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dark blue Nov 7
on your knees
you weak pathetic worm
you disgust me
always thinking with your ****
beg and whimper
like a puppy
knowing you’ll be refused
dark blue Sep 16
stand before me
show me
your body
submit to me
into my eyes
say it
i’m yours
body and soul
to use and abuse
dark blue Mar 29
like twins in a womb
ever so slightly
their touch
saying so much
dark blue Mar 29
you gave me purpose
my life meaning
i was your  daddy
you were my little girl
at once a woman and child
needing a lover father
seeking needing
constant validation affirmation
afraid of the dark of being alone
reminded by nightmares
haunted by traumas
dominant daddy reassuring comforting
giving solace to his little girl
will he love care protect you
like i did
dark blue Mar 29
mountains on the moon
fragile like ice
a touch
a kiss
remembering this
how bittersweet it was
our love
shared experiences
dark blue Mar 6
fading like dream
upon awakening
but never forgotten
two children
dreamt of
but never conceived
infinite tears
for little girls
never held or known
an endless sorrow
of expectant parents
wanting to be
their mommy and daddy  
Lily is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning “pure” and symbolic of innocence.
dark blue Feb 28
i miss you
i miss us
the look in your eyes
the love in your touch
sharing dreams
of raising kids
growing old
being together
for eternity
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