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zen Aug 2018
This place is amazing
nothing like anything
Ha! This place is gorgeous!
This place is a palace of some sorts
A mothership,
This place is full of delight and adventure and rainbows
I wouldn't give it up for the world this
Honor, this Creed
clambering continually in calamitous Abyss
Who is it there behind the rainbow curtain,
calling upon my name?
It's important that you leave home
my love for you was altruism and you was ready to do anything just to heal yourself.

I can not control the actions of others
I can only control me
A lifelong task to do my part
Choosing the
Emanate from in my core
The vibe that others get
A feeling that is positive

Tuned frequency that’s set

Harmonic tone in the chorus
The Universe’s choir
Be kind for just the sake of it
With nothing more desired
No expectations preconceived
Mindset on others placed
The smallest task; the largest deed
Can quickly be erased

If when complete there’s no return
Signaled acknowledgment
So you rebuke with scoff or scowl
Good deed out window went
If something’s the right thing to do
Then do it just because
You know it’s right and should be done

A life fulfilled you’ve won
Written: April 17, 2018 (started) & June 16, 2018 (finished)

All rights reserved.
K Balachandran Jul 2017
Pollinating  a red flower in a frenzy, a blue butterfly ruminates:
"This act,a prompt, nature coincides with time,is hardly appreciated"
"You tickle me, in a way I haven't known ever,Yes, I love it"
twitching involuntarily the flower seems to hold on to that moment.
" After all, we couple in the interest of  posterity, let's not forget"
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