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2d · 291

*the lives are changed but we are not
going back to college days didn't take a lot
revisiting the peppy past
the hue of heartwarming memories will last
eventually everyone evolved
all the boundaries duly dissolved
one thing about which none is sure
whether memories revisited or
what we created are more
everyone was in full swing
boundless were zest, zeal and zing
age reduced to 16 years
back seats taken by inhibitions and fears
ear to ear were the smiles
the age was forgotten for a while
danced like a crazy till we drop
sang till the DJ is forced to stop
kids and family were aghast
first time they saw our this avtar
many new friendships were thrived
while the old ones are revived
many new connections were made
carried a freshness which will not fade
a congregation of old companions
the celebration of silver Jubilee reunion
true friends are hidden treasure
and the fun of reunion is beyond measure *

Recently attended my college batch silver jubilee reunion, refreshing experience beyond mention..
4d · 48
Love virus

all my senses frozen
once stung by love trojen
no firewall worked
when the malware attacked
although my virus protection was updated
but this trojen was not anticipated
a sector of my processor corrupted
my routine tasks disrupted
it evaded from scan and couldn't be neutralised
my whole system it paralysed
life threatening was the risk
formatted the disks
restarted the system
came out of mayhem
still i feel it's hidden inside
one day it will come live
now looking for a total net protection
to save people from such infection

Posting after a long while....Missing hp..But busy in life...
Nov 14 · 109
Child within..
It's ok to cry for no reason

It's ok to smile every while

It's ok to run behind butterfly

It's ok to dream a fairy tale life

It's ok to scream

It's ok to have icecream

It's ok to fight

It's ok to unite

It's ok to dance like an ape

It's ok to have chocolate

It's ok to croon

It's ok to play with balloon

It's ok to be ok with what you have

It's ok when you are not ok

O dear child within me!

It's ok to come alive and take over...
Happy children's day....
Nov 5 · 291
A boat adrift

A sole drifting boat
Just survived to float
The man turned Octopus
When put feet in many boats
The boatman doomed
The boat marooned
None there to lift
The boat adrift

Inspired by state political scenerio. Politics a joke
We elect them and They cheat...a party blackmailing other parties...a game..none to blame and in the process the state reign are adrift like a boat....
Oct 28 · 334
This diwali
Spreading bliss
Watching the glittery night
Feeling light
Inhaling the fresh air

With our loved ones
Listening the rythmic music of the hearts
Heading towards a colourful
Serene clean world

In silence....
Under the twinkling starlight
In a moonless night
Having a visual treat...

This diwali, burn the evils,
Let's bring the change!
This diwali, burst the ego,
Let's be the change!!
Happy n healthy Diwali...clean n serene diwali
Oct 22 · 389

The loneliness,
Seldom situational
Often occasional
Fairly frequent
Indeed inherent
Untimely unjust
Mostly must thinkers....dreamers.... writers...
And in

A thought tickled n the word played
Oct 20 · 221
Extra baggage
At times
I thought of texting you
"good morning",
then I remembered that
you're on a trip
where I'm extra baggage,
that's perfectly ok...
Sometimes you have to except that your presence is undesirable in their life........
Oct 9 · 382

is not just an action
it's a feeling,
without any reason
irrespective of the season
often hard to be beaten...
if ends for one,
arises for other one...
A thought.... sorry frnds... missing from hp...will see your posts soon ..
Sep 18 · 1.2k
the quest
an eternal search
a perpetual urge
a deep inner sigh
subsequent to a "high".

a low-key loner
once flew higher
the flaring fire
of an unfeterred desire.

here i roam
to find my home
a key to sire
peace before the pyre.

an unknown quest 
the soul, yearning to rest
searching for the path best,
life's an endless test!!
मेरी रूह का परिंदा फड़फड़ाये.......
Sep 3 · 435
My divine romance

neither party nights
nor the shining lights
neither music loud
nor happening crowd

neither flaunting clothes
nor updated wardrobes
neither make-up showy
nor glittery jewellery...

love my comfort zone
in my way own
an evening with moon afar
a night under twinkly stars

give me a peaceful corner
and a pen with paper
in a candle dim
the thoughts sing

the words dance
a poetic chance
a divine romance
the onset of a trance...

not sad
not even mad
all scars healed completely
with the time and distance
but undergone a metamorphosis
to transform my inner self
to reform my being
While the world is in festive mood,
I'm enjoying the solitude...
Aug 22 · 157
Space..My 500th poem

Give them space to breathe
But not emptiness,
Otherwise others may fill in...

