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Kayla Oct 2019
Have you ever felt a flame?
Have you ever seen something hot enough to melt the bitter ice block you call your heart. It’s scalding.
Sensual ****** flames that kiss your lonely corners and make you wonder how the fire department isn’t on stand by. Have you ever felt desire burn so deep in your bones you taste magma and blood?

What does that yearning bring you?

Why havnt the got **** fire alarms gone off yet? Do you wish for release? Or do you beg the embers to dance a little longer on your skin.
Is hot a temperature? Or does heat echo in your sweat and pores everytime you hear me? **** the ******* extinguisher. Set me ablaze! Light me up everytime you combust.  I just want to feel fire.
Kayla Oct 2016
I create hurricanes while I sleep
I destroy landscapes for entertainment when I'm bored.
My smile has been rumored to awaken dormant volcanoes.
The sway of my hips could be mistaken for a mudslide
And the way that I make love will make you think the tectonic plates learned a new dance move.
I'm a walking natural disaster.
And after we're done you can say you survived it all
Kayla May 2015
Faith was created by men who've heard their name moaned softly in their ear.
  Feb 2015 Kayla
don’t ever let anyone tell you
your hands aren’t the stars
your mouth isn’t the sun
your lips aren’t supernovas

don’t ever let anyone tell you
your mind isn’t cataclysmic
your thoughts can’t stop time
your actions can’t create earthquakes

because when your feet pound the pavement
when your breath comes in gasps
when you can’t stop blinking
seeing, hearing,

you are a cumulonimbus existence
of thunder and lightning

he is not your own little universe,
bottled up

the universe
  Feb 2015 Kayla
bcg poetry
You have to understand, I am so tired darling and these rib bones aren't doing a good job of protecting this little heart
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