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rai Sep 27
If you'd map my heart
You'd be the end, the middle,
and the beginning.
i love you.
rai Sep 27
I'm a prisoner of doubt,
Is there a purpose to the journey?

At last I found you...again.
rai Sep 13
I want to dance with you slowly,
Holding hands,
Closed eyes,
Dancing with the music.

I want to dance with you slowly,
This is the song that we've been waiting for,
This is the chance that I will say to you,
What my heart feels,
I want to say this long ago.
rai Sep 13
Did it help when I walked away?
Isn't that what you wanted anyway?
Ever since then, until now
All roads seem to lead back to you

Someday you'll realize that
You didn't have to go
If leaving is the only way
I'm sorry
Wherever you may be
current mood: missing you
rai Sep 4
deep as the sea,
emotions are drowning me...

will anyone hear me?
if i scream...

or will i be left,
drowning forever...
i want to sleep forever, will never feel everything anymore.
rai Aug 24
Just  take a breath, love
Fill your lungs up.

Rest your head,
there's no sense in losing sleep.

You can break down,
Let  your worst out.

Lose your temper,
but you're not losing me.
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