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Jun 20 · 127
Father's day everyday
Why just one day allocation?
Whole life is not enough for the creators.
Not just social media celebration,
they deserve gratitude
Dec 2020 · 276
The nature
Jayantee Khare Dec 2020
In the sun
An uplifting run
Friends having fun
Massaging waves
Healing sand
The spirit...charging
The soul..Solar powered

Relaxing evening
Stars soothing
The moon balming
The night...calming
Under the sky
The night passing by
The soul...Lunar cooled
Just an imagination
Nov 2020 · 565
The bliss
Jayantee Khare Nov 2020

In the caves,
Some moments frozen as graves...

The summer breeze
Lets them unfreeze

Holding the unison
Unfolding the cavern

The ego knelt
When the warmth is felt
Moments melt
The issue is delt

The time snoozes
The peace oozes....

Remained amiss
The warmth is bliss.....

Sep 2020 · 330
An unexpected presence
Jayantee Khare Sep 2020
When the life
treading a tumultuous trek
in a
colours the canvas
highlights the shadows
enlightens the path
re-kindles the flame
wraps with the warmth
contents the life...
Aug 2020 · 164
Jayantee Khare Aug 2020

Neither I justify,
nor glorify their wrongdoings,
Judge me not
when I accept people
the way they are....

Aug 2020 · 132
Life is peaceful
Jayantee Khare Aug 2020

My heart
Neither sad
nor mad about anyone...

Yes! It's changed
No one matters
not interested in others' matters

I don't claim
It's under control
But, it doesn't trust them anymore

Not exactly
It's shrunk to few people
But not ready for new hassle

When they meet
I greet with a smile
But "no strings attached" is new style

The status is available
But steered clear
from those who aren't available

Have hopes and
Do have desires
But now I do not aspire

Only when it rains
The old wounds pain
But the life is peaceful again

Jul 2020 · 110
Random thoughts
Jayantee Khare Jul 2020

The food
Sometimes greed
Coping mechanism indeed
The books
The quest
When you rest
Social media
To interact
People connect
Gratification mechanism...In fact
Jun 2020 · 486
Jayantee Khare Jun 2020
Few words of comfort
Few words of validation
Few words of acceptance
Few words of humor
A nonjudgmental listener
An unconditional love
An all weather friend for all the above
What one needs to avert the suicidal thoughts.....
Shaken by suicide of a celebrity..
Jun 2020 · 336
Jayantee Khare Jun 2020

Gage of
Page of
Golden age,
are never
bestowed with!

Jun 2020 · 356
Positivity vs reality
Jayantee Khare Jun 2020

Positivity is good
the reality is also realised....

Jun 2020 · 286
Jayantee Khare Jun 2020

Insecurities leave
When you
Do not have the fear of losing
have the faith,
possess nothing
Let everything go.....

Jun 2020 · 619
Self restraint
Jayantee Khare Jun 2020
intending a sip
but end up taking a dip

when unrestrained the urge
one is bound to submerge

a desire untamed
none to be blamed

restraining self is the best way
otherwise be ready to pay....
May 2020 · 346
Jayantee Khare May 2020

When one desire fulfills...
arises another
We never settle...
At times
the renunciation prevails
and worldly matters rattle
Life....A perpetual battle
needs you to prove your mettle....

May 2020 · 390
Lock down
Jayantee Khare May 2020

Follow the lock down
Land up
Lock up..

Just for fun
May 2020 · 413
Jayantee Khare May 2020

True love
never dies,
may change
the polarity...

Just a thought
Apr 2020 · 841
Jayantee Khare Apr 2020

Past simply expensed
Present perfectly clenched
Future presently tensed....

Active voices....making passive noise

Just playing with words for current situation
Apr 2020 · 667
Corona humor
Jayantee Khare Apr 2020
Nomads are at home
No maids are at home

Made for each other
Mad at each other
Maid to each other
Just to beat the corona blues.... God save the world
Apr 2020 · 548
Save the world
Jayantee Khare Apr 2020

A pause.....claused for a cause
A comma, little longer
                     to avoid full stop

A keep running smoothly...
A bump to prevent
                    the obvious slump

Join the hands and pledge
                    to  not join the hands
Unite against the pandemic
                    by staying separated

Support the movement
                    by supporting no movement
Support the society
                    by remaining unsociable.

