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Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Just few

And the last, but
Most trustworthy
The Pain
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Pain is the strength, it teaches how to grow above it.
III Aug 2018
All the pieces
     Of myself
I never quite

     To those who've never seen
The colors of a night
      Never long enough.
III Jul 2018
The top
     Of a Ferris wheel
In the fleeting breeze
     Of the setting summer sun.
III Jul 2018
Even though
      It's been years,
Whenever I see fireworks
     I think of you.
III Jul 2018
More brilliant
     Than a library,
More pure
     Than a spring.
III Jul 2018
If the
Morning sunshine
     Could speak.
III Jul 2018
An angel fish
Lost deep
     Beneath the waves.
Lady Grey Feb 2018
Some people make me think of colors

A hue for everyone
Some just ooze it
In the way they talk
And laugh
And walk

When they’re happy,
They turn brighter
And glow

When they’re sad,
They dim
And fade

But no matter their mood
Or state of mind,
Everyone paints whatever room they’re in
With their beautiful colors
Auras in Color
In these nights
Blue,white,pink, and green
I see such energies about me
These forces warm my frights
Set my soul adrift
Into a dream as there I am free
In dreamland I can be and exist as in
roles I can only dream of in my waking hours
I am stronger in wonderland
A superman, joker, king, or a rich rockster
with psychic powers.
I have seen the human spirit reach out through these energies
Even though the skeptics limit their minds to the boundries
As their fears of what could be ******* their openess
To the beautiful rainbows of the soul's singnals
dancing through Aura's Colors
I instead, chose to unleash my open and relaxed will, and join
such forces in a whimsical dance
Since my spirit was bold enough to let my fears go
I let myself run free with the electric dreams signaling me
I took a sweet and rewarded chance.
Shhhh Dec 2016
when we met you were all pinks purples and violets. a symphony of all the colors i would never wear. entirely too tightly wound. excited about life and all it hard  to offer.
when we met you hated me. i was all blacks and greys and dark greens. you saw somewhere trapped under all that muck, you were the only to see this light that sat burried beneath all the mud.
you wanted to change me, i didn’t want you to change. you wanted to save me, i wanted to keep you safe. from the beginning you were my priority, maybe in a different way but never less important. i tried and tried to fight you off. but you kept coming back and back and back again. i tried to keep you form getting hurt. ended up getting myself killed. you brought me back to life.
now after so much time has passed, i see your pinks and purples and violets, have changed. not quite as bright as they once were. hardened and darkened by pain and suffering. but you still have that yellow core. that bright shining white effervescent light that will never go out. you took my murky walls. you white washed and painted them with love. you fixed my cracks and cuddles and filled them with your yellow. you gave me violet and it turned blue. i have navy’s and turquoise, and baby blues. all because of you
when we come together, that explosion of passion, i swear our souls melt and become one. when your body touches mine the colors explore and leak and run and spill everywhere. but you make it so ******* beautiful. when our bodies meet our colors mix, they become our pinks and purples and navy and turquoise blues. our lights swirl and spin together to make a galaxy within ourselves. only for us. only for that moment. but in those moments and ones like these where our bodies connect and meet, when you above or below me, when your lying next to me, or when you lie your head in my lap to read, you explode my colors. and you always will.
i wrote this about carmilla hahaha. its form her perspective about laura **** but it can apply elsewhere. i just started being able to see auras so i love writing about them i find them fascinating.
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