Khushi Batra Oct 30
A sinister night,
Where cheeks are flushed
And face is light,
I ran towards my sister,
With a bucket of candy and eyes of a devil,
“Booooooo” I frighten her.
“Aaaaaaaa” she screams.
Oh my, it’s me, your sister.
How’s the ghost’s costume?
Happy Halloween!
Khushi Batra Oct 28
more sunshine,
more smiles,
more laughs,
more happiness,
more kisses,
more cuddling,
more conversations,
more flowers.
less snow,
less squabbling,
less darkness,
less pain,
less sorrow,
less regret,
more love.
more humanity.
Khushi Batra Oct 11
Day 1
I see you, you see me, hellos are exchanged.

Day 2
You call me pretty. You ask me on a date. I tell him no.

Day 3
He sees me again, drags me in a deserted alley. I say no. I scream no. I shout, but no one listens. His friends arrive, I resist, I ask them to leave me, but they left unconscious.

Day 4
I wake up *****, in a deserted alley, with my clothes all tattered. I cry, I call for help, no one does. I stand up, walk towards my home, facing the murmurs of the neighbours.

Day 5
I lay unconscious in my shower, from all the crying.

Day 10
I force my legs to move out of the house, only to feel disgusted by the male species there.

Day 15
I wake up to see my friend moving out for she can’t stay with a **** survivor.

Day 18
I force myself again to step out of the house. I cross the street, only to be haunted by their faces, only to feel their voices echo in my ears.

Day 20
I visit the police station. The investigation began. I showed them the bruises. But the police officer’s ***** looks made me return back.

Day 30
I start with my therapy sessions.

Day 65
I had a panic attack again, this evening, when a guy asked me out.

Day 70
I saw their faces again. In that alley. Under my leg. In my lips.

Day 120
I saved a girl today from being *****.

Day 200
I have started having nightmares, again.

Day 250
Today was my last therapy session.

Day 300
I plan to speak up.
Day 301
I visited the police station.

Day 305
They asked me why did I take so long? I had no answer.

Day 307
They came for questioning again. I narrated them the whole ordeal.

Day 309
They started investigating. I still get nightmares.

Day 320
They closed the case, for there was no evidence.

Day 321
I narrated it to my family members, no one believed me.

Day 365
I hung myself.

Khushi Batra Oct 6
You know that moment, when you’re tired. Tired and frustrated of actually nothing. You think what’s wrong with you, but that moment, you just want to go to your room, away from everyone and everything and let everything out. You’re so tangled in your thoughts that you just want to lie down and think and then you start having those scary thoughts, which make you feel confined. You seal yourself in your room and think of murdering your mind, for it talks too much. You unseal your room and decide to go for a walk. You walk, you jog, but both, your mind and your heart start fighting so loudly that you stop. You stop, and ask them to shut up, but the civil war inside your body never does. You decide to leave everything away and start afresh, you do. You change your city, you change your address, you keep changing everything, until you realise that past will always be permanent. For your, thoughts, will always haunt you, making you, the prisoners of your past, until you start sharing, until you start talking. Your heart may weep at night, your eyes may bleed in the morning, your ruthless brain may say it’s all gonna be okay, you may feel that you’re buried five feet under your thoughts, without a coffin, nothing will be okay, until you start talking, start sharing. You’re so engrossed in your thoughts that you do not hear the honking of the car, until the driver comes out and shakes your body. For maybe, you’ve left your past behind, but the past would never leave you. You’d drown yourself in the ocean of thoughts sailing in the ship of tequila, until it te quils you. -@enchantingnachokitten
Khushi Batra Sep 29
nothing waits for me except eternal darkness,
for, I want to splurge my existence in that void,
the abyss of harmlessness.

so, here I rise with a blade in my hand, listening to pink floyd,
and there, it pierced my wrist,
I never felt more alive.
As I sink lower into that grey chasm,
I fall deeper and deeper into the fate I have written,
fearing I may regret this, one day.
Khushi Batra Sep 25
Hi! Do I know you? Have we met earlier?
You seem alone, wanna come inside my house?
Maybe grab a coffee?, I asked the strange looking woman who looked awfully familiar.
“I’m here to take you”, she whispered.

And at that moment I knew who she was,
The queen of darkness.
She came to take me again.

With her clothes so black,
Even the light would be scared of them.
With face so red,
Even the blood would be jealous.
With her voice so scary,
That the opera of horror choked itself.
With eyes so white,
That the salt hid from the kitchen, feeling terrorized.

“You can’t escape from me, you need to return back to the land where you belong”, she growled.
I ran and ran but she caught me in her void again,
Making me fall in that world of wretchedness again.
“Darkness, my old friend, I’m back”, I cried.
-Khushi :’)
Khushi Batra Aug 8
There is something about this miraculous sea,
Dexterously painting the sky with different shades,
Entwining the clouds and sun simultaneously,
Clumping the small granules together to form a grandiose castle,
Singing lullabies with its shimmering waves,

A divine abode.
A utopian paradise.

-Khushi :)
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