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Jayantee Khare Mar 2018

To sleep at ease
in peace ,
I release,
Phew! A War outside!

A war I try
to avoid,
keep quite,
Triggers another inside....

The pieces of the peace altercate
The war and the peace alternate
In and out, the war vacillates
Hence the peace pendulates!


War and peace are always present just change the places...
Jayantee Khare Oct 2017
तुझे सोचना ही मेरी बंदगी का किस्सा है
तेरे बिन मौत ही ज़िन्दगी का हिस्सा है

Being Lost in your thoughts,
Is my only prayer sincere.

Momentary death is a part of life,
when you're not there.
First couplet from my age old booklet...
Shayari from my diary...
Tried my best to translate with keeping the rhyming scheme..
Editing..courtesy by Sarita Aditya Verma.. thnx
Jayantee Khare Dec 2017
भटकते रहते आशिकी में
दोनों ही बंजारे हैं
ओ चाँद तुम और मैं!

कभी चमकते कभी छुप जाते
दोनों ही आवारा हैं
ओ चाँद तुम और मैं!
Wandering in love,
Nomads we are,
O moon! Both you and me...

Hide and shine,
Loafers we are,
O moon! Both you and me...
Moon my muse
Jayantee Khare Dec 2017
एहसासों की सवारी,
अनजाने में कुछ यूँ चली,
और लो कोई शायर बन गया,
जब मंजिलें न मिली!

The feelings convoyed as a chariot,
Never realised!
And here born a poet,
When dreams not materialised!
Jayantee Khare Dec 2017
सच कहूँ तो न सीख पाये तुम बिछड़ने का हुनर

दर्द-ए- दिल ...

कुछ भी तो ले के न गए तुम ओ रहगुज़र!


Actually never could you master the art to depart forever,

The memories...
The talks...
The images...
The voices...
The dreams...
The thoughts...
The heartache...
The lessons...

You collected nothing back from me
O Wayfarer!
Errors in translation may pl be excused
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
वही शिकवे,
वही जलवे,
वही सुरूर,
वही गुरुर!
बस अब
Same complaints
Same charisma
Same passion
Same pride!
But now
Fiction write...old one
Jayantee Khare Oct 2017
इश्क़ का मंज़र तो देखिये ज़नाब!
दिल में आग लगी है,
दिमाग पे पाला पड़ा है,
और आँखों से ख्वाहिशे बरस रही हैं.

Enjoy the scenery in love my dear!
Heart is set on fire,
Mind is frosted,
and Eyes raining desire.
Posting another shayari from my old diary...
Bear with me for poor translation...
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
मत पूछ ऐ चांद हमसे यूँ सारी रात जागने की वजह,
इक तेरा ही हमशक्ल है जिसकी याद हमें सोने नहीं देती।।

Moon o moon! Don't ask me
the reason for sleepless nights,
Remembrance of your alike,
doesn't let me sleep!!
Old writes from my diary
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
पूनम का चाँद, बिल्कुल आप जैसा चमकीला है हुज़ूर!

वो ही सुरूर,
वो ही फितूर
वो ही नूर,
वो ही गुरूर,

और वैसे ही....... आप की तरह दूर।

Full moon...vibrant...exactly like you!

Same passion..
Same obsession..
Same radiance..
Same arrogance..

same way..... you!
Moon is my muse since teenage
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
The child, dormant inside~

Wants to be~


Ice cream

Careless singing
Freestyle dancing

And little bit of~


This from~
The God
The Divinity...

As we are the beloved children of The God
Happy children's day
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
By changing our attitude,
Let's crush our sadness
pain and resentments
with the piles of happiness!

Keep adding good things
and let it grow,
In this way
Let the grace of the God flow
Inspired by Star BG, if i could inspire some readers to be will serve it's purpose...
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
"ऐ पागल दिल!
चल हट! भुला दे सब क़िस्से!"
हम ने कई बार कहा दिल से।

पर ये पागल दिल
भुला न सका उसे, बोला
"तू बोल कभी ये दिल से!!"
"O crazy heart!
Forget it all! Let go!"
I said to heart many times.

