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Jose Valle Jun 3
I built a Greek column
A Tuscan column to be precise
It's about three floors in height

I used materials I didn't know I owned
Shimmering and glistening small white oval pebbles
Flat and fat ones
Sand, best of its kind
Limestone with all its magical properties
And Nautilus shells from the beaches of Callao.

I wish I have built it for looks only
But I did it for me
It fits well between my neck and naval line
For when my earthquakes threaten my core
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
With the sun shining  
on top of the pack.
Highlighting the day
up to the sky
tomorrow will come.

Burning in golden delights
a dreaming heavenly light
will uphold the earth’s
column on the high!

Tomorrow upon the evernew
apex of the dawn once again the sun
spilling the sublunary black box
will jot down one more heavenly
interpretation of its dreamlight.
Imagining on the tucked away
pure earthly wonder!

— The End —