Spread the awareness
                   by bewaring of spreading the virus
Save the world
                   by staying in...

Prayers for the world...Hope all my HP friends doing well and safe...
Mar 2020 · 196
Corona time...
Jayantee Khare Mar 2020

Some working from home
Some working at home
Some working on home
Some losing their home
Some losing their work
Some having homeworks
Some are home alone
Some going to God's home....

O God save the world....
Mar 2020 · 90
Lock down
Jayantee Khare Mar 2020
Let's unite
Get inside
To fight

Once you stock
Please do not flock
It's time to lock

Over socializing does
have side effects
Have family time
and introspect

The values of family are realized
A restoration of the bond,
sharing of chores is
finally materialised

Dear singles
Hold on!
you have whole life to mingle
Thank services for having connectivity
Online reading is the best activity

When our lives are on stake
Time to bake the cake

Stay on and pray!
Till Corona goes away!
Lock down in india! Take care all!
Be safe be healthy.... my dear all hp poets!
Mar 2020 · 467
कोरोना corona
Jayantee Khare Mar 2020

कोरोना के बहाने से वो  
क्वारंटाइन हो बैठे
नक़ाबपोश हो निकले
हम दीदार से हाथ धो बैठे
Under the pretext of Corona,
my beloved,
turned out wearing mask,
I lost the opportunity to have a glance...

Just fir fun... Prayers for those suffering....
Mar 2020 · 135
Jayantee Khare Mar 2020

Be the carrier of love-virus
go around the world
and spread it everywhere!

Sneeze at the airport
sitting amongst people
glorify the disease here and there!

Walk down to gardens
roam in the
shake hands with all!

Neither precautions nor quarantine
everyone accepts the might of "Loveria"
may everyone gets infected with it!

O my friends across the world!
knowing no boundaries
"Loveria" affects for lifetime!

Cultivate such a virus
and have no immunity to humanity
then visit Wuhan!

An imaginary offence pl... prayers for all affected with corona across the world
Mar 2020 · 193
Jayantee Khare Mar 2020
You win the breakup
when you hold no grudges
takeaway a lot.....
#breakup #relationships
Mar 2020 · 352
Jayantee Khare Mar 2020

Soothing sentences, spoken
in concording...conducive...conditions,
in malleable...melting...moments
are not promises for lifetime.....!!

Just a thought came after discussion with a friend
Feb 2020 · 315
Jayantee Khare Feb 2020

Question - Why do you write so much pain?
Answer - Welcome to the club...

A broken hearts feel the pain and resonate
Feb 2020 · 672
O my beloved
Jayantee Khare Feb 2020

a history, untold
a mystery to unfold
an eternal search
a perpetual urge
too ethereal to achieve
too surreal to believe
a desire, remaining unfulfilled
an epic, still being quilled
a moment stilled
in the veins, it instilled
O my beloved!
you're a dream too grand to be realised
a scheme, too ambitious to be materialised....

Love letter...happy valentine's day
Jan 2020 · 1.3k
My writes
Jayantee Khare Jan 2020
Question-How do you write?
Answer- I write,
What I have seen
What I have been
What I feel
What I deal
What I realize
What I visualize
What I love
What I observe
What I live
to live....

When asked about my poetry
Jan 2020 · 131
Happiness hack
Jayantee Khare Jan 2020

Rise up the hibernation phase,
Trust you must
Pray to stay
Get a punishing pace
To move the monumental burden
Keep pushing....
Till you maintain the mandatory momentum,
No look back
No rollback
Till the boundaries  break
The challenges crack!
Now fly
In your choice of sky,
The happiness hack....

Jan 2020 · 400
The preface
Jayantee Khare Jan 2020

the preface
of your success
is learning to face
your failure with grace,
and then identifying
your shortcomings to address,
and then prepare yourself
to give your best....

Jan 2020 · 140
The rain awaited
Jayantee Khare Jan 2020

the remembrance

soothing like

vernal winds

coming from afar

in a sultry afternoon

of a no monsoon june...

followed by

an intoxicating petrichor

to disclose

that the awaited rain

is at the gate....

the solace of effortless

sinking into the serenity

of the loving embrace

is about to commence

by the divinity...

