Cpoet Jul 11
I Feel like a sinner
Great excuse
Holy ground
Can’t make it through
"Night on the town"
The sky has fallen down
... I hate this view...
Cpoet Apr 18
the drug
i wish i was immune to it
No, I don't...
- want to live above the influence
So high...
i wont need a hit..
So low..
i want to OD on it..
Cpoet Apr 7
i'll just leave you be,
i'll leave you'll see..
and when i do,
i'll look back at you
and say
"baby, did you miss me?"
Cpoet Apr 6
Filling expectations
ceiling's where I take them
like a ******...
And when that climb's max
It's only sealing expiration
on a new day..
or another old one i try and do a new way
or the same new one that's getting old in every new way.
Cpoet Apr 3
Forced entry..

Seen you like a sentry when you met me

Hit me like a tempt tree, will you let me?

Can i ask for more?

My judgments poor..

Forbidden fruit in your touch like an Apple Store.

Commodities i can't afford

But i'll take it..
      And you come oddly towards me like you might speak
                                                       forth with a tongue that's forked..

With just a taste i am delighted,

Ignorance enlightened,

Privilege provided,

With myself besided,

Cpoet Mar 23
One day I woke up,
I realized that it was yesterday,
and that yesterday was no way to live tomorrow,
And if I did not change today,
My yesterdays awakening would have only been in sorrow..
For many yesterdays ago I took advice I should have never even borrowed ,
By those who chose to live today as though, they may never see tomorrow
Cpoet Nov 2015
Here for the moment..
or however long that takes me..
until any memory of me is gone,
And I'm miraged inside your minds interface..
I escape thee..
I am left behind..
as time passes by..subtly..to erase me..
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