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dmperez Feb 2017
me ignoring you
    ignoring me.

dmperez Mar 2019
you showing interest in me
        showing interest in you
dmperez Jun 2016
Imminent grainy current
constrained in flight
a pile of past moments

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dmperez Sep 2020
shimmer of the moon-rode rhythm
oceans flow-dance glow-view
dmperez Dec 2016
on my knees
before my muse
drinking of her inspiration
dmperez Oct 2020
in dreams, memories
tender on you serve to
rekindle near flames
dreams remembered to memories dreamt
dmperez Oct 2018
white world in wild winds
the one fair sun repelling
when Persephone rose

Published in Four Hundred and Two Snails, HSA's member anthology 2018. All rights reserved.
dmperez Oct 2018
lemon bloom lifted
to sweet pink tongued suckle
down around a drop
dmperez Feb 2020
gathering lime
watermelon lit clouds fall
in neon rain
originally published HSA 2019 Member's Anthology: A Moment's Longing
dmperez Dec 2016
delightful colorful
constellating memory warm
starshine in winter

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12/6/16 changed starshine of winter TO starshine in winter

— The End —