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blackbiird Apr 2019

i wish there was a sanitizer
to clean my heart from which you
tattooed your name on.

Kristina Tan Feb 2019
You still wonder,
what time I get home,
who I was with,
what I was doing.

You ask these questions,
like you're still my partner,
my lover,
my one and only.

Yet you are no longer entitled to.
You made the choice,
to let me go,
to betray me,
to let me down.

I made the mistake.
By sharing,
my night adventures,
late shenanigans.

I succumbed to answer to you.
Because I know you worry.
I know you care.

It comes off as a judgment now,
a scolding,
a lecture.

There is no "us" anymore.
Time to keep my lips sealed,
shut in time,
lock and keyed.
When you share things with your ex and you realized you've said too much.
Penny Laine Jun 2018
Today you caught my glimpse from afar
My cheeks reddened and my smile grew
I look at you like the moon does a star
And you at me with only half a clue

For long I thought myself heartless
But you came along and that was far gone
A light appeared out of the darkness
And that makes me okay being your pawn

You paint me a childish little girl
I’ve tried to draw far from that truth
But you fade my stomach into a whirl
And i’m back giggling as if in youth

Today my eyes caught yours
And everyone else became blurs
Elle Laverage May 2018
We loved each other a lot,
but in different ways.

Who would've known our love
was starting to decay?

And to think it all started
when you proposed last May.

When our beginning became our ending
on that fateful Saturday.

It was so grand, so perfect
the island, people--that entire day.

An absolute dream come true,
if I may say.

Tears of happiness,
smiles for days.

This was all I was waiting for,
so why did I keep running away?
The dream proposal that ended us; it's almost been a year now.
bailey goranson Mar 2018
i wish i could hurt you back.
that's my only wish, that you'd feel the pain
that i felt when you took my heart and snapped it into two.
because i ******* hate you.
i hope you choke.
i hope you see me living my life,
happier than i've ever been.
and then i could be the one feeling sorry.
i could be the one forgetting.
i could be the one who's eyes don't drift to you
because when i see you, i'm a deer in the headlights.
still, after all the pain you put me through,
i'm still in awe that someone like you,
so evil, unsympathetic, vile,
could capture my attention like you do.
Broadsky Mar 2018
right now my chest feels like it has 100 bricks laying across it, my head feels like it weighs 100 pounds and it's going to tip over. We're back where we were when we first started and it's a shame that this is where we've landed. Time after time after time again I have tried to fix this, tried to fix us, tried to fix you. I couldn't save you from yourself, I couldn't save us from this disaster. You aren't the only one to blame, I know I could have done more, I could have forced you to get the help you needed in the beginning, but you didn't want to, you never did. I hope now that I'm leaving you realize you are not okay, that you have never been okay. You're broken and that's alright, just stop trying to pretend you haven't shattered into a million pieces already. You were my world, my moon, the current in my ocean. My soul has never felt more at home in your arms. We loved each other in another life and maybe that was enough, maybe a previous lifetime spent loving you was enough.
Maybe it was enough.
I never wanted to leave you.
Tab Feb 2016
Fuzzy and warm
The feeling spilling over my whole being
Drinking to forget
Forgetting to drink
*Warm wine filling the spaces you once called home
Claire Walters Aug 2015
**** me
**** us
**** that tree
**** what the ******* ******* put me the **** through
**** the birds and the ******* bees
**** that ******* tree too
**** your ******* lame *** excuses
**** your ******* feelings
Because you didn't give a flying **** about mine
**** your ******* walks you ******* use to ******* take me the **** on
**** your ******* knife that you ******* used to carve our ******* names on
**** the lies
**** the truths
**** your secrets
**** me
**** us
And **** that tree
Jade Anne Mar 2015
i miss the "talking stage"
i miss having butterflies from seeing you across the room
i miss the sideward glances
i miss blushing from feeling your eyes on me
i miss the flirting
i miss trying to get you to like me
i miss losing sleep just so i could talk to you
i miss being able to say goodnight
i miss falling in love
but the talking stage turned into dating and i finally had all that i never knew i would
but for you the butterflies began to die, you wouldn't glance at me anymore, you stopped flirting, you went to bed without sayin goodnight, you stopped falling in love
and now my butterflies have turned into snakes that eat me from the inside out
you don't look at me at all any more
you stopped smiling at me altogether
i don't blush
im still losing sleep but not so i can talk to you but because you haven't said goodnight
no, you said goodbye, you said goodbye a long time ago and you haven't said hello since.
goodnight, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite, i love you.
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