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I meant to pick you up
Instead I put you down
Now I'm here without much luck
Inside the Lost & Found

I dropped you on the road
Lost you along the way
I really miss you life
Is what I want to say


I treated you like a game
That I played recklessly
If I could give it a name
It would be "Only Think Of Me"

I threw you in the mix
Into the thick of things
To late now I've found out
How much life is meant for living


I think of what we could have had
A seamless harmony
Instead it all went bad
All because of me

I shoulder all the blame
The pain I put you through
If I had known it'd go down this way
I would have taken better care of you
No pressure
But can you clean the car?
No pressure
But you need 100 or you won't go far.
No pressure
But your next needs to beat the rest.
No pressure
But you need to be a step above the best.
No pressure
But you need to find the liar.
No pressure
But you're getting fired
No pressure
But you need to lead your peers.
No pressure
But you need to beat your fears.
No pressure
But we're gonna add another problem to the pile.
No pressure
But if you fail, we'll move on all the while.
No pressure man.
Oh delicious wedge

When you come to be no more

My heart aches with need
Go with the flow, quit resisting change,
Hour by hour time is running out,
Stay up all night, you can sleep when you're dead,
Make lasting memories, forget regrets,  you're better without.
I'll sleep when I'm dead
Scratches on your back
My fingers in your hair
Body to body
Laying bare

My head on your chest
Your breath in my ear
Hands on my thighs
Your intentions quite clear

***** thoughts
Wandering lips
Shallow breaths
Teasing fingertips

Take me to the edge
******* undone
Cuddled up again
But we’ve only just begun
- you-
*me   all   over
your   greenery   and
left me in the background
as  scenery,  treated  like  an
inanimate object, but some
decorations*    have
Supposed to look like an ornament...?
** ** **
Here comes the snow
Just in time
For a Christmas rhyme
All lights are up
The malls are packed
I'm done shopping
so I'll hit the sack
Santas everywhere
Which one is real
They're all so sweet
I want to tug on their beards
Lights on houses
How pretty and bright
** ** **
Merry Christmas
And a good night
Over the last year,
my thighs have started
  to touch.
and every time
I sit
or pass
a mirror or shop,
I'm surprised by who I

I wish I had spend more time
loving myself and
the thighs you
passed down
to me.
Are poems
That earth writes
For forests
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