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Zack Ripley Apr 11
As sure as rain in the spring
or heat in the summer,
this year is looking promising
to be another ******.
But as sure as the cold in the winter and fall,
My friends will be there
To help me through it all.
im glad to have an outlet for my thoughts.
it's been one hell of a year.
most times it felt like all my limbs were attached to horses,
all running in opposite directions.
other times,
i felt like i was lying atop a cloud.
how many tears spilled.
and giggles shared.
i'm just happy to be alive.
wishing for a better 2019.
AsJay Nov 2018
I’ve always been that body
That would just sit back and observe
Another guy that’s so lucky
To take a woman I’ve tried to deserve

I find myself looking at a mirror
Searching for fragments in my skin
Why can I not find the inner warrior
That can take what I should win

All I see is my injuries
The stress engraved on my forehead
Limbs so frail; I’m weak at the knees
My mind is a fired warhead

It was her that I fully desired
How could I be too late?
It’s like I was too deluded or wired
Before she concluded my fate

We’ve all got scars
I know that much
But we can die at any time
So what’s the rush?

I just want this year to be done
Quick like it’s already been
I cannot recall it being fun
Hurry up twenty nineteen

I wonder what the future brings
Will I explore or stay alike?
I’ll wake in January as the songbird sings
Before I set on my hike
This Year... what a year it's been? It's gone qucikly hasn't it?
This poem is the newest creation from the hatch and is about my perspective of how 'this year' has been.
In the poem I speak about certain events that took place throughout the course of the year, my literal thoughts while going through traumas [fifth paragraph] and questions for the future as I really REALLY don't like the month of Decemeber [hence why I'm realeasing this on the last day of November].
Hope You Enjoy This Poem...!
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— The End —