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Lilly F Apr 2020
you were my spring honey
the aftertaste of your lips dripped from my own
from my chin down my neck,
leaving yellow streaks
slowly choking the air out of my lungs
suffocating me with your sweet affection
i think we may need a break

Lilly F Apr 2020
you don't see who's really with you
till your in the dark

Lilly F Apr 2020
shielding emotion with every arrow that slips through my chest
i would rather pull it from its fletching,
ripping through my arteries and ventricles,
as my blood waters the seeds you tried to plant for us,
before i lose control again
and trust me, i'm dying inside
but my face holds a smile as cherry red trickles from my mouth
because at least i didn't fall in love with you

Lilly F Apr 2020
with the slam of every door
with the drop of every picture frame
with every octave raised
with every night spent crying
with every morning spent praying
as the noises creep around the corner of the hallway
and that free-spirited
pure and innocent adolescence is spent  
listening to two people fall out of love

Lilly F Apr 2020
upon his eyes, i read in the reflection his story
i see the memories, the fearful nights, the noisy mornings
and the nights worth of words appear on his skin as he shivers under my living touch
he isn't friends with the wicked, he's been taken hostage by it
he's not cold, not ruthless,
only perceived this way
by those whose heads live in the luscious clouds of the heavens
while his mind is rooted in the earth
and his eyes
they're empty, pleading, hoping, yet accepting
his pools of polluted oceans hold more trauma than others
and it takes one to know one

trauma shapes you, but does not have to define you.
Lilly F Apr 2020
you tell me to dream a little dream of you
but do i really have to if i'm living it?
i'd believe everything was nothing if you told me
i'd give up all i have for you
when i'm with you the footsteps we take melt together
beautiful pinks and purples swirling among each other
getting to know one another in beautiful ways
i let you into my mind
and you tread along lightly
you are my peace, you are my tranquility
you are my dream, my love
so when i sleep, let me dream of nothing
because my everything is right there next to me

Lilly F Apr 2020
if i loved you less,
i may be able to say those three words more,
but you make me forget every language i've been taught

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