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Bereniké Dec 2020
Sweet death, lady of lost souls,
why wont yout take me?
Im all yours.
Take me to your palace of death.
Ill make myself at home.
Let me have my last breath
and Ill go with you alone.
I love you, dont you love me back?
Just the two of us together.
Our relashionship doesnt have a crack.
Ill go with you wherever,
Sweet lady of death.
Save me from this terror.
Bereniké Dec 2020
To get rid of this body,
tear of my arms,
to be nobody,
gauge out my eyes.
Rip my ears of
make myself bleed.
To raise above,
all that I need.
Strip my fingernails
one by one.
My terrible wails
have just begun.
Peel my skin
take a last breath in.
Bereniké Jul 2020
You're a wonderful woman,
to God I pray
that he doesn't ever
take you away.
So I squeeze you tighly
in my arms that tremble slightly
in the dark of the night
when nothing seems right.
I get agraid often
it happens nightly
that I dream of a coffin
and you lying there politely.
Pale and still. dead.
I couldn't be more thrilled
when the sunlight hits my skin.
The thought of you killed
is almost like a sin.
A sin against humanity,
sin against God,
sin against my love for you
that should never tear us apart.
Bereniké Jul 2020
Words are powerful,
especially yours.
They make me feel awful,
they make me feel worse,
than i ever felt.
They can bring so much joy too
and when you speak them,
I want to give the world to
only you.
Bereniké Dec 2019
Hot sun on my skin.
Long nights drinking gin.
Laying on the grass.
Wanting to connect within.
Bereniké Oct 2019
My eyes search for you in every crowd.
I strain my ears to hear you speak.
Why is my heart beating so loud?
Why do my knees get so weak?
You say you don't want to be mine.
But something in me wants to know,
if maybe in another time,
perhaps when it starts to snow,
we could admit  each other
that we love one another
deeply and madly.
Because I'm sure that I would gladly
yell those words in your face.
Of course in a polite manner
and with a good amount of grace.
Bereniké Jul 2019
Rapid beating of my heart is deceiving
what I think I'm feeling.
However believing isn't knowing
what this is going to turn into in the night glowing.
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