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Sophia Nov 2018
the first time I saw the sun
I held her in my hand,
my darling girl,
and let her burn through my fingers.

my hands are still burned
and I can feel her light
shining in my blood
every day.
Sophia Jun 2018
It is not criminal to exist
It is not criminal to seek freedom
It is not criminal to be born

Not criminals

They deserve help and love
Not cages

They are not criminals
They are humans

They are not "they"
They are us

Who do you think you are
This is not American honor

Why can't you see that?
Sophia Jun 2018
Write before you grow tired of the world
And then write some more

I want to hear your voice
Sophia Jun 2018
As we sit down to our dinner
As we open our romance books
People around the world die

We sip our water
Their guts spill open
We study our notes
Their planes crash

We live
They die
We breathe
They suffocate

We are testaments to chance
To luck
To possibility

We are not products of God
Or divinity

We are blind goats trotting on our path
Before we perish
And vanish
Into death
Sophia Jun 2018
I am energy
I am tethered
But I wish to be free
Sophia May 2018
I live in this magnificent world
Whose beauty I sometimes can’t see
Whose strength I sometimes ignore.

I live on this blue and green island
Some call it earth
Some call it ****.

I wonder why I’m here at all
Why God chose me
And who is God?

I feel trapped and wicked
But I am true and pure

Inside I am pure energy
I reflect the world around me.

Humanity is but the albedo
Of the stars
As they lose and find themselves.

This is a brimming galaxy
She is good and strange,
And she is here.
Sophia Apr 2018
A caterpillar bled on me today
I found her
On the road
And knew that I had to pick her up
I had never seen a caterpillar on the pavement

She was thick and green
And had yellow lines along her body
And her suction feet made dainty steps
As they stuck so slightly to my skin
As she felt her first human skin

I should give her a name
I thought
As I walked into my house
Transferring her from hand to hand
So she wouldn’t fall

I was secretly a bit frightened
That she might be carnivorous
Might begin to **** my blood
The first known vampire caterpillar
But thankfully she was a lovely, normal creature

I noticed a wound on her back
It looked like green slime
But it was caterpillar blood
Oozing out
Slowly bringing death

I felt bad for my caterpillar friend
Pondered naming her
Performing a ceremony
But I didn’t want her to die in my hands
There was nothing I could do

In the process of taking pictures
Trying to be an artful girl
Because I could never forget this moment
I dropped my phone onto her
And the blood gushed out faster

It looked so beautiful
Like it could coat her body
Like it was a magical cape for protection
Like it wasn’t her insides
Coming outside for the first time

My heart nearly sunk
Just as hers was slowing
I wondered if caterpillars had hearts
Sat there as she crept along
She didn’t stop moving

I wondered what it feels like to be a caterpillar
To be held by some other breathing creature
But maybe she didn’t know
Didn’t know she was dying
Cruel bliss

I looked into her eyes
And placed her on a flower
Maybe she would get better
Maybe she would live
Maybe we could continue our adventure of firsts

I left her there
And looked up caterpillar blood
To find that caterpillar’s have haemocylom
Not blood
Never blood
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