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2h · 32
You are fading
Apr 5 · 1.1k
I don't want to forget
maria Apr 5
Everybody tells me
to forget you.
Everybody's right,
but I still
melt for you
Written on April 5, 2021
Apr 3 · 190
maria Apr 3
Lay in bed with me
You said
And I
can do this
all day
March, 2021
© ,Maria
Mar 22 · 839
maria Mar 22
-Tell me something important about you
-No, like describe yourself
    -I love you
There's no me without you

Written on March 23, 2021
© ,Maria
Mar 22 · 234
maria Mar 22
Being in love
with you
Written on March 23, 2021
© ,Maria
Mar 4 · 415
roller coaster
maria Mar 4
I, no more
count years
in new year's eve,
I, count years
in birthdays,
your birthdays.
Not speaking for months,
a happy birthday
and a new roller coaster
Written on March 04, 2021
© ,Maria
maria Feb 23
1.Writing poems for you
Written somewhere between 10 to 18 of Febuary, 2021
© ,Maria
Feb 20 · 124
poetic impasse
maria Feb 20
I feel like I want to write something new
but I can't write anything
that's not about you
written on Febuary 2021
© ,Maria
Feb 18 · 790
relationship status:
maria Feb 18
Even if fairy godmother
came here
with my 3 wishes
you'd still give me
mixed signals
Written on Febuary 19, 2021
© ,Maria
Feb 18 · 320
maria Feb 18
I should study
but honestly,
even you, fool,
make more sense than this
trust me, there's no sense in you
Written on Febuary 19, 2021
© ,Maria
Feb 18 · 250
maria Feb 18
I think you don't understand
how much I care
Or you do
And act like you don't;
I don't know what's worse...
I should study
Written on Febuary 19, 2021
© ,Maria
Feb 18 · 253
exam season
maria Feb 18
So much to study
and here I am
writing poems
for you,
14 febuary 2021
© ,Maria
Feb 15 · 58
you: updated
maria Feb 15
It's not you
that I like
the idea
of you
in my head
Written on Febuary 14, 2021
© ,Maria
Feb 13 · 661
It's been 2 days
maria Feb 13
Not sleeping
waiting for your response

windows closed
blankets on
written on Febuary 14, 2021
© ,Maria
maria Feb 13
writing poems for you

Written on Febuary 14, 2021
© ,Maria
Feb 13 · 260
maria Feb 13
If you care just tell me
I'm tired
and confused
Tired of games

Written on Febuary 14, 2021
© ,Maria
Feb 13 · 309
night text
maria Feb 13
You know,
You can answer
your messages
If you care
   -like you said you do-
Or leave me alone
Written on Febuary 14, 2021
© ,Maria
Jan 18 · 157
To my first love 3.0
maria Jan 18
I'm happy that
you're happy
without me
no fakeness in it

Written on December 17, 2020
© ,Maria
Jan 17 · 195
phone call
maria Jan 17
you called
out of nowhere
to ask
if I know a song

It's been a month since we last talked
what do you really want?
you're getting me crazy

written on January 17, 2021
© ,Maria
Jan 10 · 310
She/ present
maria Jan 10
She won't go
She lives
through your eyes
even now
that they lost there beautiful colour
Even now,
She lives through them
written on January 10, 2021
© ,Maria
Jan 9 · 755
maria Jan 9
I'm not scared of death
I was scared when I saw it in your eyes
I'm not scared of death
I'm scared of your silent why
It never goes away, the pain just fade

Written on January 10, 2021
© ,Maria
Jan 9 · 121
maria Jan 9
a hobby
I'm not good at it
written on January 5, 2021
© ,Maria
Jan 8 · 290
maria Jan 8
I didn't really know her
but I met her.
I saw her through his eyes
and she was beautiful
She was shy
but strong
a fighter
an angel
She wasn't defeated
She's still here
She is a mum
She will always be here
They just needed a mum in the sky
Deticated to an angel, a fighter of cancer, a mum whose son I truly love, a woman I saw a few times but truly admired
rest in peace

written on January 08, 2020
© ,Maria
Jan 5 · 803
maria Jan 5
I love to watch
It reminds me
Of the warm
I always search for
but somehow
fly away
written on January 5, 2021
© ,Maria
Dec 2020 · 1.1k
Dear Santa
maria Dec 2020
> 2:50am
So, I asked about fairy wings
when I was 11;
   you never delivered.
   In case you want to make up for me,
I will be just fine
with a true lover instead.
That should be easier.
Isn't it?
-Delivered 2:52am

-New message 2:53am
From: Santa
I'm bringing you your wings
Well looks like true love can't be find even from santa

Written on December 26, 2020
© ,Maria
Dec 2020 · 272
bittersweet christmas
maria Dec 2020
Being in love with someone
who's in love with someone else
and it's Christmas
the best time of the year
nightmare looks alike

written on December 25, 2020
© ,Maria
Dec 2020 · 600
cowardly volcano
maria Dec 2020
when I first met you
you were like
and I was like
Not happening
You were like
I don't care
And I was like
Why don't you
When you talked
to other girls
I was a boiling volcano
And then
I was a maybe
And you
were like
try me

and -again-
idiot me
I never did
Too scared to admit

I'm definitely a strong
You are
a fair
Losing chances when they're right and realising it when time moves on and so does relationships.

