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EMPstrike Mar 2021
Happy and happy to see you again!
Lets do all the things!
'Cause it really means,
Alot that your here right now!

Your energy doesn't seem to match mine right now.

So now, I don't believe you.
Why can I not believe you.

I want to.
Not burden you.
If you had other things to do.
I didn't want to bother you.
I'm not?
This charade's not new.

Poisoned by fronts of individuals politely
agreeing, playing along with excitement.
Later, to others "Well, he seemed so excited.
I didn't want to hurt his feelings."

Weathered trust from little white lies,
Of people who only wish to disguise,
Their discontent
With your interests
And you reflect their intent
And become the serpent
Of frilly well meaning "I tried"s
EMPstrike Mar 2021
Lament, in a bubble. A ghost at sea
  Memories, entombed, as specters

    The portrait of your apology,
       This scene, now your Legacy
          Whispering under waves Forever:

"Remember me"
EMPstrike Mar 2021
Used to be in awe of the sky.
Laying out between it and the ground.
Never regarding that “up” i must find,
While most of it is obscured.
When i try to look down.

It’s there, but hidden,
by the ground.

And it’s not as if it cant be seen if you wait,
Six months pass,
Then seven,
Then Eight,

Nine and Ten, and before i realize,
The stars return how they previously aligned.
A missed opportunity, another year gone by

   But something must give, I’ll sit and wait.
On the beach, in a tree
And see what i seek

But forget where i am.
“Come on grandpa, its time to go in.
Tomorrow you can sit on the back porch again.”
EMPstrike Mar 2021
It’s been a while, and I thought you were done.
But now what’s begun
I’ve feared from the beginning.

I left to lessen the kindling ablaze,
But old embers stay.
Slowly burning the saplings.

  A new fire burns. Slowly at first,
And the smoldering vitriol only gets worse.
And compounds the agony of those you protect,
And you shade them from the rain’s effect,
As any influence not yours, you reject.
I expect-

-That you’re unaware of this fact-

   That rampant lies of fire breathing beasts,
Will burn the trusting.
So stop it.
EMPstrike Feb 2021
A change well beyond my normal ways
Has taken hold these past few days
And, to be fair, It's only for play
But it impacts me, unexpectedly.

The perfect form! Admittedly,
it is so only to me.
But, to be fair, it helps me see
How I believe I would like to be.

Her personality is exactly me.
Which proves I love myself for real.
But, to be fair
This is me,
If I were to be fair.

She makes me want to be healthy,
She makes me think that I can be,
And see
That I want to be,
Fair, for someone else.
EMPstrike Nov 2017
Its been a long time, I remember you though
But this isn't the time for you to show.
There's too much to lose
and no way to go
so no.

I nip at you
Just to get a small taste
And we're much older now,
So I know what i face to lose in you're place
It's wise to keep what I have without you to replace
But it's still you that i face
And you force me to wait
But this might be the best part.
it's worth it to me. Just to be.

Let it Be.
EMPstrike Jan 2017
Woven, connected,
Then extracted,
Then stretched,
Then shipped to the masses.

Adding graphite or ink
makes plain paper think.
Not IT's thoughts are shown,
But stained by my own.

As part of what's real,
This paper, i feel
Has birthed a thought into existence.

Fertilized by pen,
This thought can be read,
From the womb of the dead
Cut down by human,
With no visible dread.

This paper, quite possibly, had thoughts of its own.
As it lived in the forest, if it's life it had known.
And no way to record them into intepretable realms,
So a favor, I hope, to offer to them:

"There's nothing like a sunny day.
Except a rainy one.
My life is done.

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