But the crazy heart,
forgets it not, Utters,
"Say it from heart sometimes!"
Just playing with words n thoughts!
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
Dear heart!
Why the hell you've become
a lodge
to shelter the wrongs
and ruin yourself?
You're suppose to be a
for  the blood! n love blended
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
एक जिंदगी,
दो दिल,
तीन अल्फ़ाज़,
चार दिन की चांदनी,
हजार ख्वाहिशें,
ये बेइंतहाँ दर्द ..!

One life,
Two hearts,
Three words,
Four moonlit nights,
Thousand desires
This endless pain!
Another sher from my diary...
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
Use your heart less,
But don't be heartless!

Use your mind more,
But don't mind more!
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
What to talk about that love,
A meeting it was dear!
No agenda,
No outcome,
Someone walked out,
and it dismissed....


उस मोहब्बत का क्या ज़िक्र करें,
एक बैठक थी ज़नाब!
न कोई मसविदा,
न कोई नतीजा,
कोई बीच में उठ गया
बर्खास्त हो गयी...
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
कभी जिनमें थे खोये हुए
इक दिन आखिर वही खो गए
जब खो दिया सब को यूँ जुदाई में
"ख़ुद" को पाया ख़ुदा की ख़ुदाई में

Once lost in someone
Eventually lost them one day
When lost all in parting like this
Found "self" in higherself's godliness
Divine union occurs when u find yourself
After loosing all!
Jayantee Khare Dec 2017
Let's not make
our hearts
the graveyard of desires.

Let's mix them with
"reality" and "empathy".

And let's process all
in the environment of "patience".

The byproducts are
"lessons" ~the flowers,
"maturity" ~the fruit,
"peace"~the fragrance,
spreading around..
Just a thought on a lazy Sunday afternoon..
Jayantee Khare Dec 2017
World population

Just reminding!
In case someone feels
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
कुछ चीजें कभी मेरी नहीं हो सकती, तुम और खुशियाँ
Few things can never be mine, you and happiness
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
Be their well wisher.
Spoil  them  with  your
attention   and   efforts.
Praise their everything
Make   them  love you.
Make  them  trust you.
Shower  them  with all
your love and concern.
Be their for them 24×7.
Make them emotionally
dependent     on     you.
a n d
10 easy steps to destroy people...the hammer shape i tried..
Jayantee Khare Oct 2018






Just a wordplay
Jayantee Khare Nov 2017
जिंदगी बनी इक मायूसी
काफ़िले में भी तन्हा हम मग़र,
ख़्वाहिशें ही बन गयी गुनाह
अंतहीन है ये लंबा सफ़र...

Life is a melancholy
With caravan but lonely,
Desires, turned mistake,
Endless is this long journey...
Wrote this in the moments of sadness...few years back..
Jayantee Khare Aug 2017
The peacemaker turned the pacemaker of heart...
I found solace in your company when you were just friend...
And slowly your presence caused my heart to race...
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
Human body
71% liquid

The earth surface
71% water

My life
71% tears

My plans
71% fluidic

My dreams
71% moist

My thoughts
71% watery

People I met
71% flowing

In finding remaining 29%
71% life is passing...
Jayantee Khare Sep 2017
If no concurrence,

Love them from a distance...
Love exists.... at a distance sometimes!!