Dedicated to the most passionated feelings I had for someone

Written on December 23, 2020
© ,Maria
Dec 2020 · 184
To my first love 2.1
maria Dec 2020
I'm happy
without you
6 months of being happy even though you're not in the frame

written on December 17, 2020
© ,Maria
Dec 2020 · 395
to my first love
maria Dec 2020
I got over you
Written on December 17, 2020

© ,Maria
Dec 2020 · 193
Kindly reminder
maria Dec 2020
Let the distractions out
You shine just as you are
Read it again.
Be for you, yourself and only
© ,Maria
Written on December 17, 2020
Dec 2020 · 358
Day 179, feelings for you:
maria Dec 2020
craving but not craving
you make me confused
© ,Maria
written on 17 December, 2020
Dec 2020 · 290
warm me
maria Dec 2020
Even if I probably don't need it
I want someone
Not to fake love
Not to fool people
Not to fool me
I just want a hug
No feelings between
written on 17 December, 2020
© ,Maria
Dec 2020 · 1.6k
the aftertaste
maria Dec 2020
Somehow I got used to the aftertaste of been alone;
day by day
I see growth.
Feelings used to be all over the place
when everything needed some space
-   I needed space   -

I don't want to be wanted
I'm still not good at it

Trying to find peace
Selflove is what I deserve indeed
Alone for so long, now I realise that it's not wrong. To be honest, this helped me to find myself. I haven't succeeded yet, still a bit vulnerable but I'm going there.

Written on 17 December, 2020
© ,Maria
Dec 2020 · 246
maria Dec 2020
Standing strong
I still need
someone to hold
Written on December 17, 2020
© ,Maria
Sep 2020 · 214
life /the game
maria Sep 2020
N.1: get used to dictatory
N.2: if everything looks to be good something's wrong get a crisis card
N.3: pawns of criticism are the strong enough
N.4: paths leading to heaven are closed -if you try to find the key you just realise that there's no hope-
N.5: levels are getting sillier -don't even try to show you're smart-
N.6: put a post of your score on instagram
N.7: be fake -they somehow love you-
N.8: wear a mask


if you chose to continue
It's on your own risk
the good has left the chat
no one really wins
In a fake world
Try your best
Don't get sad if it doesn't work

Written on September 15, 2020
© ,Maria
Sep 2020 · 247
maria Sep 2020
let me be

_stop the bit
      I'm out of breath
written on September 15, 2020
© ,Maria
Aug 2020 · 159
meet me in the shelves
maria Aug 2020
my day
a museum
of disappointments
and I'm
the biggest tragedy
in the shelves
lately struggling with insecurities in a wolrd full of disappointments

Yours, marie
written on August 29, 2020
© ,Maria
Jul 2020 · 515
midnight questions
maria Jul 2020
Are you sourounded by your dreams or your nightmares?
Written on June 17, 2020
© ,Maria
Jul 2020 · 128
over you
maria Jul 2020
never thought of moving on
now I'm glad we split off
loved you like I never loved anyone before
now I know my worth

I couldn't tell if you loved me
or just couldn't have anyone else
fool me that you care
now I know I'm rare

people ask if I miss you
but I don't find anything to miss
It took me a while
to get over what I thought it was life
now I'm wondering what did i like

you ****** me off
you want to have it all
now I know what I really want
I wish you the best
I need you to go
found peace and closed a "case" that made me weak.

written on June 17, 2020
© ,Maria
Jul 2020 · 502
do you miss me?
maria Jul 2020
I met someone
he's nice to me;
you never treat me nice
what's there to miss?

written on July 03, 2020
© ,Maria
Jun 2020 · 921
self note
maria Jun 2020
he is not worth it
you shine without all the distactions
read it again.

written on June 30, 2020
© ,Maria
Jun 2020 · 430
maria Jun 2020
let me tell you what 20 feels like;
I don't know
just like 19
and lost
only a year older
I don't know why we celebrate birthdays

written on June 30, 2020
© ,Maria
Jun 2020 · 536
Best years
maria Jun 2020
on you
Written on June 24, 2020
© ,Maria
Jun 2020 · 386
Words to tell you 2.0
maria Jun 2020
I tried love
I don't want it.
tired of fakeness

written on June 20, 2020
Jun 2020 · 570
maria Jun 2020
played me
was a fool
end of story
wish I never met you

written on June 24, 2020
© ,Maria
Jun 2020 · 288
words to tell you
maria Jun 2020
I didn't hate you
you made me
hate love
and for that
forgot to love

written on June 20, 2020
© ,Maria
Jun 2020 · 147
do you care?
maria Jun 2020
afraid of losing you,
I choose to fake it;
I don't care,
I say
sometimes you have to keep your feelings in silence to keep someone

written on June 18, 2020
© ,Maria
Jun 2020 · 242
what do you want?
maria Jun 2020
Hate to admit it
I still think of you;
It's not my fault tho
You are the one
who comes and goes
you don't even know what for.
And I,
I'm telling myself
not to fall
and to forget
I'm almost convinced
that I'm done
You make me
all at once
and sore
I'm tired of people who don't know what they want. Be sure or not come back at all.
(not in this place right now but felt like this a while ago. Almost 2 months later I'm done and feels great to close doors)

Written on May 4, 2020
© ,Maria
Jun 2020 · 1.2k
Dear love 3.0
maria Jun 2020
I think you lost the way home
If you want a remind
you can always call
want some love
© ,Maria
Apr 2020 · 150
thoughts in a box
maria Apr 2020
we are missing it all
closed inside those doors
keeping faith
became a war
what are we fighting for
and for what growth?
feeling betrayed from the world
written on April 11, 2020
© ,Maria
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