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july hearne May 2017
celine wrote some thick books
'Death On The Installment Plan'
'Journey To The End Of Night'
my plan was to read them but i never did

i got as far as the titles
then got stuck

they've been packed away in boxes
for the past 5 years,
i had no need to unpack them

maybe if they had been  thinner

what can i do
what can i do
i just don't want to
i just don't want to

everyday i feel so unheld

life after life
maybe there will be a part two, a part three, and so on
Victoria G Apr 2015
do dreams mean anything or was freud full of ****?
bronchitis symptoms
american life expectancy
how to use excel
what is a mortgage
average american student loan debt 2015
why is everyone more successful than me?
how to delete facebook
facebook linked to depression study

— The End —