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Sisters what are you doing?
Competing with each other.
Exchanging ***** looks.
We are in this together we should not be tearing each other apart, but building each other up.
I’m tired of the typical questions.
No my dad doesn't mow lawns and yes I have papers.
Nothing I do seems to change the fact
that I’m bound to my skin color because of stereotypes.
“Mexicans are only good for mowing lawns”
Therefore, I am worthless.
I am a forest and stereotypes are the fire;
they burn me away until there is nothing left.
Not even the stars can
compare to her natural
She is as beautiful as a
single small flower growing
within the cracks of the
lonely sidewalk.
Her every flaw formed
such a gorgeous sight that
If you knew her you’d know she
was like a dimmed star that can create an entire galaxy.
If she was a color she would be yellow.
So bright that you couldn’t stop
from smiling uncontrollably.
You see the color yellow is a happy
color and that’s what she is; yellow.
All was good 'till you came
along, we've had our differences.
I refuse to build a house
of cards with you if you
keep knocking it down.
Because the more you
knock it down I stupidly
start to rebuild it.
I give up being the
only one actually trying,
you can continue knocking
it down but I refuse to rebuild it.
The air I breath is toxic

no where to escape,


Your words are bullets

they’re coming directly at me.

I’m not made of steel they’re 
going through me.

The way I feel is indescribable

So I pick up the pen and

write because what I have 
to say is stuck in my throat but 
not in my pen.
There's just something about Fall.
Trees become naked and leaves
changing colors, it's just beautiful.
Perfect weather to wander
around the city and admire
my surroundings.
Feeling inspired and closing my
eyes and taking a deep breath
and inhaling all the fresh air.
Somehow remembering that
perfect moment with him
we walked around a Creek
and well long story short
he asked to kiss me and we
did. Talk about perfect timing,
the sun was going down and
the skies were pink with cotton
candy clouds. He's long gone
now, but he still creeps up on my mind once in a while.
Lately she's felt empty,
raw emotions.
The only thing that made
her feel alive were the
razors pressed ******* her skin.
She then knew that very
second she wasn't as dead
as she felt.
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