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Auras in Color
In these nights
Blue,white,pink, and green
I see such energies about me
These forces warm my frights
Set my soul adrift
Into a dream as there I am free
In dreamland I can be and exist as in
roles I can only dream of in my waking hours
I am stronger in wonderland
A superman, joker, king, or a rich rockster
with psychic powers.
I have seen the human spirit reach out through these energies
Even though the skeptics limit their minds to the boundries
As their fears of what could be ******* their openess
To the beautiful rainbows of the soul's singnals
dancing through Aura's Colors
I instead, chose to unleash my open and relaxed will, and join
such forces in a whimsical dance
Since my spirit was bold enough to let my fears go
I let myself run free with the electric dreams signaling me
I took a sweet and rewarded chance.

— The End —