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I knew I
Falling in

But I
Hated          and was afraid of

Yet I didn't
Stop it.
I didn't
Stop myself.

And now
I pay
By the
Of my

I want you to be my Serena.

So badly.

I want you to smell like her.

I want you to sound like her.

I want you to love like her.

I want you to cry like her.

I want you to smile like her.

Haha.. No.
I do not mean
I had an ideal.


You were almost her.

And I love you.
I can't... I am bleeding out from the inside. Flowing like thick, hard water.

Let me know your thoughts.
Third Eye Candy Oct 2018
we soldier on in the endless march of our quietude sprawling the width of our last fake smile.
staring at a focal point so pointless you hardly explode without vanishing.
but never write letters. you tumble into tomorrow's womb like an orphan of yourself.
terminally accidental on purpose
Emma Price May 20
Wouldn’t say I’m sad,
but I’m certainly not glad...
Is that truly bad?
After writing, I realized this sounded like a haiku... so I counted and it was. This makes me happier than it should:)
~much love
L B  Nov 2017
Personal Space
L B Nov 2017
Did I touch you as I left?
That night of beer and music
Almost tipsy,
laughing good-byes

Backing into blindly
I felt an arm... a moment
guide me
before I all but fall
against you
Knew that warmth
of mass was male

You exhale
I sense your being--
By accidental intimacy
I come unglued
By your flirtatious
catch of eyes
in lowered light
By faint fragrance
of whatever it is
you've drunk or used
to put yourself together

glancing down

Women always look, though
however briefly
Anyone ever been to this pub?  :D
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