A sole drifting boat
Just survived to float
The man turned Octopus
When put feet in many boats
The boatman doomed
The boat marooned
None there to lift
The boat adrift

Inspired by state political scenerio. Politics a joke
We elect them and They cheat...a party blackmailing other parties...a game..none to blame and in the process the state reign are adrift like a boat....

the heart, longs for you
the eyes, look for you
in my ears, your voice rattle
in my mind, a never ending battle

your presence is always nearby
the heart sinks and i sigh
reminding myself that you're gone
and now here i am alone

everyday a hope peeps in my heart
that what if you're far apart
for me, you equally long
but by night I'm proven wrong

having no clue where you are
sending love through a twinkling star
i tried my best to move on
yet unknowingly i hold on

maybe the God answers my prayers
you come and wipe my tears
someday to releive the pain
you will be mine back again

maybe a plan by the divinity
to bond us till eternity
hence the hopes continue to float
on a broken drifting boat...

Just an imagination
Jayantee Khare Jan 2018
A broken made a wish when saw a broken star....
Jayantee Khare Dec 2018
once upon a time
standing high with you
i was taken to a cliff
and was pushed down
by you with the help of your band..
nothing left to hold on
but an extending hand
midway, i could hold
only to get pushed further down...
crushed to pieces when hit the hard ground
found myself alive
destined to survive
slim chances to revive...
the pain spilled
i quilled
and rebuild
myself on the heap of my write...
now i am standing high
safer and better
at my own....
now you are being thrown
hanging at the same cliff
by the same people
who helped you once to push me
should i offer my hand
or quietly bestand
or join the band?
Karma never failth......
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
The fiction came true

Surrounded by many
connecting with fewer,
Some old friends
and some are newer.

Writings of Hello Poetry
are just for expression,
And connecting with people
having same mission.

Miles apart
distanced physically,
Yet bonding by heart
and linked poetically.

Today's sunrise
Lovingly surprised,
Unveiled one HP friend
a dream realized.

Like a fiction came true
by finding you so near,
It's a reunion of soul
Oh Sarita dear!!
Sarita Aditya Verma... a frnd made on hp..found so near...thnx Almighty for being so generous..
a girl, gorgeous
her attitude, gregarious
confident and cognizant.....
having high values
and spiritual virtues
mannerisms regal,
undeterred by negative people
loving, caring and sharing....

when encountered a test
laid down by destiny,
for her patience, tolerance and acceptance...
all efforts to crush her beaming self esteem
go in vane!
moves on with an all new glory,
one more embellishment in her tiara!
Just a thought creeped in!
Jayantee Khare Sep 2017
Shut your bar,
Dear bartender!
Her glance is enough
To intoxicate the lover!!
Inspired by anon's "forget"
Jayantee Khare Aug 2017
Boats float in haze and glass-like field.
Sun hides behind grey filled sky.

And I shall dab my thoughts across a page
as if they’re dancers calling to inner self.

Birds whisper dainty to wake ears.
Dogs back to echo with wind.

A great day to relax inside gratitude.
A grand day to see all is beautiful.
Inspired with my bio SBG wrote this..thnx a lot SBG..i m sharing here
Jayantee Khare Sep 2017
The most
Friend forever!
But is often neglected,
When in relationship with

"Temporary Happiness"
Just a thought!
Jayantee Khare Aug 2017
Resistant will miss it,
Persistent will get it,
Consistent will keep it.
Jayantee Khare Jul 2018

not retrieved on time,
If preserved carefully....
"the valuables" and "the moments"!
keep spending on your people..

Jayantee Khare Oct 2017
Pull me up and hold when I fall
When you are down give me a call
For few moments together, let's pause
Let's talk opening up our heart

Ups-downs and highs-lows
Sail together in same boat
In this stream of time floaty
Let's flow together smoothly

Frustration charm and madness
Such is the path of togetherness
Be there always with me
From you I want this much only

Moving ahead persistently
Maybe fast or slowly
Always be my co-traveler
When weary wait for each other

Maybe uplifts or setbacks
Face together let's not give up
Many challenges to meet
Let's share by joining the feet

There may come one day
From the nest, chicks fly away
Both of us will be here
At the end for each other

