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Feb 25 · 25
"You can't have me!"
Rob Cochran Feb 25
Customer: I'll HAVE YOU FIRED!

Server: You can’t have me fired.

You can’t have me fired, you can’t have me hired.

You can't have me drawn and quartered
Shamed and distorted

You can’t have me grovel before you,
labeled and branded,
Then handcuffed and handed over
Just to “Justify” or so to “Satisfy”
The bright and shiny way
You walked in here today
Thinking you’ll have it your way
Just like you always do
A big ****** whoop-dee-doo!

Well, I got some news for you, boo.

You couldn’t have me fired if you lied,
You couldn’t have me fired if you tried

So step aside, Clyde.
You know why?

Because you
May 2020 · 49
The Final Dance
Rob Cochran May 2020
I can feel your cool breath on the back of my neck
It's damp and smells like the earth
I hear you whisper to me
Don’t be afraid
They’re going to be okay
Everything is going to be okay
You place your strong hand in mine
The other, I can feel sliding around my waste
If we’re going to dance, I say, I usually lead
Not this time, my love
This time you follow.
Dec 2019 · 60
Rob Cochran Dec 2019
It’s true that privilege is invisible to those who have it.
But once you’ve seen your privilege with your own eyes, you can never unsee it.
And when that privilege is challenged you feel angry
but you know now that challenging privilege is justified.
So what do you do with that anger?
Where do you put this fiery ember that you’re holding on to?
In the past, you would have flung it at the one who dared to challenge you.
But you can’t do that anymore.
So you have to let it burn you.
And the burns heal into scars.
And the scars become a right of passage
that leads you back
to being more fully human.
December 2019
Open to title suggestions
Rob Cochran Jul 2018
Temblando al borde de la locura
Tratando de encontrar un centro de gravedad
Cortando mi circulación para hacer esta declaración
sobre mi habilidad natural como reina nacida
a caminar con tanta fabulosidad.
Aunque este vestido es una monstruosidad,
mi cabello es una curiosidad,
hay mucho acerca de este alto paso que no anticipé.
Por ejemplo cómo el balanceo de mis caderas
contrarresta el movimiento de mis dedos.
¿Quién sabía que habría tal orquestación?
Un cuerpo en concierto: ¡una ovación de pie!
Y cada paso otro encore,
Gritando delirantemente: "¡Más! ¡Más! ¡Más!"
Y de repente, el mundo es nuevo.
Nunca lo he visto desde este punto de vista.
Me sorprende la diferencia que unas pulgadas pueden hacer
para cambiar la realidad que ahora crea yo
Y aunque mis pies están apretados como tocones
en estas bombas de tacón de aguja de seis pulgadas,
un testimonio que debo profesar;
Qué maravilloso es ser
un muchacho en un vestido.
A recent translation from my poem "Birth of a Drag Queen" about a young man dressing in drag for the first time.
Apr 2016 · 330
For Five Minutes
Rob Cochran Apr 2016
For five minutes
I can close my eyes
And feel the heat rise
From inside the deep Earth
Out the top of my head
And into the sky
And I won’t ask why
For five minutes
I can let myself cry
Written on 4/26/2016
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
"I'm not your pinche half-eaten
left-over burrito
that you don't really want anymore
but feel guilty about throwing away."
Either way, dude
Heartburn's coming.
Sometimes poetry just writes itself. All you have to do is listen.
Aug 2015 · 434
Something To Say
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
Approximately 14 billion years ago
The universe exploded with possibilies
One of which
Was me
Here I am
And I have something to say
Aug 2015 · 4.4k
Oh Superman
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
Hey you up there!
Flying around in your underwear
I know you’re busy
Saving the world and stuff
but I gotta tell ya
It ain’t enough.
Yes, you can jump buildings
In a single bound
But we really need you
Here on the ground.
Just look around, man.
I don’t understand
How you came to be
But defying gravity
Is not something most folks can do
And unlike you
We can’t stop a bullet
With a mullet and a Mountain Dew.
So you might as well come on down
And help us move some **** around
Cause we got a lot of work to do
And we could use a guy like you.
Or two.
Aug 2015 · 562
El Fin
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
Go ahead then
Let it end.
I can't pretend it matters anymore.
The door
Is on the floor
And I am at the threshold