Jan 2020 · 423
This year
Jayantee Khare Jan 2020
this year
some affirmations to amend
some paths to bend
some ties to mend
some relations to tend

this year
some pictures to crop
some attachments to drop
some trends to stop
some corners to mop

this year
some memories to delete
some acts to repeat
some fears to beat
some targets to meet

this year
some issues to deal
some wounds to heal
some moments to steal
some emotions to feel
Happy new year 2020
Dec 2019 · 264
Ready for poetry
Jayantee Khare Dec 2019
when comes
the fluence in silence
solitude in crowd
you are ready for poetry....
Dec 2019 · 345
Jayantee Khare Dec 2019

I miss
"you and me"
The way we used to be
You "willing and free"
assured me...
You're making effort
and confident me

Dec 2019 · 117
The train
Jayantee Khare Dec 2019

The thoughts, forming a train
travel down the memory lane
the mind, being the engine
the heart, fuelling it in tandem
crosses many stoppages
carrying the baggages
one full of hopelessness
other full of haplessness
one full of helplessness
and one carrying restlessness
the train keep revisiting the places
unloading the contents from it's coaches
the train is quite slow
at times stalls and refuses to go
the heart stays longer
mind tries to move further
many trips the train makes daily
the baggage being dropped consciously
the bogies are lightened
the mind is quitenened
the train is shortened
the world is brightened
the train, still makes trips
those places, it revisits
but quickly it comes back
to the track
with an attitude
of gratitude
the train goes on
and i move on....

Dec 2019 · 268
A subway
Jayantee Khare Dec 2019
the way
towards the abode in your heart
not always  
a clear...well lit
quick highway,

at times it's a
long subway,

you've fortified your all
behind the tall
hard walls

and the main gate is out of bound
windows, hard to be found
i wander around

too hopeful to return
at the secret entrance i wait for my turn
someday you will show the concern
Dec 2019 · 1.2k
Jayantee Khare Dec 2019

*the lives are changed but we are not
going back to college days didn't take a lot
revisiting the peppy past
the hue of heartwarming memories will last
eventually everyone evolved
all the boundaries duly dissolved
one thing about which none is sure
whether memories revisited or
what we created are more
everyone was in full swing
boundless were zest, zeal and zing
age reduced to 16 years
back seats taken by inhibitions and fears
ear to ear were the smiles
the age was forgotten for a while
danced like a crazy till we drop
sang till the DJ is forced to stop
kids and family were aghast
first time they saw our this avtar
many new friendships were thrived
while the old ones are revived
many new connections were made
carried a freshness which will not fade
a congregation of old companions
the celebration of silver Jubilee reunion
true friends are hidden treasure
and the fun of reunion is beyond measure *

Recently attended my college batch silver jubilee reunion, refreshing experience beyond mention..
Dec 2019 · 123
Love virus
Jayantee Khare Dec 2019

all my senses frozen
once stung by love trojen
no firewall worked
when the malware attacked
although my virus protection was updated
but this trojen was not anticipated
a sector of my processor corrupted
my routine tasks disrupted
it evaded from scan and couldn't be neutralised
my whole system it paralysed
life threatening was the risk
formatted the disks
restarted the system
came out of mayhem
still i feel it's hidden inside
one day it will come live
now looking for a total net protection
to save people from such infection

Posting after a long while....Missing hp..But busy in life...
Nov 2019 · 184
Child within..
Jayantee Khare Nov 2019
It's ok to cry for no reason

It's ok to smile every while

It's ok to run behind butterfly

It's ok to dream a fairy tale life

It's ok to scream

It's ok to have icecream

It's ok to fight

It's ok to unite

It's ok to dance like an ape

It's ok to have chocolate

It's ok to croon

It's ok to play with balloon

It's ok to be ok with what you have

It's ok when you are not ok

O dear child within me!

It's ok to come alive and take over...
Happy children's day....
Nov 2019 · 493
A boat adrift
Jayantee Khare Nov 2019

A sole drifting boat
Just survived to float
The man turned Octopus
When put feet in many boats
The boatman doomed
The boat marooned
None there to lift
The boat adrift

Inspired by state political scenerio. Politics a joke
We elect them and They cheat...a party blackmailing other parties...a game..none to blame and in the process the state reign are adrift like a boat....
Oct 2019 · 1.5k
This diwali
Jayantee Khare Oct 2019
Spreading bliss
Watching the glittery night
Feeling light
Inhaling the fresh air

With our loved ones
Listening the rythmic music of the hearts
Heading towards a colourful
Serene clean world

In silence....
Under the twinkling starlight
In a moonless night
Having a visual treat...