Share the full moon/no-moon nights
Also the dusks and twilights
Be it a shiny or cloudy
In all weather I need you only

**I need you as you are
I need you as you are
Today it's "Karva chouth", a festival of husband and wife in india.....wife observes fast for husband's health happiness and long life. Concluded with worship of deity, feast and flaunting in bride like get up.
Although i don't observe, but lot of emotions are involved here. It reminds the eternal bond between them.
Jayantee Khare Aug 2018
one night i visited the dreamland
just to assess how many dreams stand
found many floored when explored
few were killed prematured
few flushed in the time's streams
few murdered by other dreams
few elightened ones crushed themselves
few learned ones locked them in shelves
few dated and were reset
future of this sort most of them met
found some lucky ones still dance
in the eyes of new romance
few could turn into reality
few survivor went till eternity!.....
Most of the dreams die....
Come with expiry dates
The date of your first job
The date of marriage
The day when you become parents
Or the day when you've heartbreak...
Sometimes killed by self....

A negative write provoked by one of my close relatives failed marriage...
Jayantee Khare Apr 2018
not very fast
       yet moved past
                the scene was lost

                       wrong decision
                                off was the season
                                         the heart got incision

                                          the blind turns
                                 some heart burns
                        no one returns

                       the lonely road
            the heart explode
the memories overload

the soul yearns
          the wound burns
                     the traveler learns!

                      the road bends
                                the broken mends
                                         and the trip ends!
The first line inspired by Jax spades is my mind's produce...
Jayantee Khare Apr 2017
Above all
I wish for your happy time
Even though when it costs me mine

After all
I wish for your peace
I know it requires my absence

Above all
I pray for your success
Although it builds on my broken pieces

After all
I pray for your luck always
I know it needs my bad days

Above all
I want our parting
I know it will ruin me totally
Jayantee Khare Sep 2018
if i accept a situation as it is
i hardly make any effort to progress

if i try hard, i get restless
and desperate to settle with less

unpredictable is the destiny
life is an unfathomable sea
i swim, float and sink in it
vacillate my spirit

accept from heart?
or try hard?

or perseverance?

always a puzzle
a mind under boggle
may it be a emotionally correct mix!
most of the situations get a fix!
In a tough situation....wheher I should try hard or Accept the things... Don't know what is on cards for me... failure is a hint by almighty to step back or hurdles are just tests...
Jayantee Khare Dec 2017
Actions speak louder than words,
but the poets hereby differ...
Jayantee Khare Sep 2017
Few incidences,
Shake you!
Make you!
Awake you!
You are reborn
/(as an actor)
We learn to hide our
dealings...and feelings...
moods...and ...moves...
Our true self..
with our bad experiences...
Jayantee Khare May 2017
ख़त के ज़वाब नहीँ आते,
पता नहीं अब क्या बदल गया है?
उनका पता या वो लोग?
letters are not being responded,
I Don't know what is changed now?
Their Address or addressee themselves?
Jayantee Khare May 2017
अब ख़त के ज़वाब नहीँ आते,
पता नहीं क्या बदला है?
पता या लोग?
Now letters are not responded,
Don't know what changed?
Address or addressee?
Jayantee Khare Jun 2017
Enlightened by the sun
yet lovers adore
the moon more....??
Jayantee Khare May 2017
My heart never craved for affection, until it tasted yours...
Jayantee Khare Dec 2018
what keeps one from taking the first move?
not one's ego,
it's the fear of getting disappointed afterwards...

what keeps one from certain people?
not the fear of being judged,
it's the fear of being criticised afterwards........

what keeps one from togetherness?
not the fear of being used,
it's the fear of being misused and thrown afterwards...

what keeps one from love?
not the fear of getting the love faded,
it's the fear of being unloved afterwards...

actually the biggest fear is not "the present",
it is the fear of "the afterwards"....
can we live in the moments? and fear afterwards?
Pondering upon the fear or reluctance in few people
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