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She used to love
But now it's hate she loves
Hiding behind a mask of smiles
Her heart cold as ice
Though she breathes fire.

Her heart frowned with scars
She has her own fears
That rekindle memories
Buried for years
Like bizarre monster's
No one can help her face.
Hilla254 Mar 17
I just wish i didn't have to
Convey emotions with words
Wish you'd feel those emotions raw
Like i did, so we get to the edge of the cliff
Hold hand's and jump off together
So it would be just us
Wish i didn't have to explain
How i feel about you, if you'd feel it like i did
Because words always underrate it.

I wish we could trek
Through unexplored galaxies in my mind
And the only shining star would be you
I wish we could sing melodies
My heart composes every night
And forgets by dawn                      
I wish you could just let me love you
For it's the only thing am so good at.
Hilla254 Mar 11
The hunter preys
The prey prays
Chance's to live appraises.

Morning's are blissful
Sunsets are beautiful
But the night is fearful.

The hunter leaves empty
The prey lives but umpty
Frowned in tomorrow's uncertainty.

Hilla254 Mar 8
I thought about writing
A poem that would amuse
Everyone who read it
So much that they
Would actually love it
Inked four main scripts
But none of them felt right
Not everyone would relate to it
Just a few lovers of art
Would smile in the deep
But wouldn't show on the face
And would never bother
To comment
So the voice's chose silence
The agony of facing a blank page
With a Pen on the right hand
And the mind endlessly
Tip toeing through
Judgemental stuff

The spark died off.
Hilla254 Mar 8
Hi future friend
I feel i could love you
Like i owed you happiness
It's been eternity looking for you
Like looking through the dark
Can't fate lead you my way
Mirage reflections of you
Everytime i close my eyes
Makes the heart beat
Dance to a sweet
From my

Feels like
We could brew
Plenty of hot coffee
So we could talk through
The late night to dawn
You would melt down
All my inner desires
And i wouldn't
Shut up how
I would really
Like to love you.
Just smile, give me a sign I'll follow
Hilla254 Mar 2
If tomorrow i genuinely
Told you all my deepest desires
If tomorrow we woke up
Hearing each other thoughts
I wonder how ***** mine could be.

If tomorrow we all woke
With the same skin colour
And speaking the same language
You'd still feel you don't belong?
I wonder how hate would arise.

If tomorrow i knew you
For who you really are
If all the conversations
We have were open hearted
Hate would be homeless in our hearts.
If tomorrow happened
Hilla254 Mar 1
If it were up to me
I'd just build a big art gallery
On the realm of my mind
And just invite everyone
So you'd feel it at my perception
So you'd relate to it like i do
And you would just fall in love
With poetry
For the fortitude it offers
Even in times of solitude.

The beauty of words
Is unimaginable at my view
Scripting them down
Makes it feel real.
Beauty lies at the eyes of the viewer
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