Flabbergasted with its conglomeration of cheese and tomato sauce
Gobsmacked with the way its cheese drips down the bread.
With garlic lingering in every bite.
I love its sight.

Its succulent mozzarella makes me feel gold
But the thin crust ain’t that bold.
It’s crispy and gooey.
Asking me to take another sip of whiskey.

I devour it from inside out
Fearing that it rather make me stout.

Onions, tomatoes, cheese and pepperoni
Mushrooms, ham and macaroni
Serve me again
With extra cheese
If it may please.
-Khushi :)
Khushi Batra Mar 13
Your perfect curves

ensnaring over my frame.

Your irresistible soft pink lips

Inviting mine,

Massaging our tongues.

Your jaunty demeanour

making my heart palpitate.

Your seductive smirk

Dovetailing our bodies

Letting me see your gorgeous décolletage

Your bold persona

Purging the tension from my soul.

After your reckless claim

My smock hung loose on your torso

With desire fawning in your oculars.

Making me the purple of your pink.

Khushi Batra Mar 11
The king of darkness called me a year ago,
Making me drink rufescent blood from
The wine chalice every night.
Forcing me to breathe
a life overflowing with weed.
Asking me to breathe
The silence in chateau lobbies.
Making me listen the wails and the cries
of the innocent.

Not letting it engulf me further,
I darted away from it.
But it caught me again.
Leaving my nights slumberless.
The ghosts haunted me every night,
with their shadows dancing on the walls.

They called me again today,
But this time the king wanted me to
the garden of death.
-Khushi :)
Khushi Batra Mar 8
I sleep in late to enjoy the nightmares.
Get easily seduced by the pain.
Happiness gives me an uncanny sensation of consternation.
Surrounding me in a void of wretchedness and misery.
When I look into the mirror
Soulless eyes of abhorrence stare back at me,
With an evil smirk on his face,
I smash the glass and lick the blood
From my knuckles.
Memories of glee and enthusiasm from my childhood
Gnaw at me; haunt me with their claws filled with delight.
A hysterical laughter is strained through my lungs
When I see my blood on the floor.
I sit in this abyss of darkness both
Day and night, till the god of death
Pays me a visit.
-Khushi :)
Khushi Batra Mar 3
The dark clouds linger in the sky.
The rain is about to cry.
The fate has been written.
The worst is yet to be smitten.
The sun has set in the west.
Darkness has worn its dress.
So here am I standing alone in the dark
Waiting for the destiny to bark.
I wait.
I shiver.
My mind quivers.
My soul dithers.
I sit alone and hold.
Smiling, I retire back.
Because I’ve realised
Darkness is my destiny.
Darkness is my life.
I belong here.
-Khushi :)
Khushi Batra Feb 23
My muscles pound
My limbs become sore and bulky.
My mind spins a million thoughts in
a single jiffy of emptiness,
and yet I cache it to myself.
Fear takes over and silence turns up.
The struggles are my own, not for the care of others
Why strain anyone with shit that
even I can't feel?
So I just remain here.
With the stars and the moon.
-Khushi :)
Khushi Batra Feb 21
I’m hopeless, says everyone
I’m trying.
I’m trying.
My eyes feel as if they are gonna ooze out blood
My mind feels that it’d burst up
My mouth feels dry and muddy
My face feels anaesthetized
I’m waiting for the time but it’s running out.
I’m waiting for the bus to stop, but it never waits.
I’m waiting for her to show up, but she never does.
I’m waiting for a miracle to occur, but it never happens.
My dreams haunt me every night.
But I know that
I know nothing of life
I’m just trapped in an abyss of wretchedness.
I’m a mystery wrapped in a coffin.
And that coffin is my body.
-Khushi :)

— The End —