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Evi Dent Halo Jan 2018
Running from something

Noises in shade

Shape shadow

Covered in sounds name,

Speak in creaks...

...hear: and wonder what if:

It came up behind you... and held you in grip.

A thing of dark

Undiscovered, never seen

Perhaps grown in the fertile soil

Of runaway dreams.


So run through the courtyard

And pray the door opens,

And isn't the cavern

To the mouth in it's head.

So run through the courtyard!

And feel the door open

Just pray it isn't

To the mouth in it's head.
PFP (Running) v2 (12/29/17-)
Evi Dent Halo Dec 2017
Dance with me, just one more dance

the song has ended,

But twice is what I need.

To hold you close to me again-

And really take you in and breathe.


What you are rests upon my cheeks,

And my heart is patched and pauses grief.

What you are, rests upon me.

You and I again.


You look so beautiful,

Today, tomorrow, an hour before.

I spin you for a second time,

As your dress softly scrapes the floor.

Seeing you a second time

Is what I needed more.


Coming to an end, I cant let you go

Because when I do you'll see the tears in my eyes.

I cant let you go- because...


I need our last dance...


I need that last embrace again,

To be breathtakingly just as tight.
AFP (The Ballroom: Un Autre, Dos) v2 (12/3/17-) by Evi D. Halo
To hold tight a loved one is a wish, wished since man began. To hold earthly spheres in eternity is the cacophony cry of flesh and mud.
Evi Dent Halo Dec 2017
And so she cried,
To be wanted- loved.
To find hands to caress and hold her up,
To wash her face and love her spine
Bound in skin and leather- stare
To fold her paragraphs, to hold each leaf.

Letters fair and finding want:
Set in stare, sat upon
To sit and wait for her young man fair
She was waiting there.

Need for one;
To open and look
To: Inside her soul; to be her rook.

And in time...
As it stole-
(As it does)
Brought dust and dirt and careless love,
Broken crystal sphere dream
Never came the true one-
Seemed to ignore her there-
She: Unseen.
He: always there, but never was.

He: wanting not for foot
Never placed it near her root
And was; and not, in time and trace.

And still forever longing was she-
To partake of him
He: His countenance to grace.

Fair moon, fair moon!
Dim and waning
Waning- winding
"This tear so great, my pages scarce."
Wished this one:
For now, forever foreign touch.

And called for me on that eve
I heard her cry
To her I went- I walked, every step wider and wider stride
Motives unknown, childlike in snout
Left judgement at foothold of her home.
I grasped her- her spine
I her loving debutante
And she with me to strike
The dusty and forgotten road.

Perhaps in time I too may give
A story of my own journey amiss,
But for now...she: I am devoted
To finding her, her place
For her to find a careful hand
To care for her to-
Love each ampersand.

Love each stroke of her lips,
To know each page from her diary- that now does drip.
A lonely life of a book on a shelf.
I took the lonelyness of human life and thought of a book: If you ever visit a library, you'll notice that there are thousands of books, hundreds- begging to be read. There are humans- that are just begging to be read in this life too.

FINV "Gwendolyn." v6 (6/12/17-7/2/17) - by Evi Dent Halo

P.s. this is honestly one of the poems that I am most proud of
Evi Dent Halo Dec 2017
Her King

Her father

He, a God in his own right.


An emissary for peace

He; loved by all, and had no counter-part

He was her father

And she his princess.


Long after still these memories stirred

She being carried on his shoulders

Shortly so, and rightly so

So was love, and love thereafter

She his princess and none thereafter.


This woman with no master

Had her father's will

She was bound by spirit strength

Bound by indomitable will.


And so the king lived,

Carried his princess upon his shoulders

And soon thereafter- her time to lead

Was still carried upon his shoulders.


And she thereafter had sons, in this- this studious manner

And so there was peace in this land, and all they touched thereafter.
A daughters love for father

FINV "Her King." v3 (11/13/17-11/21/17) - by Evi D. Halo
Evi Dent Halo Dec 2017
Harness the sun.
I have in my holster
A ball of light
Hold it tightly!
Burn every soul
All are cold,
The world is night.
With the power of might
The sun at my side,
(Fearful fearful.)
Infinite energy
I have in my holster
The sun of all light
The sun is stinging: I with it's might.
The power I weild is the power of light.
It cries for revenge
But I'll not let it go further
I am the matter, the sun in my holster.
Scream! Gutteral roar!
The cry of the nations!
The sun in my holster.
Power is power-
My frame unshaken!
In my holster- the infinite sun
The infinite God,
The sun of all suns.
Defense isn't needed
With the sun in my holster
The God I've succeeded, the sun will not smolder
The God I succeed:
The sun in my holster.
A power trip. A being that took the sun captive, a being that took the greatest power captive.