Proud to have 500 poem here
Aug 21 · 524
A girl with tiara!
a girl, gorgeous
her attitude, gregarious
confident and cognizant.....
having high values
and spiritual virtues
mannerisms regal,
undeterred by negative people
loving, caring and sharing....

when encountered a test
laid down by destiny,
for her patience, tolerance and acceptance...
all efforts to crush her beaming self esteem
go in vane!
moves on with an all new glory,
one more embellishment in her tiara!
Just a thought creeped in!
Aug 16 · 233
This too shall pass!!

In the tempest,
praying for the best
the hopes float
on a small boat
steered by the trust and patience
love and acceptance...
Time and distance hardly matter
hope the things get better
the normalcy gets the track
the happy times will surely come back,
till then the finger are crossed
praying the lord
to let me remind that
Temperory is this helplessness
Howsoever I miss "us"
"this too shall pass!"
"This too shall pass!!"

When the separation from loved one knocks the heart....
Aug 14 · 107
Lost my words

Don't feel right to write
Work-life in a balance
To touch a high,
emotions get no chance.

Watching tv
an all new obsession
The poetic journey paused
kept aside the passion.

Hardly read
and paying this cost,
to stay occupied
stay diverted

from the inner self
Whilst lost in my world,
Lost my words...

Undergoing the writer's block ....
Aug 4 · 182
Happy friendship day!

In you I've found
a never-ending love
an ever-trending friendship
a daily strengthening bond
an ever-growing togetherness
an incessant connection
an everlasting relationship
an eternal union

Having you in my life,
i am blessed with
an anchor for grounding
a home with solace
a smile to be adorned
a purpose to look forward
above all, a love to be cherished forever
my friend! I'm proud of having you!
happy friendship day

For special friends
Aug 1 · 295
The thirst

A piece of cloud
rains sparsely,
the forest dries
the desert is thirsty...

Jul 24 · 236

A permanent scar...
Bitter memory,
Bloodshed history...
Lost by one,
But won by none......

Just watched a tv programme on world war
Jul 12 · 325
न बांधो
न दिशा दो
बस थोड़ा प्रकाश दो
और उड़ने को आकाश दो
कोई रहस्य नहीं, एक बेल हूँ मैं
तुम पर अवलंबित हूँ पर अमरबेल नहीं
बढ़ रही हूँ तुम्हारे संग
गुँथ गयी हूँ तुम्हारे अंग
अंत तक के लिये....
Hindi translation of "creeper"
Jul 12 · 512

Do not guide
I need not to be tied
Just show me the sunlight
I will take my flight
Not so creepy, just a creeper
Not a dodder, just a seeker
With you i grow
Just a vine
With you, I entwine
Till the end.....

A thought provoked by a creeper....
Jul 11 · 2.6k
Monsoon sprouts

            The                             arrival            
        of                          monsoon,
sprouting        begins
on parched,
on the

Shape of sprout roughly made
Jul 6 · 159
Whom to keep
Not the person,
making you feel loved and happy,
But the one,
gradually transforming you
in your better version......
Just random thoughts
Jul 5 · 177
नए रंग
नए संग
नई तरंग
नई  उमंग
कभी रुलाये
कभी  हंसाये
कभी छलावा
कभी भुलावा
कभी दिखावा
कभी मिलावा
कई छोड़ जाते
जोड़ तोड़ आते
कहीँ मोड़ आते
गठजोड़ हो जाते
कहीं मिलते धोखे
कहीँ  यार अनोखे
कभी गुलज़ार होती
कभी ख़ार ख़ार होती
जरा सी सुलझ जाती
फिर और उलझ जाती
कभी हम मोहताज़ होते
कभी फिर सरताज़ होते
जिंदगी कभी लगती पहेली
ये जिंदगी कितनी है अलबेली
Jul 3 · 90
Love facts...

The Love,
If appreciated then reciprocated....
Needs to be advocated at any cost...
In confusion, choosing love is never proven wrong...
Is permanent only when it's unconditional...
Love beautifies the world immediately...
Love doesn't have the constraints like caste creed age...
Love is generally mistaken by attachment...
Love heals the mind, body and soul...
Spread love, it comes back...

Love facts.. Impromptu thoughts
Jul 2 · 339
Your words

Touching from a distance
Comforting is the presence
A solace when I'm sad
Calming when I go mad

Pulsating within
Descending in the being
Reverberating in the mind
Putting back the smile

Embrace in their flow
Uplift from my low
Crazy, they drive me
Actually drive me

The talks are heartful
For you I'm grateful
Your words
My world

Some people uplift just by heartful talks..
Jun 28 · 412

from pillow talks
having pillows only to talk with,
somewhere we mature...
from more than friends
just friends
somewhere we lose our self esteem...

