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like the color of his hair
when he left home at twenty
like the darkest of nights
he spent counting the grey of the stars
as if stroking the grey
on his mother’s head
b l a c k
like the dress he bought for his daughter
for when he’ll get to see her again
like the gun that adorned his hand
while his body bled
b l a c k
like the lines on his sister’s face
when the kohl raced with her tears
that spilled out of her eyes
while life spilled out of him
like the son his grandmother got to see-
her flesh and blood
in flesh and in blood
burnt, buried, dead
just ash
b l a c k
like the broken bangles on his wife’s wrist
as she tried to piece his broken body back together
her heart crumbling with grief
while he crumbled away from life
b l a c k
like what once had been red
and colorful
is nothing but just plain dark
veiling the stars in the casket grey
the sky rests
like the tiny dancers of gold and honor
on his shoulders
confined within a coffin
cuffed in tricolor
but underneath it all
it’s all just plain
Here's to the soldiers who dangle between life and death, day after day, just to keep us civilians safe. Here's to our armies. Here's to their families. Here's to wanting peace, because retaliating with violence only brings more of it.
astraea 4d
the dreams fall from the sky,
into the children’s hands
a small child reaches her open and filthy palms to the sky,
a girl sets aside her books,
cradles a spider web of rain droplets
tucking in her heart,
the deepest corners of her brain, they’re one in the same.

love is so good when love is young
she knows this herself,
a sweet taste so different to the fires she knew
snatched away from her by her own hands
her own hands -broken as a scholar’s, as a child’s,
but never as the youth
never broken as a youth.

she breathes life into her spiderweb,
wrapped around her back
lacing itself around her
up her neck and behind her eyes
with each ****** of her pencil
each late night
each missed night
she sets her web free and begins to climb it as it grows inside her.

all her laughs,
shared with her spiders,
are we spiders or are we girls?
making our own webs, climbing them
-we look like girls
we look like girls as we wield our weapons,
watch our love die.
we are red widows,
hands dripping with blood.
short piece about school (bit personal and not as good but it's nice to see people like you)
the food is everywhere
and the tiny bright lights anywhere I feel the train inside my mind
while the smiles turn into laughter

presents building up like a mountain
I smile, and mumble thank you
thinking of you and longing for your view
a sense of loneliness and another cigarette is down one

oh darling
you are so cruel to me
making me gone in a wild madness
putting me in moods of sadness
and missing you even in my dreams

remember when you said you needed me by your side at all times and I gave you all my dimes
got me all ****** up with all those signs
I pray with all my might throughout the lonely night that you and only you to put up a fight

the outside is covering in pure white
I just wanted for you to hold me tight
just for a minute not for long winter life ticket
tonight the clearest night I want you here just for a visit

oh darling
you are so cruel to me
making me gone in a wild madness
putting me in moods of sadness
and missing you even in my dreams

I have been blue since I haven’t seen you
all that body and grace makes me wanna play
raven black tattoos on your side of your arm
you baddest boy I have ever seen

i dream back to back of your smile
but i haven’t seen you in a minute
your ways have no limits

many nights come by
I cry over you
what can I do

oh, Billie,
I feel those blues
they have no idea how it feels
to be in the dark side of love

oh darling
you are so cruel to me
making me gone in a wild madness
putting me in moods of sadness
and missing you even in my dreams

all I wanted is your company
Black is my favorite color,
    for this I wish to only see black.

Black is not just for the night,
    nor set aside for death.

Black is not owned by the shadows,
    nor bent for the broken hearted.

Black is my intimate thrill,
    for it's the color I see as my lips kiss you.
Neo 6d
I'm crawling on the edge of this chasm
Right along the brink of abyss
Spiraling down a void
Even light cant escape

Who Am I?
If I could give you all i had                
If a lost soul like yours
would allow me in             
I'll be walking on all fours               
with no more ******.
I would make the earth flat
and the moon red.
I would go on a journey
I'd suffer and die
again and again
until my brain starts to fry
I would dedicate my entire life
You gave me a glimpse of hope
and I'm holding on to it
dreaming it will never *****
for so long, so long.
With no wrong
We will be in HonKong
**** your valentine
grace 7d
the color of my hair
the color of my heart
the color of the feeling
i feel when we're apart
I’m not black
I think about that
What it must be like
Not being white
I’ll never have a clue
How black can make one blue
A stigma to be worn
From the day that you are born
I’m not black
I’m thankful for that
White’s a lifetime bonus
Black... a burden that’s bogus
No one white wish’s to be black
That says it all...
Think about that
Fire is red,
ashes are black,
go to ****,
and never come back!
This is a funny poem I came up with when I was roleplaying as a certain butler.. *ehem* Black butler fans.. (Sebastian Michaelis) I also roleplay as Ciel... I Made a poem in response for this... To begin Sebastian gave a poem to a maid.... I forgot it, but it was beautiful (Sorry).. The young lord asked him for a poem sarcasticly... This is the poem Sebastian gave him..
Egeria Litha Feb 12
You walk away with a smug smile
as if she isn't already leaving you for a woman
You possess a pug face and a bull dog's outrage

sauntering with confidence
wearing a leg brace
and brace yourself
your pouty face
your patriotic displays
you're last year's renegade
with a broken rib cage
but your heart is no maze
I found that sucker beating
in your ***** just yesterday

yield to black ice
you graceless ice skater
harsh turns are unforgiving

Leaving anyone you care about swirling
in the aftermath of your uncalculated ego
you're a conscious tornado
with no insurance
and I'm not letting you off the hook
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