Inhaling the fresh old air
From the land of I Don't Care
Where hope and glory
Have no story
And nothing reigns
On the plains in Spain
Though the cards remain
There's no one left
To finish the game.
Aug 2015 · 320
A Human Heart
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
When a heart is shattered,
the pieces remain,
To record the impact,
to register the pain.
Forever more,
they lie on the floor,
Reflecting back their jagged disbelief
At having once been a part
of what used to be
a human heart.
Aug 2015 · 290
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
I bow my head
Remove my hat
And say with reverence that
There’s more to this
Moment of bliss
than meets the I
Behind the veil
The Holy Grail
The touch of your lips
So take a sip
Of sacred wine
And hang thy sorrow
Upon the vine.
Aug 2015 · 332
Your Shirt
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
Next to my pillow
lies your shirt
from the last time I saw you.
And each night I hold it up to my face.
And before I open my eyes in the morning
I breath in your molecules.
They enter my lungs
and make their way up to my neurons.  
Have you seen my neurons?
They're amazing.
Aug 2015 · 1.6k
Birth of a Drag Queen
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
Teetering on the edge of insanity
Trying to find a center of Gravity
Cutting off my circulation
in order to make this declaration
about my queen-born ability
to walk with such fabulosity.
Though this gown's a monstrosity,
my hair a curiosity,
there's much about this lofty gait
that I did not anticipate.
Like how the swinging of my hips
counters the sway of my fingertips.
Who knew there would be such an orchestration?
A body in concert - a standing ovation!
And every step another encore,
deliriously shouting, "More! More! More!"
And suddenly, the world is new.
I've never seen it from this point of view.
Amazing the difference a few inches can make
to change the reality which I now create.
And though my feet are squeezed like stumps
into these six-inch stiletto pumps,
a testimonial I must profess;
How wonderful it is
to be a boy in a dress.
Aug 2015 · 671
Death of an Existentialist
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
Can you see me?
I'm standing right in front of you.
You're not bright enough.
Oh.  Can you hear me?
I'm singing in your ear.
You don't know the words
Oh.  Can you feel me?
No, I can't.
But I'm holding you so close.
But you're not dancing
Will you dance with me?
You don't know how
Will you teach me?
You'll never learn
You're bleeding
I know.
Does it hurt?
Wrote this when I was in high school, over 30 years ago.
Aug 2015 · 495
For Dad
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
It's okay to lie to me
Because I don't want the truth
That will set me free
If it means that I have to hate you.
Though I am a champion of truth and honesty
It's okay to lie to me
If doing so
Will allow you to love me.
Aug 2015 · 529
Adventures in Yoga
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
What sort of abstract performance art
Have I suddenly become a part?
It was not my intent to be bent
Beyond the limits of my body's content.
I'm not accustomed to being nose to nose
With my toes, my knees, or elbows
And I fear that everyone knows
No matter how hard I try
I cannot touch my ear to my thigh!
Just relax and breath deep. That's right; let it go
And act like I love it so people won't know
The agony to which I've resigned
In order to get my chakras aligned.
Aug 2015 · 1.7k
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
There’s only so much
A man can give
Of what it takes
For him to live
Before he has to take it back
Though he may lack
The strength to heave
His heavy heart
Cracked and shattered
From his torn and tattered sleeve
There comes a time
When nothing's left
That's when its time to leave.
Aug 2015 · 867
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
one mad day
beneath a drunk moon
i will need you
like fluffy beauty
after a frantic love
screaming sweet luscious music
deleriously through a winter storm
i will recall a time
of lazy vision
and dreaming of you and me
sleep together for eternity
thousands of rose petals
on TV
Written with refrigerator magnet poetry set
Aug 2015 · 435
Gorgeous Honey
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
Drunk on love
I soar above them all
And if I fall away
To my delirious shadow
Like a cool rain
From a diamond sky
I will flood those beneath
With gorgeous honey.

