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Heike Borgard Jun 2018
Stress, Pain - Mind insane
Guardian Angel spreads her wings
Soul feels Ocean Blue

©Heike Borgard 06/2018
Heike Borgard Mar 2018
first morning light
sunbeam tickles frozen dew
drying midnight tears

©Heike Borgard 03/2018
Heike Borgard Jan 2018
every Fryday night on his way home he stopped by the church near the bus station
to say a prayer.
his short escape to find comfort in this fast moving time.

and as he sat there, as usual, hands folded,
wondering again if there will ever be an answer to his silent prayers
this time, to his suprise, there was a rapid response:

***** music started playing and a celestial voice said:

"Dear prayer – thank you for calling but
currently all our heavenly connections are busy –
you are now in a queu - please hold your belief!“

***** music playing.....

"Your prayer is important to us -
We are sorry to keep you waiting but all hosts of heaven are still assisting other prayers-
The next spiritual entity available will connect with you soon.-“
Please stay in devotion!!

***** music playing....

"You have exceeded the waiting limit for this queue. Please unfold your hands and try again later!"

As he stepped outside he had left the church in every possible respect.
He never prayed again.

                                                         ­                     (© Heike Borgard 2018)
tried another style without rhyme, a bit like a short story
Heike Borgard Oct 2017
Heike tries Haiku
Seven sillables  brainstop
Farwell mental health.

(please do not take this too seriously :-)
Heike Borgard Oct 2017
on a rock near an island - and a long forgotten shore
she stills sits there - the mermaid
graceful charming - but fading
eyes only looking at a mobile phone
won't see her anymore

nightfall at the seaside - another long forgotten shore
she starts singing  then - the siren
celestial sound - but fading
ears covered by headphones
won't hear her anymore

deepest forest - untouched nature
in a ring, so says the lore
she's  dancing there - the fairy
impishly cheerful still - but fading
senses focused on "smart e-devices"
won't feel magic anymore.....

© Heike Borgard 2017
#magig #mobiles #lost magic# #mermaid #fairy #sirene #shore# technic
Heike Borgard Mar 2016
I was born 05:40 in July – Zodiac sign: Cancer
A little girl that loved looking out of the window
Watching the moon at night
Nights were soft and friendly that time
And the Moon smiled and lit up my way

On my 20th birthday I was holding my present
A birth horoscope
Printed on beautiful dark blue paper it stated:
Your are Cancer / Ascendent Cancer – a child of the moon
Nights were wild and full of life that time
And the Moon winked at me and lit my up way

6 month ago I was holding a report
On sterile white paper full of medical phrases – again the word „Cancer“
Long way to go now and the road won't be easy
But I started marching
Nights are a bit darker now
Hope the moon will light up my way

(© Heike Borgard 2016)
Heike Borgard Aug 2014
At night when the moon's shimmering glow
takes the cold and fear of darkness away
when fireflies silently  guide the way for the losts
when mothers softly dandle their babies to sleep
then let yourself float
wrapped into a warm and sheltering bubble
into a world of impossible possibilties
yet tomorrow to conquer reality again
full of hope.
©Heike Borgard 2014
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