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mads Jan 2016
right now i have renovated this hello poem,
a hefty amount of times,
with the hearty intent,
to get this hellish hunk of hello poem of my heavy tongue.

hardly have i crafted a poem,
i have instead handwoven a handy distraction from the whole point.

all of the half-decent "h" sounding alliteration words have horribly,
been wasted on his half-assed poem.
having ruined the word 'hello' and any horrid word with similarities,
in the phonetics or what have you,
i end this poem here.
and i end this hallowed hell of this poem in high regards to you.
day one // write a poem about hellos (pretty dumb but i wanted to write)
mads Mar 2015
the bark where we carved our lilac promises fade,
the touch of your black night hair that day stings my mind.
fleece blanket,
count the stars.
stars in heaven,
stars on your tongue.
the bark where we carved out lilac promises may fade,
but your starry tongue and midnight hair.
with me,
it will remain.
CW warmup: wrote a poem using the words bark, hair, fleece, and sting :3 you guys try it and tag me in your poems :)
mads Mar 2015
doesn't everyone want to be dead?
mads Feb 2015

nail beds,

palms so sweaty,
i could replenish all seven seas.

the freckle on the inside of my left ring finger.

i wish,
they would stay together.

my fingers,
they always find back doors and wander off to new continents.

my palms,
continue to melt away with the salt water they leak.

my freckle,
left me for another.

and now all i have is wrist stumps,
and no way to reach the scratch on my back.
observation warmup in my creative writing course, i used my own hands. :-)
mads Feb 2015
you cannot romance poetry,
she chooses when she falls,
when she loves back,
when she dives into your mind.

fornicating with her won't work either,
you can touch her,
you can kiss her,
but you will never truly be with her.

if you want her,
you must write her.
mads Feb 2015
when the radio play the last seventeen seconds of your favorite song,
when you wake up in the morning with no memory of your night,
when you step in something wet on the kitchen floor in your socks,
when send a really good tweet that has six different grammar errors,
when you try to write a poem and can only remember my own carnivorous syllables,
think of me.
idk i wrote this while working on my english Odyssey project
mads Feb 2015
crawl on your ears lion,
befriend the lamb, give it life,
serenade the land.
I wrote a lot of haikus today because we did haikus in a warmup today and I got carried away, enjoy!
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