I need not their power
All is beauty
And I worship only love
Beneath the moon
We fall in shadow
And trip together
My lazy friend and I

Sing to me brother
Of still lake water
As I dream
About the elaborate garden
Whisper to me of
Winter’s beauty
For I am weak
From the storm
And I need to
Take my leave
From the flood

Do not ask me to go
In all my life
I will never leave
Why would I
There is no beauty
No light without you
As I watch
The peach pink sky
My blood is delirious
I still need love
Aug 2015 · 1.1k
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
We apologize for the interruption
In your programming,
However, we have breaking news to report.

Reliable sources
Have just confirmed a recent discovery
That has people around the world
Dancing in the streets.
People everywhere
Celebrated as the news spread across the globe
That we are not our credit reports.
I repeat, * we are not our credit reports!

This shocking news was immediately followed
By a landslide of related discoveries:
It turns out that we are also
Not our resumes
Not our cars
Not the brand names we purchase
Not our stock portfolios

We are also not
Our children
Our parents
Our friends
Our employees
Our jobs
Our positions
Our titles
Our awards
Our prizes

Nor are we
Our Social Security numbers
Our telephone numbers
Our employee numbers
Our customer numbers
Our account numbers
Our license numbers
Our claim numbers
Our case numbers

Naturally, this raises the question of
What are we?

It is our understanding that we are something
But what, has yet to be determined.
Scientists, Philosophers, and
The leaders of the world’s great religions
Have gathered in Paris
To discuss how these very important discoveries
Will affect their explanations about
Life on Earth.

The most anyone can say at this point
Is that who or what we are
Is far greater than anything previously imagined.

We have also just learned that
Diamonds are not really forever
Because forever is actually much, much longer
Than we ever thought.
Nor are they necessarily a girl’s best friend
In fact, it seems that a girls best friend
Is none other than
Her best friend.

It has also been confirmed that
Money does not make the world go around
Nor is it the root of all evil.
In fact, money is really nothing at all
And has absolutely nothing to do
With value or worth.

The news of these discoveries
Has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the world
And especially in the United States.

In California, tanning salons and gyms began closing
As soon as people realized they could
Exercise outdoors in the sunshine.

Disneyland was abandoned once people understood
That happiness is not a place or a meal
Nor a thing to be pursued
But an attribute of nature
That is universally available to anyone
Who chooses to experience it.

In Las Vegas, casinos were empty once people
Noticed that nothing at all was happening in them.

In the mid-west, major league sports teams disbanded
When the players and fans realized
Winning has nothing to do with competition.

Some of the world’s most prestigious schools and universities
Have announced they will stop charging tuition or issuing diplomas
Instead, anyone who wishes to learn
May freely learn from anyone who wishes to be taught.

Doctors and nurses around the globe
Have begun treating and healing people for free
Because they now understand
That it’s wrong to only care for some and not for others.

Wars have been halted
And world-wide peace has broken out
As soldiers everywhere are laying down their weapons
And are choosing instead to help repair and heal war-torn nations.

By all accounts, it appears that a global revolution has began to occur.
The world’s stock markets have all collapsed and
People on every continent have begun to help each other
Not out of obligation from payment but
Out of kindness and compassion
Out of love and respect
Out of forgiveness and gratitude
Out of joy and celebration.

Some governments have even forgiven all debt
And countries that were once impoverished
Are now seeing truck-loads, plane-loads,
Boat-loads and train-loads
Of food, books, supplies, tools, and people
Lining their ports and borders
Eager to alleviate hunger and suffering.

In fact, a new world economy has begun to take shape
An economy not of competition over capital
But of equality, diversity and integrity.
An economy based on balance and peace.

People everywhere, freed from the pressure
To buy more, have more, in order to be more,
Are quitting their high paying corporate jobs
And starting to do things that are really important
Like traveling, learning, healing, evolving, and creating.

There has been a flood of new art, poetry, and music.
Many museums and galleries are now open 24-hours a day
And are packed around the clock with artists and patrons
Of every genre and media imaginable
Enjoying the free exchange of ideas and creativity.

But as incredible as this news is,
Not everyone is pleased about it.
Particularly the wealthy and the powerful.
Some have been observed wandering the streets
Desperately trying to hire people to guard and protect them
But since the news about the discoveries broke
It seems that no matter what wage is offered,
The position remains

There are reports of small groups of men and women
Demanding to be told who they are
Huddled together near banks, court houses, and other government buildings
Fending off anyone offering to help or explain
Who is not wearing an official uniform.

