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Matt Shepp Nov 8
Some roses are red,
Some tulips are magenta,
We hardly can believe
Four years ago we met ya.

Most grass is green,
Diamonds and ice are rocks,
We hope you enjoy your books,
new clothes and socks.

Nighttime sky is black,
The ocean (I guess) is teal,
How lucky we are
To have you is so unreal.

The sun appears yellow,
Boogers are chartreuse,
If you were a ******,
We'd always pick you!
Had this idea to write a poem for my daughter who is turning four years old, incorporating some Dad humor.
fawaz Nov 7
You blew the candles on me
And then ripped me apart
It was ineeed a day to remember
How you crushed my weeping heart
kevin wright Nov 1
It’s a moment in time to own
To wish upon a cake
Reflecting tenderly
This slice of time to melt one’s heart

Friends, reviving and full of fun
A glass of champagne
Invites sparkly family love
A time to enjoy that year in your life
wrote today for someones enjoyment, if its your birthday today, Happy Birthday
MyReflections Oct 28
I am sitting
My chin resting on my fist
As I'm sad
I not share my birthday with
Someone who had inspired the world
By his work and his skills.

"What happened?" my father asked
As I told, he just laugh
"I know the one," he said
And placed a mirror, to show me my face.
with whom I share my birthday
Queen Z Oct 26
I like white sweets,
For you only, my heart beats.

Your smile is so valuable,
For you, anytime I'm available.

You are my life,
That lucky lady is you,my wife.

Please don't be angry,
I know you are so hungry.

I've cooked your favourite dish,
I deserve at least one kiss.

For this gorgeous lady, one red rose,
How you will look on "Garmi" pose.

Forgive me for God sake,
Let's go and cut the cake.

I'll look after you everday,
By the way jaan, "HAPPY  BIRTHDAY."
The walls of the bedroom have heard more prayers than any religion places
To the night that I prayed
To the tears that put me to sleep
Longing for your presence

The night you were walking to my door
The night I want to get to know you more

When I touch your hand
It took every ounce of me not to get comfortable with you
When I saw your smile
It took every ounce of me not to fall in love
When I saw your eyes
You took every ounce of me

So then, I made myself a promise
To the darkness nights
To the brightest days
I want you to know
I'll be there
Anyone could love your best features
Or cling for your best day
But I'll take
Pick up
All the pieces that everyone wants to get rid
I'll love you
For a wholesome
As a person

Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever ours
Happiest Birthday to you!
RJ Romero Oct 22
The world has

done it again

revolved and rotated,

As it does milenias


And will do

millenias after,

Forever constant,

This cosmic reality

that don't count us,

The stars don't care

most of them long dead,

The planets are following


No grander scheme

than numbers,

Nothing really matters

that's the truth

So find your meanings

solely logical to you,

Might be senseless for others

but the world's a speck of blue

in a universe that don't bother

to look,

So rejoice, jump and shout,

fail, succeed,

The blackness of space


And it won't tell anyone

what he's seen
Ay Oct 7
If you give me just a minute of your time,
I could tell you stories about my life.
Could you give me just a minute to get it off my chest,
Something's on my mind that I can't ever seem to address.
It's that time of year again where I have to act elated and pretend.
Though I don't feel like celebrating with this recollection in my head.
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