Khushi Batra May 31
Dear naani ma,
I’ll always remember the stories you told, the cakes you baked and the laughs we shared. I still chuckle out loud, at the memory when you were trying the new recipe and I insisted on doing the frosting, on those cupcakes, and later on, we had a food fight. How much I miss those days, when I was able to run back to you, whenever, I fought with my siblings! I’ll always miss our adventurous trips. I laugh at that day, when you encouraged me to ride on that roller coaster and later on, you yourself, backed out. Even today, I see your knitting needles lying carelessly on your dressing table.
Your room still smells of you and your comforting scent. I miss you so much that whenever a song comes on the radio, I get reminded of our car karaoke sessions. Now, whenever I go to the park, and see someone picking up flowers, I can’t help and wonder if you’d come back. I’m writing this to let you know that I miss you, I miss your smile, your laugh, your scent, your dishes, your words and of course you. Thank you for teaching me how to love and care, thank you for giving birth to my mother. Thank you for being you. I hope we meet again, one day, among the clouds or between the waves. May your soul rest in peace!
i miss her so much, i feel like crying, omg
Khushi Batra May 31
It’s about that moment,
Walking in the hallway,
Smiling at each other,
And that rushed “Hello”.

It’s about that moment,
Strolling at a park,
And looking into each other’s eyes,
And that amazed, “Fancy seeing you here”.

It’s about that moment,
Buying a coffee,
And asking for a change
And that surprised, “Thank you”.

It’s all about that moment,
The moment destined to be,
You and I.
-Khushi :)
i know, it's pathetic, but idk why, i really wanted to post this one!
thanks for reading! love and kisses!
Khushi Batra May 28
You dug your fingers into me,
For, I still feel your breath.
You wrapped your hands on my body,
For, I still feel your touch.
You made me your slave,
For, I still feel the pain.
You sabotaged my soul.
For, I still see the blood on my sheets.
Blood, the red syrup, which leaked
Until it choked my throat.
Blood, the tepid plasma, which spilled
Out like rotten water.
You filled my life with so much venom,
For, I still feel its poison in my mouth.
And just like that a lust filled animal, took the beam
From my existence.
-Khushi :)
Khushi Batra May 26
With frosty weather lynching in the sky,
And navy blue waves, fleeting swiftly.
I make my way to the unfertile sand,
Hearing faint howls.
I look back to see
Shadows surrounding me,
Against my naked soul.

Hearing a thunder,
I step back,
Only to be embraced by a boorish cable.
Run, my psyche screamed.
With blood dripping from my skin,
And darkness forcing into my flesh,
I ran until I fainted
Only to welcome a new world filled with
-Khushi :)
Khushi Batra May 23
I listen the sound of the waves,
booming quietly like a lullaby,
With a pleasing summer zephyr levitating across the graves.

I witness the water dancing against the golden sand,
And it’s each drop laughing with their mouths wide open
Making the sea gulls cry, as if in a band.

I hear the sound of the butterflies fluttering,
Across the loose trees
Talking of despondency, contentment and of course,
the beauty of the waves crashing.

I smell your scent, looking towards my right to see you,
Seeking pleasure in those pathless woods
Walking hand in hand,
And exploring the breeze
Beneath those rhapsodic trees.
-Khushi :’)
Khushi Batra May 20
Allured by the clichés of love
And fantasy,
She savours his fragrance,
Dipped with honey,
Every day and night.
With her lips laced with sweetness
And eyes screaming  compassion,
She invited him in.
Pivoting on his perverted thoughts,
He gladly accepted.
just to start another round of clichéd
-Khushi :)
Khushi Batra May 18
I slide, you grind.
I nibble, you dither.
I touch, you moan.
I feel, you gasp.
I open, you erupt.
I wrap, you linger.
I explore, you groan.
I rub, you beg.
I claw, you stare.
I guide and you surrender
Making us captives of lust
And passion.
-Khushi :)
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