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Tash Mckay Feb 2018
Our footprints stays in the no
Our footprint stays in the snow
Our footprints stay on the earth
Our footprint is individually defined
Individual is our footprint.
Remember where you tread
Don't be mislead
Don't stand on no one's toes
Our footprint stays on the earth
Our footprint then in the past
Our footprint x
Just we all leave this earth but even when where gone we leave our print behind our message our footprint x thankyou if you read ** and get it x
Tash Mckay Feb 2018
Listen too you don't listen too me
For i am already free as can be
Your angry at you not me
You hide behind a fake name
Your true name holds no shame
Or no fame
Don't pass the blame on someone else
Look at yourself
Don't judge me
Judge yourself
You have no right too pass the blame
Use that flame your fire within
Too start too heal
Start to begin
If unhappy
Not yet free
Look at yourself
Not me.
I have been burnt on many occasions where they blame you for there wrong doings I hated it i always put up a fight my right. If you just tell the truth you will feel better don't blame others cause you are too weak ***
Falling in love is so scary, but you
taught me to let go and let love in.
The love you show me is the best feeling.
Your warm hand touching my face makes me
feel peace.
I close my eyes and my mind goes blank and all
my problems float away.
You know how people say a picture is worth a thousand words;
well that one touch says it all.
I truly didn't think I knew what love was, but you showed me
a deep unconditional love. You taught me that love and relationships
aren't easy they're hard work.
To me you are perfect and I just know you were perfectly sculpted
and created for me. I can see it when I look you in the eyes.
old poem i wrote  about the man i thought was the love of my life.
JayceeJellies Feb 2016
I checked the mailbox today
and something from you came.

After running inside, excited to read your words,
I felt like my heart was ready to jump out of my shirt.

**I've missed you so much.
Her lids reconciled
Trying to taste the sweet tone of the wind
As it sang again for her
Running up across the dry meadows
She can smell the grass on her feet
The lake looks as though a blanket
Endlessly rolling tiny waves
"Where to?" Her heart wanted to ask
To the swinging ropes
She sat on the sturdy tire
She is colorless under the purple skies
She lost her balance like she did intend
Almost lying upside down
She felt the rush of blood go through her head
And found the trenches of goodbyes
Long kept in the clouds of twilight
Suddenly, tears in her eyes
Did you ever miss me?
Maybe a little
But not as much
Not like a firefly who lost her light
Maybe not a all

-Untitled, Margaret Austin Go

— The End —