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romy Jul 31
late-night angels whisper in my ear
"she's doing just fine, my dear"

late-night devils tangled through my prayer
kissing my lips leaving me without air
"you don't need her, my dear"
What does your devil look like?
romy Jul 29
if I die, would you come to my funeral?
romy Jul 29
she reminded me of a warm summer day
the way the sun bounced off her golden roots
gave shelter to lost stars

her smell tangled my body in cotton webs
tied among clouds and her threads

she doesn't walk beside me anymore
but whenever there is a warm summer day

I feel her embrace
romy Jul 29
crimson roses for breakfast
glass of wine adorned with thorns
stems wrangled around my figure
scaled petals as my skin
romy Jul 29
The hair on my pillow isn't mine
I still think of how fast time went by
Your side of the bed remains intertwined
with hopeful tears and tainted smiles

Sleepless nights, unsung lullabies
faint memories kept in photographs
with the sun in my eyes
and freckled-cheeks wrinkled by endless laughs

My candy-coated nightmares of you
dancing with monsters and angels
singing with the devil
interrupted by your hair on my pillow
romy Jul 2019
We've been rocky
like scissors and paper
fire and water
two opposites craving one thing.

The withered rose on my bed
caresses my feet
The petals remind me of a love
that used to be.

Your touch tattoed
in the back of my mind
Your smell imprinted and
laugh carved on my skin.

We've been rocky.
romy Feb 2019
It's been a while since I've been here.
Missed you.
Just wanted to stop by and say hello, I'm sorry.
You were always the one, so keep going without me.
You'll do just fine.

Love you, bye.
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