This diwali, burn the evils,
Let's bring the change!
This diwali, burst the ego,
Let's be the change!!
Happy n healthy Diwali...clean n serene diwali
Oct 2019 · 523
Jayantee Khare Oct 2019

The loneliness,
Seldom situational
Often occasional
Fairly frequent
Indeed inherent
Untimely unjust
Mostly must thinkers....dreamers.... writers...
And in

A thought tickled n the word played
Oct 2019 · 278
Extra baggage
Jayantee Khare Oct 2019
At times
I thought of texting you
"good morning",
then I remembered that
you're on a trip
where I'm extra baggage,
that's perfectly ok...
Sometimes you have to except that your presence is undesirable in their life........
Oct 2019 · 442
Jayantee Khare Oct 2019

is not just an action
it's a feeling,
without any reason
irrespective of the season
often hard to be beaten...
if ends for one,
arises for other one...
A thought.... sorry frnds... missing from hp...will see your posts soon ..
Sep 2019 · 1.8k
the quest
Jayantee Khare Sep 2019
an eternal search
a perpetual urge
a deep inner sigh
subsequent to a "high".

a low-key loner
once flew higher
the flaring fire
of an unfeterred desire.

here i roam
to find my home
a key to sire
peace before the pyre.

an unknown quest 
the soul, yearning to rest
searching for the path best,
life's an endless test!!
मेरी रूह का परिंदा फड़फड़ाये.......
Sep 2019 · 608
My divine romance
Jayantee Khare Sep 2019

neither party nights
nor the shining lights
neither music loud
nor happening crowd

neither flaunting clothes
nor updated wardrobes
neither make-up showy
nor glittery jewellery...

love my comfort zone
in my way own
an evening with moon afar
a night under twinkly stars

give me a peaceful corner
and a pen with paper
in a candle dim
the thoughts sing

the words dance
a poetic chance
a divine romance
the onset of a trance...

not sad
not even mad
all scars healed completely
with the time and distance
but undergone a metamorphosis
to transform my inner self
to reform my being
While the world is in festive mood,
I'm enjoying the solitude...
Aug 2019 · 205
Space..My 500th poem
Jayantee Khare Aug 2019

Give them space to breathe
But not emptiness,
Otherwise others may fill in...

Proud to have 500 poem here
Aug 2019 · 721
A girl with tiara!
Jayantee Khare Aug 2019
a girl, gorgeous
her attitude, gregarious
confident and cognizant.....
having high values
and spiritual virtues
mannerisms regal,
undeterred by negative people
loving, caring and sharing....

when encountered a test
laid down by destiny,
for her patience, tolerance and acceptance...
all efforts to crush her beaming self esteem
go in vane!
moves on with an all new glory,
one more embellishment in her tiara!
Just a thought creeped in!
Aug 2019 · 310
This too shall pass!!
Jayantee Khare Aug 2019

In the tempest,
praying for the best
the hopes float
on a small boat
steered by the trust and patience
love and acceptance...
Time and distance hardly matter
hope the things get better
the normalcy gets the track
the happy times will surely come back,
till then the finger are crossed
praying the lord
to let me remind that
Temperory is this helplessness
Howsoever I miss "us"
"this too shall pass!"
"This too shall pass!!"

When the separation from loved one knocks the heart....
Aug 2019 · 183
Lost my words
Jayantee Khare Aug 2019

Don't feel right to write
Work-life in a balance
To touch a high,
emotions get no chance.

Watching tv
an all new obsession
The poetic journey paused
kept aside the passion.

Hardly read
and paying this cost,
to stay occupied
stay diverted

from the inner self
Whilst lost in my world,
Lost my words...

Undergoing the writer's block ....
Aug 2019 · 244
Happy friendship day!
Jayantee Khare Aug 2019

In you I've found
a never-ending love
an ever-trending friendship
a daily strengthening bond
an ever-growing togetherness
an incessant connection
an everlasting relationship
an eternal union

Having you in my life,
i am blessed with
an anchor for grounding
a home with solace
a smile to be adorned
a purpose to look forward
above all, a love to be cherished forever
my friend! I'm proud of having you!
happy friendship day

For special friends
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