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Hilla254 Jun 2019
I can't seem to comprehend
Or grasp what I feel when I see your face
But emotions burn up real quick
It feels red, blue and pink as notions
of explicit dreams stream through
For Every time you smile
Am just obliged to mumble
Words that don't convey intended message
While the mind warps through
Future Utopian bliss
Artificial constructs from imagination land
Based on scripts from subconscious
I can't alter or rewrite to favor me

If you could travel the universe on my mind
Through the sky constellations
Of my overflowing thoughts
Light by the fondness of your good heart
We could watch my wildest dreams
That starred you to infinity
In a dream you wouldn't have to wake
Visit the great wall of words
illuminated by the flashing lights of orion
There every script Lies a hidden message for you
Scripted at heart by forces I can't tame

Hard beating heart,
Overflowing emotions
wedged words
double edged sword
Bliss or doom
resilient to peek inside
The best jokes are just rigged truth,
I can deny but i knows the truth
Hilla254 Jun 2019
An idea like a virus
Is Highly contagious
An idea is resilient
Like a malignant tumor
An idea once perceived
Can not be erased
A simple idea
Can end up
Defining us
Or destroying
Who we are.

A simple revelation of a idea
Can change all our beliefs
A idea of an ideal world
Can alter the reality
We believe in.

A vague feeling of a hunch
A Fanciful notion
Of mental abstractions
In Pure essence
Crowned as an idea
Can falter our true self
Hilla254 Jun 2019
Is it just a laugh or love
Is it a feign or a feigned smile
Is it just a funny joke or deeper truth
You did want to be in a relationship
Or is it you can't stand being alone
Are you really happy in it
Or is it that your inclined to be
Is it so perfect
Or it's that we don't see the imperfections
Are you not so happy
But still holding on hoping for change

Do you like to party
Or is it that it silence's thoughts
You regret but still do it
Is it that your well being
Doesn't matter to you
Does anything matter to you
Or is it that you answer society's
Obligation of what you would be
Are you so strong emotionally
Or is it that you cry under your pillow
Is it self confidence or just a high ego
Do You remember the last open conversation you had?
The last positive vibe you shared with anyone?
The last sincere apology you ever told someone
The best good thing you've done for someone rather than you
Hilla254 May 2019
A dark veil
Covers the light
Like a shadow of night
Light is darkness

Deep into the abyss
It drowns
Deep and deeper, Everyday
Every day
Frown of darkness

mirage of light
Light's hope
A false sense of hope
Unending struggle
Of light and darkness

A vacuum
Of intense cold
Taunts and torments
All that crosscut the abyss
It's light is true black.
Reality doesn't always satisfy logic and emotions overcome reasoning at a pace of light negativity is a spark we are attracted to without even trying
Hilla254 May 2019
Word's are like
Precious diamonds
While the poet
Is a collector
Of the rare Gem's
The poet's mind
Is his mine
A ink pen
And writing paper
Is all he could need
To craft a beautiful
Breathtaking poem.

The spark of creativity
Is the infinite source
Of all his charm's
All his masterpieces
Are glimmering diamonds
Their beauty Captivating
Every reader.
Craftsmanship of a poet, is the fluency of his word's, mining from his stream of thoughts
Hilla254 May 2019
Your kind sweet words
Redeem my soul
Everytime I'm feeling
Weak and weary
When there's no hope
You always come around.

It's your love
That keeps me going
The beautiful tommorow
You always paint in my mind
Draws a veil over today's nightmare.

You always breath life to me
Anytime I'm feeling down
Your the reason i believe
There are good people out there
You make my worst day more bearable
Everytime i see you smile.

It's undeniably a blessing
I got to share a lifetime
With someone like you
Thanks to fate for how
It led to that moment
When we got to meet.

Don't ever lose your vibe, your the spark that light's Love in my heart
Hilla254 May 2019
It was a starry night
But she shone like the moonshine
Her smile was the crescent moon
Her eyes twinkled with the stars

Her lip's were pink
Like the moonflower
How she longed for a kiss
She hummed orange
In her breath
radiated elegance
More Captivating than a rose

She was the dream
That kept the dreamcatcher up
She was the fairy tale
The storyteller lived

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