FINV "Holster." v3 (10/5/17-12/1/17) - by Evi Dent Halo
Evi Dent Halo Dec 2017

So very alone.

The echoes in my mind

Reflect back, and I hear.


"So very alone."


I can't very well understand.

Why it is or why,

I cant.

But what I know is simple, im reminded very slow

I'm alone,

So very alone.

At days end im just the same as I was



Off in the distance I see,

Those who are very near to me.

And yet I do not know them, or cannot grasp

Their clothing in these hands.

I hear the voice inside my mind,

Cry to itself as it weeps inside

It says:


"So very alone!"

"So where to go, shall we go?!

"That we might not be alone?"
The writer expresses lonelyness, and the echoes it fills in our minds. It is odd how the echoes somehow make us feel less alone.

FINV "Alone." v3 (11/15/17-12/3/17) - by Evi Dent Halo
Evi Dent Halo Nov 2017
Two palms

In it- what's in it!?

Touch on touch-

Five on five.


A wall in-between

Touching not them

But concrete dust and heat.


Why was this built?

Why this to exist?

One cannot break with lonely two fists.


I only have two, just two.

And I miss.
FINV (Two Palms) v2 (10/9/17-10/22/17) by Evi Dent Halo
Evi Dent Halo Oct 2017
Not enough breath to breathe anymore,
Not enough strength to heave anymore.
Retching that thing into the sink,
Wretched call on the telegraph-
Morse code rapping and tapping upon the sink.

Pounding away at muscle and vet,
Unbelief in the idea of death-
Slowly rests as a crown on head.

Hard-line in a closing stall
Best of all- sold out, capital fall
Production has ended on all accounts,
A poison fountain now springs out.

And as the sickness becomes-
Both a synonym for you; and for disturbed
Spile: not mild ash within
Spills over: magma dharma
Pray it will end.
FINV "Madam Graham." v2 (2/2/17-6/10/17)
Evi Dent Halo Sep 2017
Brim fish.

Bottle open,
Dichotomus elopen'.

Brim fish-
Quite skittish.
Sees us
Fears this.
Great hand
"Reaching towards us!"

Hands have hurt
And have squeezed-
Have let us go
And forsaken our needs,
Hands have hurt
(Hands have healed)
Hands have cut our skins like bright orange peels.

Skittish fish
Stuck lip.
Skittish fish
May as well been whipped.
Skittish fish
(Hungry dish.)

Brim fish
Has a wish
To grow teeth
And be vicious.
FINV "Gold." v3 (7/22/17-8/10/17) by E. D. Halo
Evi Dent Halo Sep 2017
"And her, and her lime green hair

Calamax, oh Calamax:

The sister fair.


She estranged

From her throne

Had thoughts, and thoughts

Her neighbors grown

To runaway

To newfound grass

Intermediate memory

So she passed.


Flighty and light

Her steps were made,

Made meaningless strides

Eventually which dug her grave.


In time she added

All she did need

Every each day

She found feed,

Foal she was

Foolish and dirt

Likely to lose.

Her life-



In path she was

To kingdom fame

To find reknown,

In gold so vein,

In this it was

And always will be

A forigen concept,

To the narrator: me.



Your beauty full,

Come to home

Our cart to pull."



We entreat you so

Rest with us,

A new home we'll be-

Stay and see."

This: their words,

Their strategy.


And soon she lay

Upon the road

The same she traveled

To escape ailing abode

In deep well she was

In cast: sad lot

Her feet bare, breathing stop.


Her talent took

Her far away

From family,

And daybreak smell

Sold upon

Life's errs and cracks

Her soul we mourn:

Oh, Calamax!"
FINV "Calamax, Sister Fair." v2 (6/11/17-6/15/17) by Evi Dent Halo

— The End —