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Conar McVicker May 2017
Think about them.
Others will.
Conar McVicker Apr 2017
Life, a spark in the black of Aeon and All.
Consciousness defining purposelessness
Before wisping insensately for an infinity.

I want a more vast definition
To halt Aeons call of vanishment and dissipation,
To bask in frivolity.
Making meaning for amusement,
Amusement for meaning.
Among fading stars.

All sparks must fade though.
So when that day comes,
I'll see you on the other side of infinity.
Conar McVicker Apr 2016
Dropped neath a shattered dream of rose and silk
My toiled self a strain at staying bright
I wept along the stones under the gale
And spent an eon weaping in the night

Now my rainy nights beget to days
But yet my road is covered in a haze
I hope to rend the fire in my breast
To dry the field and join the men in dress

My uniform is stained with soot and ash
And how I wish the awful noise would pass
It shakes my bones with shrieking silent still
With clouds a'building side my rotten shed
To turn the world all upon its head

But yet the fire wreaths my flesh in flame
And gives me cause to hold on to a name
To fight for self and other is at hand
I hope you never have to understand
Conar McVicker Oct 2014
At the fire on the edge of the world
To be there, without
To capture life at it's very rawest
I see so clearly
Human nature in it's lightning passage
People tell you much
With some sense of letting everything go
Isms and eons
We spoke of warmed bones and creatures
                                                       ­               old
Entertaining thoughts
At the fire on the edge of the world
Conar McVicker Apr 2014
Web of spiders
Web of lies
Web of intrigue
Web of flies

Caught within a patterned space
Blind to coming death
Illusion made by fetid race
To steal it's own of breath

Motivated by a cause
That's miniscule in scale
Senselessness to their plans flaws
Will surely make them fail.

I think this thought a thousand times
To comfort me in rest
They just commit a thousand crimes
The world's at their behest.
Conar McVicker Apr 2014
A hazy morning light drifts lonely through branches
Shadows of silence cower undertow
Wilted flowers whose beauty lingers,
Rocky soil.
A thought of the past pulls at me.

Rivers of hot wind push me further away
Like breath, stolen
Lifeless and unending it finds me
The scent of flames

Charred thoughts linger
Hot futures come
Silent shadows scream
Cloudy skies ****.
Conar McVicker Apr 2014
It's like tripping, but only before you hit the ground.
Like being woken up,
With a faceful of cold water, from a lovely dream.
Like seeing a flashing light behind you while driving.
Like when you got that test back.

The reaching one doesn't feel this moment,
This tearing of reality.
Like you tore the whole world away and place a new one in my hands.

This new microworld,
Like starting a new book,
Takes time to enjoy.

How do you expect me to read a new book,
When i'm so deep into another?
Let me get to a stopping point.
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