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It was pitch dark otside
And you were the only light i was holding.
However i forget,
I was yet another girl,
Who looks up at the moon
With dreams in her eyes.
Want that moon to stay a longer by her side.
Forgetting the truth
That moon will be gone soon.
And maybe the next morning will
Bring you something new
To focus upon.
However it will again be dark soon
And she'll again peep out of her window
Searching for moonlight to guide her upon
Only to find find out
That It's simply gone
You were my light and its dark niw that you are gone
Priya May 12
That's what i assumed we were.
And why wouldn't I?
I used to share every little detail with you.
I used to share every silly joke which made me laugh like a donkey.
I will tell you of all those habits of mine, which made people call me a monkey.
I used to tell you how my eyes were all red
Soaked in tears.
I will tell you how i dreamt of being taller over the years.
I'll tell you what her new dress looked like,
I'll tell you how bad i wanted to look alike.
I'll tell you how i fell off my bicycle while riding way too fast.
And I'll tell you to go to bed in the last.
Sharing every little thing with you,
Was more of a habit of mine.
That is why i used to call you everyday
In the evening, When clock struck nine.
Youbwant to leave after this,
To me it doesn't sound fine.
My heart has begun to lose hope
And my eyes are losing their shine.
And it hurts even more
When you yourself cannot speak out your heart to me
And to convey your feelings, you resort to thee.
One who wanted to be more than bff ,
Just want to distant himself, if not so.
In the last you just wanted to go.
It is so funny how i called you
This forever sounds so fake to me.
I want to be that close again,
When that again will be?
When someone who you believed would stay by your side no matter what, leaves.....
The pain caused by the same is enough to rip your heart apart
Priya May 12
Tears were rolling down my cheecks
And you were busy explaining
Why you have to leave.
So far, i have lost people
Because they hated me.
Now i am losing them,
Because they loved me.
Strange, isn't it?
And still you are here,
Explaining why we should avoid each other.
Why we should talk less,
Why we should not be as close as we were.
Strange, isn't it?
The one who wanted to love you
Ended up being someone hating you.
One who wanted to stay forever,
Decided to leave for our good.
Strange, isn't it?
I know it is hard for you as well, and i am sorry for that. Just that one who thought would never make me cry, ended up being someone to hurt me the most.
I walked in a mask
A dead baby bird keeping me company
With see through skin
It told me how
Rich people have wider sidewalks
And richer dont have any

We stopped to ***** in their gardens

I listened as I walked
Crushing something under my heel
I didn't look

I felt
The heat of the flames
I smell the smoke through the mask
But I can't see the fire yet
But it's coming.

When your urge to forgive
Overpowers and violates my
Blessed and Righteous wrath
Rainbows are only allowed
After the torrent has finished ravaging
And mourning
Siren May 7
I believe
deep down
I am a bad person

It just so happens to be
that the mask
I am wearing
has a good face
and seems to be covering up
my true bad self
somewhat well

if I don't take care and watch out
it might crack
blow my cover
I-sun May 5
My eyes wanna swim in the sea of your eyes,
Since it's always in black,
The black of night,
And the night makes me calm.
To black-eyed friends :-)
Millie May 5
I wanted to believe it was black. Or white.
But found that it was gray.
Only gray is birds eye view
The closer I get
The more I realize
It’s black AND white
Side by side
In every situation
Good and bad in all their extremes- everywhere.
To the boy Elis
by Georg Trakl
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Elis, when the blackbird cries from the black forest,
it announces your downfall.
Your lips sip the rock-spring's blue coolness.

Your brow sweats blood
recalling ancient myths
and dark interpretations of birds' flight.

Yet you enter the night with soft footfalls;
the ripe purple grapes hang suspended
as you wave your arms more beautifully in the blueness.

A thornbush crackles;
where now are your moonlike eyes?
How long, oh Elis, have you been dead?

A monk dips waxed fingers
into your body's hyacinth;
Our silence is a black abyss

from which sometimes a docile animal emerges
slowly lowering its heavy lids.
A black dew drips from your temples:

the lost gold of vanished stars.

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: I believe that in the second stanza the blood on Elis's forehead may be a reference to the apprehensive ****** sweat of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. If my interpretation is correct, Elis hears the blackbird's cries, anticipates the danger represented by a harbinger of death, but elects to continue rather than turn back. From what I have been able to gather, the color blue had a special significance for Georg Trakl: it symbolized longing and perhaps a longing for death. The colors blue, purple and black may represent a progression toward death in the poem. Keywords/Tags: Georg Trakl, translation, German, Elis, blackbird, black forest, birds, brow, blood, grapes, monk, body, dew, stars
Amanda Apr 28
Her ebony hair fell down across shoulders like a thick storm curtain

Tied knots around fingers like drawstrings

And I have not ever seen such a beautiful display of heartache

In ebony locks a tragedy is written
A paragraph in each strand

And in hands she cradles pieces of what is left of her intertwined emotions

Her ebony heart cracked open wide
Toppled over
Empty of love
About no one in real life just a moment of inspiration I had while randomly reading an article with the word ebony in it. It's a beautiful word. An especially beautiful word considering it is a synonym for black.
My heart is cold to the touch
Not tender, but hard as stone
No love can cut through it as such
It's also as black as a raven
Maybe my evil is too much
For this world to handle.
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