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raicyd Jan 2021
loving you is like
a night before a field trip.

I couldn't sleep,
knowing it'll be an exciting
life with you.
when a poet learns to love again.
raicyd Jul 2020
by the end of the day
I swore that silence
only comes in
when I am
I'd only find peace when I'm dead.
raicyd Mar 2020
you bleed on me,
leaving bruises on paper skins.

scratched me,
i opened up wounds for you.
pens and poems entry no. 2
yellow pads speaks too
raicyd Mar 2020
i bleed for you,
to express you.

i hurt and scratch paper skins,
for you to express you.

i have a short life for you,
to express you.

but i do not last long,
to express you.
pens and poets entry no. 1
what pens says to poets
brand name: "my gel"
raicyd Mar 2020
you close your eyes
and remember how his voice
sounded through your ears.

I missed it.
raicyd Dec 2019
when you left,
a part of me left with you.

and I forgot,
what part was it.

when you left,
It felt like falling from a cliff.

and the cold waters impact,
awoke me from the fantasy.

of the thought of us,
might last forever.
"poet's faces the ceiling poem"; poem no. 2 we all have that person whom we never wanna leave...I felt that.
raicyd Dec 2019
sleepless nights,
I lay still.

silent tears,
pools in my ears.

thoughts of your words,
strucks my heart,

I lay still,
hand in my poor heart.
"poets faces the ceiling"; poem no. 1
when the world felt too much for you, remain still.
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