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I am learning to coexist
A refreshed and a new and reborn soul
Meets new faces
His confidence is the sweet toll
On which he pays to run down the roads of greeting and meeting new friends
Souls to enjoy the fun and fresh times
As life's clock measures the moments
Of intertwined souls
Employing new ways to share their existence
a feeling, oh so sublime.
Energies that spark a new power of life's forces
Charging the once drained batteries
of the HUman heart.
One can meet a potential life chain linked soul, anywhere.
Keep your eyes open.
Or you shall miss another fused chain link and intertwined and enjoyable fused soul in which a relations
of the heart and soul
shall make their start.
Auras in Color
In these nights
Blue,white,pink, and green
I see such energies about me
These forces warm my frights
Set my soul adrift
Into a dream as there I am free
In dreamland I can be and exist as in
roles I can only dream of in my waking hours
I am stronger in wonderland
A superman, joker, king, or a rich rockster
with psychic powers.
I have seen the human spirit reach out through these energies
Even though the skeptics limit their minds to the boundries
As their fears of what could be ******* their openess
To the beautiful rainbows of the soul's singnals
dancing through Aura's Colors
I instead, chose to unleash my open and relaxed will, and join
such forces in a whimsical dance
Since my spirit was bold enough to let my fears go
I let myself run free with the electric dreams signaling me
I took a sweet and rewarded chance.

— The End —