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Samantha Dec 2017
Anyone here have
Any quesions about the
Latest announcement?

We may be getting
Our first doggo tomorrow
and I'm excited

Each fan role gives you
Access to a special chat
Related to them

So I learned that there's
A website that lets you make
Your own fonts for free

She kept slapping and
Throwing things at me so I
Kissed her and she stopped.

Ahh... yeah. Kind of the
Reason why I thought you were
Older honestly.

Cats walk by putting
Both right feet forward and then
Both left feet forward.

I was unaware
I was being annoying,
My apologies.

But then again, in
That case you can use your socks
To kinda itch them.
A collection of accidental haikus I found. Some were mine, others were said by other people.
Zero Nine Jul 2017
Save my life
        It's nothing but wasted.
Pull aside
     the green, leaden curtain.
Of envy, it fills my
            every move with deadened motion.
          Come inside, won't you?
Save my life
From        a c c i d e n t a l        hurt
        From despair too
   Carelessly placed to
Be on       p u r p o s e.

What if it was?
Would you trust me?
Enough to relax,
eyes rolled back?
I don't promise much,
and I can't promise
a soft place where
and when I drop you.

              I'll d r o p you.
july hearne May 2017
celine wrote some thick books
'Death On The Installment Plan'
'Journey To The End Of Night'
my plan was to read them but i never did

i got as far as the titles
then got stuck

they've been packed away in boxes
for the past 5 years,
i had no need to unpack them

maybe if they had been  thinner

what can i do
what can i do
i just don't want to
i just don't want to

everyday i feel so unheld

life after life
maybe there will be a part two, a part three, and so on
Ma Cherie Nov 2016
True love could be,
just a brilliant,
& rare,
beautiful mistake,
setting my heart,
setting it all aquake,
& it's nothing that I can fake,
with so much that I've got at stake,

So please be gentle,
cuz' that thing can really break,
so take a chance,
cuz' life's a dance,
& one I am so willing to take,

In every single moment ,
that I am awake,
in a feeling I just can't shake,
in a deep & endless ache,
baby this thing,
it ain't gotta a brake,
& for everybody else's sake,

One day,

I'm just hoping,
just hoping,
that it's just one,
that I,
can finally,

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Idk. Wisdom from life...maybe, maybe I'm wrong,
but I know, it's all subjective. ❤
Brent Kincaid Jun 2016
She was a little stick of a thing
More of a twig than a branch.
She had freckles instead of makeup
But man could that girl dance!
She wore a sack of a dress
With simple holes for her arms
But I was immediately captured
By her open-hearted charm.

It was an accidental meeting
And a charming mental greeting
Two strangers seeking seating
That did not end up as fleeting.

I didn’t own a crystal ball
So I could certainly not see
What this little bit of a girl
Would come to mean to me.
She had beautiful eyes
The color of aged whiskey
That could make a guy
Want to do something risky.

A lovely accidental meeting
And a charming mental greeting
Two strangers seeking seating
That did not end up as fleeting.

So I took her with me dancing
As a harmless thing to do
For two people who are strangers
To whom everything is new.
I expected it to be awkward
Could this beauty even dance?
How was I to know that this
Would be the start of romance?

A simple accidental meeting
And a charming mental greeting
Two strangers seeking seating
That did not end up as fleeting.
Nico Reznick Mar 2016
They don't speak, all the long,
winding bus journey.  They are
strangers, with nothing in common
besides the No 50 route
and the free travel passes
afforded to them on account
of their quietly advancing years.
She sits in the seat in front of him.
Their eyes never lock.  His myopic
gaze through thick NHS lenses
rests neutral on the back of her head,
her softly blue-rinsed curls and the collar
of an eminently sensible overcoat.
They sit, both silent, as
- outside the foggy bus windows -
winter has one last chew on
time's bony old carcass.
She has a slight stoop which
she's doing her best to hide, and his
shaking hands make his liver spots blur.
They stand - the bus stopping at their
mutual destination - shuffling sideways
into the aisle, and something
The bus jolts suddenly forwards,
then lurches to a startled halt,
and she falls backwards
into his arms
and he
catches her.
For a second,
strange gravities assume control.
There's a moment,
governed by different laws of
physics and chemistry
and half-forgotten, half-remembered biology.
She flushes, infused with something
warm and thirst-whettingly girlish, and he
surges with a newfound potency,
standing taller, the woman he's supporting
somehow lessening the burden of his age.
Her spine straightens, and
she laughs.  His face, smiling, youthens.
His hands hold her unstooped shoulders and
don't tremble.
Sun breaks through cloud outside the window.
They remember it's spring out there somewhere.
Based on an incredibly cute event I witnessed on the bus today.
you held my hand,
and, with that, my heart skipped a beat.
don't fall in love with me
i whispered.

you showed me the world,
and, with that, my lungs gasped for more air.
don't fall in love with me
again, i whispered.

you took the stars and gave them to me,
and, with that, my knees felt weak.
don't fall in love with me.

i warned you- a lot of times, yes.
but i forgot to warn myself;
i forgot that i am but naive.

and after all my precautions,
it was i who fell.
i fell in love with you.
Gladys P Jul 2014
Your spirit now rests in harmony,
Since you were called with the angels above,
But your smile will live forever,
And it's only you, I think of.

With wonderful memories,
When you reached out from the bottom of your heart,
To  see everyone together,
A dream you left behind, and sadly unable to start.

But I believe in eternal life,
And some day we will meet again,
To celebrate and rejoice,
And it will never have to end.

Rejoined in a new world known as paradise,
An idyllic place to be ... without any worries or pain,
Bringing happiness and togetherness once again,
In His presence and reign.
An unexpected death, at the age of 25....found unresponsive in car in a garage, due to carbon monoxide.

— The End —