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Elizabeth Zenk Jul 2018
Small bumps speckle my body
and I will pick
and pick
and pick
at them until I know for sure
the sludge,
the growths,
and the imperfections
are no more than scabs and dried blood.
At least then I can tell you I got these spots from battling.
Speckled I’m the remince of insecurity
Matt Walls Dec 2017
It's amazing don't you think
That you don't have to drive or drink
To test your mettle skill and soul
You just need one big round pothole
Aishwarya Das Mar 2016
Stale blood running,
every dream failing;
Here I am, not willing to hide,
the beast that's inside.

that girl? harm her;
that old man? suffocate him;
that child? **** him;
that woman? take her baby;
that flower? pluck it;
that tree? chop it;

taking over the world,
greatest man till I'm old,
everyone alive fearing me,
all I can do if the demons please.

brighten up your lights,
the sins will take flights,
it's not upto your fate,
c'mon, it's not that late.

that girl,
she has the cure for your disease;
that old man,
he holds your biggest secret;
that child,
he is the happiness to all your sadness;
that woman,
she has the womb in which you lived for 9 months;
that flower,
it's meant to be in your wedding bouquet;
that tree,
it supports a swing which your child plays.
Sometimes we can't take over ourselves, we just do not know what to do. That's when the demons in us starts controlling us; showing us what we secretly, deep inside, strive for. And the urge for those demons to come out becomes stronger than ever. That time, that exact time, we come to know that all of us have stale blood running through us. All of us have dreams that failed. All of us want revenge. And that is also the time to calm ourselves because we never know what we had harmed, could have been a source of our ultimate joy when time would pass. To those dreams that failed; to those moments that died; to those memories that weren't made; and to those smiles that never came: thank you for a life changing lesson.
MST Jul 2014
I have a college degree,
but no money,
a future in my eyes,
and that is all I can see.
Blinded by dreams of grandeur,
ignoring the fact that I am poor,
As success is in my future for sure.
Ignoring my surroundings I drive full speed,
not seeing the bump,
I am blinded by greed.
Hitting it and going off course,
running off the road and down a ditch,
crashing with immense force,
and my dreams die without a twitch.

— The End —