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Heike Borgard Jan 2018
every Fryday night on his way home he stopped by the church near the bus station
to say a prayer.
his short escape to find comfort in this fast moving time.

and as he sat there, as usual, hands folded,
wondering again if there will ever be an answer to his silent prayers
this time, to his suprise, there was a rapid response:

***** music started playing and a celestial voice said:

"Dear prayer – thank you for calling but
currently all our heavenly connections are busy –
you are now in a queu - please hold your belief!“

***** music playing.....

"Your prayer is important to us -
We are sorry to keep you waiting but all hosts of heaven are still assisting other prayers-
The next spiritual entity available will connect with you soon.-“
Please stay in devotion!!

***** music playing....

"You have exceeded the waiting limit for this queue. Please unfold your hands and try again later!"

As he stepped outside he had left the church in every possible respect.
He never prayed again.

                                                         ­                     (© Heike Borgard 2018)
tried another style without rhyme, a bit like a short story

— The End —