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Writing seems safer, I feel
Because letters looped together
can flow so fluently through pens,
not speech though.
They can stand their *******
grounds when my legs give way
And words written down don’t
get stuck in my hand like they
do in my throat.
They can can’t stutter and stumble
like my tongue when I try to
stable my breath.
No one can tell if I’m laughing
or crying through written words alone.
Be grateful for even the little things in life that as people we just seem to overlook. Ya know after all you were able to wake up, get up, take a deep breathe and feel that cool breeze hitting your face. Taking in all your surroundings. Enjoying the sun rays hitting your skin, or that cold glass of water you drink that makes you feel so good because you feel that coolness throughout your body. Always remember to smile because smiling is what relaxes your whole face and happens to change your mood.
After many years of watering myself
I became a garden overtime.
A beautiful garden with colorful flowers.
After realizing the beauty I opened myself up to the public.
Allowing myself to be seen for the true beauty beyond the garden.
As soon as the gate opened not only did you  admire me, but you stepped on all the fresh grass and picked out my flowers for your own pleasure.
I allowed you to do all this and still tried to figure out how to love all the destruction you caused after you left.
Falling in love is so scary, but you
taught me to let go and let love in.
The love you show me is the best feeling.
Your warm hand touching my face makes me
feel peace.
I close my eyes and my mind goes blank and all
my problems float away.
You know how people say a picture is worth a thousand words;
well that one touch says it all.
I truly didn't think I knew what love was, but you showed me
a deep unconditional love. You taught me that love and relationships
aren't easy they're hard work.
To me you are perfect and I just know you were perfectly sculpted
and created for me. I can see it when I look you in the eyes.
old poem i wrote  about the man i thought was the love of my life.
Why waste time dwelling on stuff?
I mean really think about it.
It's time we enjoy the little things
in life.
Wake up and appreciate everything
and everyone.
Even if it's the simple drinking of
magnificent water.
This feeling is like no other.
You truly are the love of my life.
Sleeping next to you makes me feel safe.
Your kisses still give me butterflies.
One look at you and I just know I was meant
to be here with you and nowhere else.
This love is unreal. This is how love feels?
Love is a beautiful thing.
i wrote this at the top of my head so sorry if it's not that great.
I was a flower who was too afraid to bloom. Fearing my petals weren't beautiful or colorful enough for the garden.
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