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Edi Apr 2019
There's no hope left.
The birds have stopped singing.
The flowers have whitered.
The sun has set.
Love is dead.
There's no hope left.
Mazen Edlibi Dec 2016
When the smile feels shy!
When eyes stray in reflection!
When silence is my world!
When face invites mystery!
When no words left to be written!
When the feelings are dazzled!
When a tear is taken!.....
You know you are in the other world!
Circa 1994 Nov 2014
Send in the hounds
a brigade just escaped from the pound
to tear me to pieces with their incisors
And use their claws to wear me down
To an unrecognizable pink pulp
Of inadequacy and hurt feelings.

Because words won't **** me
Nor make me any stronger.
So have your will
Have your way
And I'll wait for your permission,
Until you say it's okay
For me to be sad

On your mark
Get ready
Get set...

— The End —