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Falling in love is so scary, but you
taught me to let go and let love in.
The love you show me is the best feeling.
Your warm hand touching my face makes me
feel peace.
I close my eyes and my mind goes blank and all
my problems float away.
You know how people say a picture is worth a thousand words;
well that one touch says it all.
I truly didn't think I knew what love was, but you showed me
a deep unconditional love. You taught me that love and relationships
aren't easy they're hard work.
To me you are perfect and I just know you were perfectly sculpted
and created for me. I can see it when I look you in the eyes.
old poem i wrote  about the man i thought was the love of my life.
Julie Grenness Dec 2016
It's Parent/Teachers interviews today,
Come along and share the blame,
They're graduating just the same,
Kids have a teacher free day,
We gave them Standardised tests,
Their self-esteem needs a rest,
That's why this school has a fence,
Who's got the common sense?
Yes, the PT interviews are today,
Come along and share the blame!
Feedback welcome.
SwiftDreamer Mar 2016
This feeling of enjoying the moment:* think of a song you jammed to by yourself for a long time; and you catch the vibes[1] of the song. You feel like you're a part of that moment;

Like staring at pictures that magically caught all your favorite memories in life. That's you enjoying the moment. Now apply those actions to *
*this moment.
[1]: refer to the moment pt 2
be present.
Sarah Johnson Apr 2015
i’m careful now
like you should have been,

when i catch my own
reflection in the mirror

and i’m sorry god i’m sorry

for the way your mother screamed
and the way your grandfather cried

but the tree at the end of the lane
isn’t the only thing warped and weathered

and the clouds are rolling in again
camila annette Apr 2014
Isn’t it absolutely ridiculous how I miss you more and more each day? How I nearly didn’t even know you but your death took my inner self and destroyed it? How one can never appreciate things, but when they’re gone they actually ******* hurt? sight
How the world loses thousands of people in a day but almost no one notices? How when someone dies people that didn’t even knew whom that person was go through hell? How the world goes round and round but nobody notices? How people are sad, depressed and nearly no one cares? But the funny part is that none of this is actually ridiculous. It is the absolute truth.

— The End —