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Oscar Valdez Dec 2021
Six yesterdays have been retired since we last saw eachother. But Today my love, these nomadic hands of mine will travel through the miniature empire of your body, for they have been yearning from feeling you. These fingers will take pleasure in swimming in the river of your hair as they rejuvenate from the drought of your absence. My head shall rest upon your mountains, as my ears find solace in the whispers of your heart. My eyes have starved for your radiant image and your universal eyes. And my parched mouth hungers in wait for its voyage, kiss by kiss into the sweetness of your lips. Your scent lingers here, in always will...
Oscar Valdez Jan 2021
Its not that I don't want to move on. Its frightening to. My roots have grown deep these past years, with memories  like rain. How would they feel without water?
Oscar Valdez Feb 2020
My eyes saw her today
A poem written by nature's own hand
Painted with detailed description of the meaning of beauty
Beautiful like art
She knows not the limits of the power of her smile
So captivating it makes the sky happy, the earth warm, the roses blush, and the stars beam with jealousy
And her sent lingers in the air as I breathe her in...
She will be mine
Oscar Valdez Feb 2020
My eyes saw a poem today, with detailed description of the meaning of beauty...
Oscar Valdez Sep 2019
You are a poem that can't be written by my hand, only narrated to this world by your walk, your laugh, that wonderful smile, the starshine in your eyes, the river in your eyes could read you forever...
Oscar Valdez Aug 2019
Can i get a minute of your time.
A couple of minutes to see if i can change your mind.
You know i feel you, been crushing ******* the idea of us being together.
We met Score years ago and since I last seen you my lifes been looking a little better.
Can i take you out some time
a little time together to see if i could make you mine.
I've been thinking about you since the day we last chilled.
Wondering what the hell went wrong my light just went out like i didnt pay the bill.
Can invite you to a conversation
a chance to talk for hours about random things you know imagination.
You know you're a dazzling woman; beautys perfection.
From your hair to your lips, the way your eyes shine like star beams.
The way your smile makes the room glow like the sunshine gleam
You're universal a goddess even planets follow you..And me...
I'm in orbit around you...
Oscar Valdez Aug 2019
I wake filled with thoughts of you. Your portrait is my morning sun.
I want to say a thousand, lovely, kind, and heartfelt things to you but I am not master of words.
I would tell you that you are the greatest marvel of all ages, and I should only be speaking the truth.
You have been privileged to receive every gift of beauty from nature. As beauties cease to be so when near you.
My imagination carries me to you,
I grasp you, I kiss you, I caress you. A thousand of the most amorous caresses take possession of me.
I see you as I did yesterday, beautiful, astonishingly beautiful.
But I envy every word I write for they accompany your eyes and are closer to you than I.
How should I ever prove what my heart is to you?
How will you ever see it as I feel it?
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