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I've always been fascinated by scars. The physical ones seem like little decorative items on the skin...the mental ones on the other hand are a bit complicated..'coz you can't quite figure out whether to keep them or discard them..and if you choose any one of the options...the follow-up question usually is..HOW??? Scars be it physical or mental have their own special place in our lives...some get washed away with the passage of time..some you wish would get washed away but they never quite do..they haunt you...they look at you with those ferocious eyes and taunt you...constantly reminding you of the horror and trauma you've suffered...and some are the real special ones....they become a part of your existence...they somehow get merged with your identity...they motivate you in a weird way...'coz they remind you that you've survived them...and here you are...still standing...still breathing...still fighting. You see the thing about scars is that they can either make you or break's upto you as to how you combat this frightening and yet beautiful problem.
 Sep 2015 Paulette Martinez
''You can still look **** without potraying *** in pictures''
That frolic pronunciation of words
Moving the Tongue in Motion
The Palate has become Smooth
Excess Saliva in the mouth doesn't come
And the melody is made
Without the knowledge of the mind
That is Called the Songs of Heart,
Songs of Freedom
Outburst the Words
Of Love

Find Fascination
Grown the rhythm of life
Where Peacocks unclogging their feathers
The rain drops on the desert
Flowers bloom in hope
Dreams to fly on wings
Seeking Love
There Peacock has found his Peahen

Flowers Spread Fragrances
Music melts into melody,
In words
In Souls
Moving the River into the Sea
And where there is floated
A Fearless
Love Boat
From one end
To the another Horizon
And where we found our lost existence

@Musfiq us shaleheen
when words moving the tongue in motion

— The End —