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David Doran Mar 2017
Oh take me home
To my melancholic road,
Where I used to stroll everyday.

Where all you would hear
Was the song of a wing
And a sigh was all you would say.

Where all you would smell
Was the freshest of air
And the sweetest of colours in May.

Oh take me home
To my melancholic road,
Oh take me back for one day.
Written while walking the roads up by my home in the country,  I don't get down as often as I would like.
David Doran Mar 2017
As I sit here above the sky
And look upon the clouds
I stretch my mind far and wide
As much as it allows

The further I set out about
The sea above the land
It covers and clears, and covers and clears
And without a doubt expands

The tiny lights and tiny fields
It's as if I am a God
With one quick wipe I clean the land
Or upon a town I trod

Yet I can't help feeling like a lonely bird
Upon my wings today
However, it's quiet nice to feel alone
It has its own strange way
I seem to appreciate the smaller things
Like orange rising up from grey
David Doran Mar 2017
Deep sigh --
I have nothing left to say.
I've seen the line between
And Day

Although they seem to fade together,
Like a calm day and a falling feather.
The light is quenched by the dark,
The sun it leaves, it's left its mark.

A warm and dwindling restful glow,
A moon uprising, a respectful foe.
He conquers now in the sky,
The unopposed King of Night.

His time is tranquil on the throne.
The stars appear, he's not left alone.
As the moon glides slowly down,
He soon must offer back his crown.

As the darkness turns back to light,
We witness a short but humbling sight.
The sun ascends up it's stairway,
And you'll see the line between
Night --
And Day.
Written 19/03/16
By David Doran
David Doran Jul 2016
Drop your pen
How does that feel?
I agree
The pen is mightier than the sword
Only, however, if you want to get people
On your side
If the other side is carelessly
Brandishing their rapier
Then the pen can become a thing of evil
Just because the pen doesn't **** people
Doesn't mean it can't lead people
Off a cliff
People need to remember that
David Doran Jul 2016
**** -
Why do I feel like this
I have what I need
But not what I want
Am I selfish? -
I guess I'm not the only one
But that doesn't help
These songs aren't helping
Although I love them
Do I need to constantly feel more?
I thought that was over
I want that carbon
But no, I mustn't
I mustn't even try.
"At the dawning of the day"
Hi.. Hi.. Oh why
Does that make me so happy
Even to imagine
Oh but I do love now
I am just selfish
Even to love what I want.
I am afraid
I am afraid to fall in
Incase I fall out
That's what different
I won't fall out! I command you..
The heart doesn't follow commands
Stories don't end
With happily ever after
Why would this be different
You know why!
Oh eat me alive
Nothing is true
Everything.. Everything is permitted -
I wish
Some songs don't even feel like
They have to be written
They have always been there
Someone just wrote it down one day
Oh write it up
Oh write it down
Oh let us wait until we can't
Then act
Full, yes, of many things
Full enough to know it's chemical
But I like to think it's more
That is the tree I'd grow from
My body
I Pine for you
Full enough to know
Know what I can't have
I'll want more -
**** -
David Doran Apr 2015
I can physically feel emotional pain,
It's eating life as it drains,
Each suffers through the unrequitedness,
It could all be changed with a single kiss.
love life live kiss sad love-sick lust desire sadness please
David Doran Apr 2015
They all say happiness fills you up --
I don't know how this feels,
It's not happiness that fills my cup
But something that feels much more real.

It takes hold and becomes a part of me.
A poignant poisonous part, but a part none the less,
I am split in two and want to flee.
Only -- one half does. (he can watch it later I guess)

It's her, it's her, it's why I go.
She's all I need, all I want to know.
sad depressed sadness depression alcohol addiction life live love
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