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Ira  Aug 2018
Surprise Bitch!
Ira Aug 2018
Surprise *****, what it be,
It’s ******* me!

That guy Alucard,
From Hellsing!

I see you’re some ******* vampire,
Hoping to finally get some demonic prower!

Also you killed a lot of people,
But ****’em,
You’re ******* lust for power is very offensive to me and my singular steeple.

You’re not a vampire,
Just some **** I call “Unpeople.”

Can’t regenerate your body,
Can’t sire demon Shouty's,
Bet you can’t even out run a ******* ******* Autti.

You’re just discount me!

So say hello to a gun of mine,
It’s quite a fantasy for people who want to remove others spine!

I call it the Casull 009,
And it has a friend called the Jackal,
Using both end up in a good ol’ time!

So ******* AND DIE!!
Ahhh... Alucard is always fun to write about. Love that crazy sociopathic *******
Dennis Willis  Sep 2018
Dennis Willis Sep 2018
censored by HP
actual conversation with a non-poet
I think we need a system to keep track of these people
avalon Apr 2018
hm. somehow i missed you,
anxiety. i feel
more myself, this is
familiarity in a
nutshell, i know the
in my chest cavity
better than i know
it seems.
i guess i'm not the epitome
of health, these days
late nights
droughts and self-doubt all
seem to take out
the part of me that used
to dream. or think. or
do anything at all
i guess that's okay,
i guess
between loneliness
and fear there's
an alleyway, home,
a place you don't go
until you're there,
realizing more
and more
how easy it is to stay
how hard it is to care.
**** i super appreciate everyone who takes the time to like/love/comment i love u if u do that i s2g
Carter Ginter Nov 2016
Get the **** out of my head
Why is it so hard to forget you
Yet all the negatives try to vanish
In an attempt to make me miss you

You were a horrible person
And I can look past what you did to me
But you hurt her too, your best friend
Who does that?
How can one guy convince you to drop your best friend
When I couldn't even get you to ignore the toxic ones

I hear he's controlling now
That's cute
I hope you enjoy how he ***** you
Cause that's all you care about you heartless *****

You left me cause I refused to beat you in bed
Cause I couldn't satisfy your fantasies
Well I hope you realize that
Your addiction will destroy your life
If somehow it hasn't already

You dropped out of college and now you're living on your own
I knew you wouldn't go back if you left
But you had your own plans
Your own agenda to live your life
Trying to get whatever you want
From anyone

You didn't stay because I didn't put up with your ****
I stood up to you when no one else would
And luckily it got me out of a toxic relationship that
I didn't even realize was that bad

First love never dies
Here I am trying to justify
Why I can't get you out of my mind
No matter how hard I try
When I genuinely do not want you
Who I'm with now is so much better
She and I, we build together
Instead of me building for you
Leaving nothing to nurture myself
And you still seem to remove pieces from my wall
Threatening my progress without you
Because why would you do anything different

And I try to remind myself that
You cheated on me
And at least I can sleep
Without the raging guilt
That I hope fills your lungs
And chokes you in your sleep
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