through it
Trail of cherries behind you.

You’re running
Across the street
And you feel your hands fall off
And then come your toes
You lose an arm
And then it’s twin
Your whole torso
And hips
Left on the double yellow line
You’re just a head and legs
Cherries spilling like rubies
From your lips

You’re running
And running
and running
Until you only feel cherry seeds
On your tongue
Only seeds between your teeth
No more cherries
Your legs become red silk ribbon and you pick a tree as tall as heaven to
Collapse under.

You stopped running.
You wring the cherry juice out of your sweater
Lick it off your fingers,
Wipe it out of your eyes.
Your legs grow back into legs
And you collect your
pieces and parts
on the walk back.
Follow the trail of smushed squished cherries

You pick one up
put it in your mouth
Sour as battery acid
You swallow it whole
And go back to your essay
On rhetoric.

-spring sprung a leak, and there’s no stopping her
Bereniké Nov 2018
The colour of cherries and roses,
ladybugs under our noses,
targets, blood and stop signs.
Eeverything with red rhymes.
my favourite colour
Daniel Ruiz Nov 2018
The color of her dress that blossomed in the middle
of every other person there,
the same color of her lips,
that without being hesitant,
crawl their way,
trying to find mine,
And with luck on our side,
they do.

Time and time again,
they seem to find mine,
without much effort,
is it because im not apart for too long?
i don't think i can be mentally apart from her,
and her intensive beauty,
that leaves me speechless doesn't matter how many times
i see her without that crimson dress,
that still isn't out shined by her blushing cheeks,
when i tell her i love her.

I love her,
even if some times i'm not supposed to,
but that's the fun of it.

isn't it interesting,
that cherries come in pairs?
veritas Jul 2018
girls and boys and girls! its
a sultry summer, swinging, sighing, swishing hips by mine
slipping elusive behind stone arches, cursing on my lips, **** (whispered, softly)
glazed cherries in a glass bowl they drip and melt, and oh hell
my fingers are red and sticky and sweet but i love it i love it and
she's smiling like a dream
she's saying goodbye until next summer
until another year, another dream will find her way to me.
summer vibes
Amanda Jul 2018
Red hand-picked cherries
leave behind a residue
on smudged, brittle lips.
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
What a surprise!
A single bud on a rose tree,
Blushing to open,
As glistening dew bathe it.
I moved down the orchard,
Ah! The Rose Family (Rosaceae),
Apples (malus),
Raspberries (rubus),
Strawberries (fragaria).
Having a morning chat,
In awe to see the blooming of their cousin,the rose,
Their leaves trembling with joy.
Roses are red my love,
So are their cousins Prunus,
Plums and cherries,
Red as fresh blood,
Nodding in the gleaming sun.
What a get-together!
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
Chocolate chips creamy cheese cake, chum,
Chilled with chunks of chopped cherries in ***.
Try chilly chips with saucy chops,
Or chicken cheeseburgers with spicy chips.
It's chef's chic choice hmmm....
Druzzayne Rika May 2018
Cherries and poppies
raspberries and strawberries
and fallen red leaves,
a burning memory.
cait-cait Mar 2018
she smears her lips
with mama's red crayons.

she swallows them whole)

lips like sour cherries,
puckered ,
                  swollen .

wiping her eyes on soft
blood stains instead.
only to get sick instead//
b Nov 2017
**** Art

What has it ever done for me?
Other than put whip-cream and cherries
On the parts of me that aren't working.

How long can I celebrate my flaws before I become them?
Before they swallow me hole.

Lighting candles in a paper house.
Acting surprised when it burns
So fast.
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