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Ryan Long Apr 2016
Forged in flame
Cooled in blood
Sharpened with souls
Cleaned of crud

I pick up my sword
Pull it out of the sheath
It becomes a part of me
It's bloodlust begins to seethe

I focus on the blade before me
In it's sheen I see the battle
I envision slaying my enemies
I hear our armor rattle

On the battlefield it looks as if there are
Two behemoths fighting for dominance
Thousands of men on each side
Forming one consciousness

As we rush towards each other
A sudden moment of quiet
Then like the release of a storm
A roaring thunder to break what was silent

In that instant we clash
My soul becomes war thirsty
I lose myself in the drums of war
It drives me to an insanity

I slash with my sword,
I block with my shield
I fight beside my brothers
We will never yield

In that moment I blink
my world becomes black
I come back to myself
The fire makes a pop and crack

My skin glistens with sweat
Sitting under my tree,
Polishing my sword
No one around but me

I close my eyes and breath deep
Making myself calm once more
I have the drive and hunger
The need to go to war
Ryan Long Mar 2016
The question is posed, "I'm sure by now you've found other ways to cope?"
And as I look down inside I see dying the last ray of my hope

Nay my friend, cope I have not and now I see I've become my desire.
The monster I fled has come back to haunt, filled with rage, passion and ire.

I bottle my troubles and take on others, stress weighs me down but I refuse to unload.
Daily I fight the beast inside, but he beats me down and my passion he will **** and goad.

There's nothing I can do, I'm too weak to fight alone, and no where I can turn.
I feel like life is a dragon, seeking death everywhere, maybe a town to burn.

When you left my life it was as taking a fence away from the vine, I had no where to climb
Left alone and defenseless,forced to crawl, I became sour and nasty not worth a dime

I've struggled every step I'm willing to admit, fought to stand tall since then.
But I picked myself up and patted myself down, I've gained the strength of a hundred men.

But Cope you say... I'm glad you found a way.
For I am exactly where I was, before I met you that fateful day
Ryan Long Mar 2016
As The soft gentle wind
Lovingingly Carresses my face
I am reminded of your
Unending merciful grace

The cool touch of night
And the stars you placed in the sky
Reminds me of your love
And that your presence is nigh

The moon and stars set up above
Like rare jewels in a fine setting
Testimony to your craftsmanship
That no one will be forgetting

Your creation is beautiful
Your fingerprints you left
Your glory is all around
In every valley and mountain cleft

Lord your name
Above all others be praised
Your glory shine
And worship be raised!
Ryan Long Jan 2016
Falling again into the black
****** for a moment into the light
And now it just makes
All the darker the night

So much is now unknown
What at first i thought i knew
Why must it be so hard
And these things make me blue

I thought i found my true love
But with a flick she was gone
I struggled to find my way again
And awoke with sadness to a new dawn

Dear God i need your help
For i fear i will fall apart
If this doesn't work out
I fear it will shatter my heart
  Jan 2016 Ryan Long
Edward Lear
There was an Old Man with a beard,
Who sat on a horse when he reared;
But they said, "Never mind!
You will fall off behind,
You propitious Old Man with a beard!"
  Jan 2016 Ryan Long
South by Southwest
A poem's a poem and nothing else
As they stand they will never be a tree

Even by God's decree

A poem's nothing more than the mangled thoughts
Spilling out of our heads
It's not the future that I see

Nor was it meant to be

Though I do admit
at times they tend to make me cry
And sometimes on the inside
they want to make me die

And again they give me hope
Even make me want to dance
And I come close to love and God
And they give me sense of balance

The world could do
without the poems
that funnel through our pens
But what a sorry lot we would be
without the freedom that it brings

So let the words flow like water
over Niagara Falls
Give our hearts the magic words
that make our spirits sing
Let us gain the unattained
Poems , and poetry is the name
  Jan 2016 Ryan Long
Courtney Elisabeth
Do you ever have sad days?
When nothing really goes wrong
But nothing really goes right?
And you feel a little sad
Like you need to know others exist
Have you ever forgotten others are alive?
That everyone else is living alongside you
Thinking their own thoughts
Living their own lives?
I do
Time to time
When I start feeling lost
When I need to feel grounded
Today, nothing really went wrong
But nothing really went right
Today was Limbo
Today was Hanging in the Balance
I’ve become lost in reality
I’m scared and exhausted
I need you to take my hand
Drag me back down to earth
And remind me that I am still human
That you are still human
That we are still human.
Because I will have days when my mood is a
Rainy Day
And days when my soul is
And I will need someone to hold onto my kite tail
So I do not become lost in the
Thunderstorm Days
And the Earthquake Nights.
Sometimes my days are full of sadness
And my nights are full of tears.
Even though I don’t want to be dependent
I will entrust my kite tail to you
Because I cannot let myself float away just yet.
My life still needs living
And people still need loving
And my dear,
I still need to hold you
I still have a few tears,
Happy or sad,
That need to be shed in your name.
I still have nights to lie awake,
Thinking about the night we spent together
And how you seemed more nervous than I felt.
I still have paintings to create
That show people how your skin felt when it pressed against me
I still have poems to write about how I feel when you look at me
So dear,
please don’t let go.
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