After a long break felt like posting something
May 30 · 205
The love is....

the love,  
manifests in many form,
reflects in many small things,
one expresses in many ways,

the love,
with age, it's matured
with passing time, it's assured
with experience, it's endured

the love is, often
meant differetly
elucidated clearly
stablised gradually

the love, lies
in a companion
in a friend
in a partner

the love is, when with someone
you can share
you can dare to bare
you can expect to care

the love is, when...
you find happiness
you express
nothing you repress

the love is, when...
together with the ally
you wish to fly
beyond the sky

but you
value the boundary
respect their territory
follow the norms obligatory

the love is, when
you check your emotions'
unnecessary escalations
viewing the situations

the love is, when you're there
in their ups and downs
nights and dawns
smiles and frowns

the love is, when one says
"i love you"
"God bless you"
"Be you"

The love, defined in many ways, confined in some ways, expressed, repressed....
The love is beyond the age...caste... creed...
Lucky ones have that feelings and find their love....
May 19 · 273

the only way
to be happy anyway
is to "cut"
cut the train of thoughts
cut the expectations down
cut the ties of attachments
cut the calories
cut the unnecessary interactions
cut the mundanes.....

Just a thought
May 2 · 667
The history...

The history,
Often repeated
Seldom deleted

Mostly manipulated
Suitably stipulated

Differently, it can be interpreted
And in the process it is re-created

Is the history,
Always been a mystery??

The politicians present the history, best suitable to themselves. And in the process they're creating a new. History often been a mystery....
May 2 · 358

Parting partly
is a part of life,
remains a part of you...
departs a part of me....

Apr 28 · 7.9k
You're good enough...

your pride tries to optimize
my persona, to suit your needs,
and if it doesn't, you criticize...
Yet, you're good enough...

your prejudice makes you
suspect even my good deeds,
and you demean me for them too....
Yet, you're good enough...

your control freakiness
makes you restrict me
even if i act right...
Yet, you're good enough...

your self centeredness
wants me to fit in the standards,
you define and ever-changing ...
Yet, you're good enough...

the veil of your hatred
doesn't let you see
my love and concern for you...
Yet, you're good enough...

Sometimes people have personality traits, difficult to deal with, but still they are good enough. Better to be grateful for their positive side
Apr 20 · 154

Sometimes "good" is the best word to make one feel better

If asked "how are you?"
"How am I looking?"
"How are the things?"..etc
Saying "good" gives a positive start to a conversation...
Apr 14 · 266
The petrichor
the petrichor
penetrating the heart's core
from the earth crust
When quenched, it's thirst
blended in the gust
of the summer breeze
yes! it's summer rain!

the petrichor,
wish I could devour
yet i savour!

the petrichor,
released by the nature joyfully
when the rain heals
the burns, soothingly!

the petrichor,
embracing me, like you???
Had first summer rains yesterday, a much awaited relief from sizzling summers...The bliss is beyond words, I soaked myself  before penning this....
Mar 28 · 453
Mom and you
सिर्फ़ आवाज़ सुनकर
अगर कोई हाल जान जाए,
हम कितना झूठ कहें कि ठीक हैं
पर वो न मान पाए।
जो धड़कन सुन ले
दिल को देख ले,
जो दूर से ही
दुखती नब्ज़ पकड़ ले
अनकहे लफ़्ज़ पढ़ ले।
महसूस करे
जो दर्द छुपा हुआ,
समझ सके जो तबियत को
जान ले जो मिजाज़ को।
कभी कभी ऐसा भी कोई आता है
ज़िन्दगी में,
माँ के सिवा ...
Just listening to your voice
The one who knows everything,
How many lies do we say to hide the truth
But not believing it.
Hears the beat
Sees the heart,
Who is far but feels aching nerve
Reads the untold words
the pain which was hidden,
Can understand the moves,
Takes care of the mood
someone like this comes in life,
Other than mother...
Mar 27 · 296
When the relations are sedentary,
The love is sedimentary,
Keep moving and shaking....
Mar 19 · 356
एक तन्हाई........सौ यादें
सौ तन्हा.......एक महफ़िल
The loneliness
One loneliness... hundreds of memories
Hundreds of lones..... in one gathering
Mar 11 · 166
Self esteem
Whenever it became the matter of self esteem, few relations became memory....
Mar 7 · 174
A broken drifting boat

the heart, longs for you
the eyes, look for you
in my ears, your voice rattle
in my mind, a never ending battle

your presence is always nearby
the heart sinks and i sigh
reminding myself that you're gone
and now here i am alone

everyday a hope peeps in my heart
that what if you're far apart
for me, you equally long
but by night I'm proven wrong

having no clue where you are
sending love through a twinkling star
i tried my best to move on
yet unknowingly i hold on

maybe the God answers my prayers
you come and wipe my tears
someday to releive the pain
you will be mine back again

maybe a plan by the divinity
to bond us till eternity
hence the hopes continue to float
on a broken drifting boat...