In some cities, confused individuals
Spend days and weeks in front of television sets
Flipping endlessly through channel after channel
Trying in vain to find a product they can identify with
But the only thing being broadcast
is PBS.

Wait a minute, we’ve just received an update.
This just in from the United States government:
The White House has just issued a statement
Claiming that these amazing discoveries
Are false.

In fact, the President insists the sources responsible for these claims
Are actually terrorists who hate freedom and hate America
And are organizing an attack to destroy everything that we
As freedom-loving Americans hold so dear.

Government officials are urging everyone to
Pay close attention to their television
For information and instructions.

In the mean time, the government is recommending that everyone
Simply carry on, and continue to work and shop as normal,
But to be on the look-out for “terrorists” or “evil doers”
Who are very unpatriotic, and want everyone to be poor
And not eat meat and go bare-foot all the time.

The President, in an address to the public this afternoon,
Issued a message to all freedom-loving Americans
That we must be prepared to sacrifice our liberty
In order to preserve our freedom by liberating
The un-free who freely wish to be liberated
By freedom fighters who will fight
For the freedom and the liberty
To spread freedom to those
Who have not been fully liberated
From their own freedom So that we,
as the liberators of freedom
Will have the liberty
To Freely liberate ourselves
On the world

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program
Originally written in 2003 while George W Bush was president.
Aug 2015 · 628
Sad Crayons
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
Home alone with yummies
and no one to share them with
Leaving emotions
Scattered, mixed and undefined
Like a box of Sad Crayons
Weeping wax tears of magenta and cerulean
Lamenting over their broken and dulled state
Lying randomly piled in an old shoe box
Their vanity peeled away
Longing for lines to stay inside.
The first line of the poem was originally a status updat from a random person's social media profile from someone who went by the name, "Crayons"
Aug 2015 · 6.2k
As Though We Were Separate
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
As though we were separate
I stand before you
As I am to God.
As though we were separate
You reflect back only Love.
As though we were separate
I reach for you.
As though we were separate
I’m drawn to you.
I look into your eyes and I wonder
Who is seeing who
Behind the thin glass
And what might I see
If I could see past
The judgment and fear
And stop seeing myself
As though we were separate?
Who would I find
If I looked behind the curtain?
I can’t be certain
But I’m thinking déjà vu
Don’t I know you?
As though we were separate
I stick to you
At least I try to anyway
Till you push me away.
As though we were separate
You push me away.
For Nathan
Aug 2015 · 547
Madness Waits
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
Madness waits for me
Like a groom waits for his bride
And here I come all dressed in white
Wagging my tail behind me
Like some stupid *****
Coming on down at The Price is Right
Hoping to get rich.
Well, what can I say?
I know it’s not that way
But any day now
I’ll flip my lid and take my vow
Then the doves get released
And liberty is increased
Perhaps my vanity will be my dowry
And on my wedding night
He’ll tie me up in lace
Say grace
And devour what’s left of my identity
And I will not be the same
And I’ll take his name
And our children
Will free the world.
Aug 2015 · 512
The Road
Rob Cochran Aug 2015
You appeared before me like a road not on the map
Freshly paved and pounded flat
And I, having just inflated my high performance tires
Greened the light and shed my hat
No sign of speed bumps or sink holes to rattle my nerves
I vroomed down your stretches and rolled through your curves.
With the top down, in the pouring rain,
I gun it and floor it; not wanting to see
The Signs of caution in front of me.
Hands on the wheel, Mister!
Eyes on the road, Sister!
“Oh please be the road I just know you can be!”
(as though you could alter your path to satisfy me…)
The road beneath does nothing to protest my bolt.
After all, it knows where it goes and cares not that I don’t.
As it yawns and bends,
I find myself wondering where it ends.
For what’s at the end of a road more often than not?
Nothing but a big ol’ parking lot!
And why should I care
How long it takes to finally get there.
So I down shift a gear and slow-up my pace.
Though now I can feel the rain on my face.
It’s okay though ‘cause now I know
I’ve no particular place to go.
I might as well lose the map, and as I grow older,
I’ll rest my vehicle on your wide soft shoulder.

— The End —