Just an imagination
Mar 3 · 1.3k
Only when you're lonely

lonely when you're with none
lonelier when with wrong one
and the loneliest when not
understood by the people your own..

Just a thought...
Feb 25 · 1.4k
I scream→icecream
I scream
When broken a dream
In the middle of a darknight
Uncontrollable was the inner fight
Woke up sweating with the heart's race
Walked up to find some solace
What soothed me the best
Made me feel blessed
Put my smile back
Trust this hack
A large scoop
of soft rich
A true story..any moment can be turned into happiness by a large scoop of icecream....
They used to believe in
Now believe in
Just a thought
समक्ष युद्ध की शक्ति नहीं
ये कायरता का वार है
शांत सहृदय वीरों को ये
दुश्मन की ललकार है
समय नहीं अब निंदा का
अब बातों का ना सार है
भूत भगाना अब लातों से
देश की यह हुंकार है

हमला करते मासूमों पर
नर जात नहीं ये सियार है
रक्त बूंद के बदले को
अब हरेक सिंह तैयार है
रक्तबीज के संहार को
माता अब तैयार है
वीरों को अब कोई न रोके
जन जन की ये पुकार है

चैन से कोई सोये अब न
वीरों की चीत्कार है
अंगारों में हाथ है डाला
अब मचेगा हाहाकार है
सीमा पर अब होगी होली
पास में ये त्यौहार है
तब जाकर के मने दीवाली
अब तो आर या पार है
Feb 15 · 272
जय भारत
चर्चे हों कुरबानी के दुश्मन ललकारे घर में घुसकर
तो प्रेम दिवस की बातें करना कहानी सा लगता है

जब तिरंगे में लिपटकर वापिस आते वीर चवालिस
तब चॉकलेट और तोहफ़े लेना मनमानी सा लगता है

जब शहीदों की चिंताओं पे सौ सौ फूल बरसते हैं
तब ग़ुलाब की आस लगाना बेमानी सा लगता है

बारूदों की आग लगी जब झुलसे देश धमाकों से
मोमबत्तियों में दावत खाना क्या रूमानी सा लगता है

जब माँओं की गोद उजड़ती लावारिस हों नन्हे मुन्ने
मेहबूब की बाहों में छुप जाना नाफ़रमानी सा लगता है

जब हो जाये सीमाओं पे कितने निर्दोषों की कुर्बानी
तब बेमतलब के जलसों में भी वीरानी सा लगता है

चीत्कार हो वीरों का जब करना हो कुछ काम तूफ़ानी
तब चैन से सोना भी वतन से बेईमानी सा लगता है
Love my india
Feb 8 · 1.1k
It goes on...

In the life,
the karmic plans we unfold
uncover the stories untold
lead the path of life imposed
Also in the process of unfolding,
uncovering and
our thoughts, words and actions
pen new stories.....
shaped into our destiny...
turned into the karmic plans for next births..
and this goes on...

Just an insight
things may not go the way
you've planned for today
be thankful for the life anyway
feel blessed for each passing day
time may be dark or gray
but the sunshine is not far away....
Just reminder to  self..When things go haywire...
Feb 1 · 390
The karmic connection
layer by layer
the life we share
shade by shade
the bond is being made

day by day
ensured the stay
bit by bit
we unknowingly commit

words by words
revealed the inwards
moment by moment
validation of the agreement

here, for a while let's hold
understand the untold
the love, growing in manifolds
for miracles the time unfolds

ups and downs
pros and cons
dusks and dawns
never alter the divine plans

beyond righteousness or wrongdoing
let the stream flowing
the life is ephemeral
but our connection is eternal....

The love sees no boundaries...
The pause for a cause is must,
Which strengthens the bond...
Jan 26 · 3.3k

a comfort to offer
an attempt to pamper
a big scoop of ice cream
after a root canal procedure
not  to  subside
or else to hide
the pain but
to  forget it
for awhile
and / or
get the
A shape poetry after a long time
Jan 21 · 1.4k
Law of har(m)-mon(e)y
Do not compromise your principles for temporary gain,
In any case people are going to lose interest...
Just like that
Jan 3 · 178
Soul loss

Years pass
not the pains
Howsoever one tries
the yearning remains...

The heart and the mind
they often cross
Their memories surpass
Irrecoverable is the soul loss...

Just a thought.. Inspired by turning the calender...
Jan 2 · 143
The longing
Why the longing prolongs for people
who are long gone?
How long the heart lingers over people
who are no longer?
Just a thought
Dec 2018 · 875
One sleepless night...
Jayantee Khare Dec 2018
On one sleepless night,
I realised that
The anger
and the hunger
don't get along well,
Got up had some cookies,
killed them both and slept well.....!!
Apt solution.....
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